Rise of exponential growth in the SME industry in Jharkhand is giving a boost to the emerging technology trends ranging from ERP solutions to BI Solutions & Artificial Intelligence.

“The Contribution of the MSME sector of Jharkhand is 8% of GDP, 45% of manufacturing output and 40% of exports of the country and uniquely they are least investment driven with high returns.” – Tapas Sahu, Vice Chairman, CII Jharkhand State Council.

SAP Business One ERP Software Jharkhand has emerged as the leading choice to drive profitable growth. This all-round comprehensive business management solution is designed & developed to grow & make your SME business in Jharkhand more resilient & profitable.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting, Best SAP Business One Partner in Jharkhand, share 6 valuable tips & insights as to why Implementing an ERP Software For Small Business in Jharkhand is Highly Crucial.

6 Reasons Why Implementing SAP Business One ERP Software For Small Business is Crucial

Manage your small business functions in a centralized & integrated system with SAP Business One ERP Software Jharkhand. Store all the data in a single database and allow all the departments to work with a single source of information.

Here are the 6 reasons why implementing SAP Business One ERP Software for small business is crucial:

1.  Optimize Business Costs

Automate core business processes and get a 360 view of your business operations. Manage supply chain to marketing campaigns and significantly reduce spending costs.
  • Eliminate the cost of printing and keeping hard copy documents allowing for faster document access helping with compliance processes
  • Connect different systems with a single business management solution and improve your sales cycle
  • Deliver quick and accurate estimates and gain more customers
  • Get access to complete and up-to-date data and respond to consumers quickly
  • Make better decisions, react faster and eliminate unnecessary or ineffective work
  • Streamline your daily operations by planning your strategy on a professional & informed basis
  • Unify all the business processes from product development to accounts payable
  • Retrieve crucial business information easily with a central database

2.  Standardize Business Processes

Meet the evolving customer needs by turning business process models into standardized workflows that can be rolled out across your organization.
  • Centralize business data with a unified platform for information exchange
  • Gain speed, efficiency and accuracy in business operations by supporting current industry best practices
  • Increase your business productivity by reducing time & labor costs
  • Keep your employees happy & productive by freeing them from mundane & repetitive tasks
  • Increase employee productivity & generate higher revenues

3.  Achieve Accurate Reporting & Progress Analytics

Gauge your business performance by recording, tracking and analyzing business data with personalized reports for insightful decision-making.
  • Monitor the progress of your business closely by getting access to real-time insights to make data-driven decisions
  • Implement best practices and unique business strategies with effective reporting & analytics
  • Render real-time updates, analyze historical data and predict the future outcomes to make better decisions as per future market scenarios
  • Improve overall operations by knowing what is happening in every area of your business
  • Generate & compile various reports within minutes with a central database of information
  • Record & store all the data business users input making it an excellent business management solution
  • Make customized dashboards for all the business functions to get accurate insights and make critical business decisions

4.  Operate Your Business at Scale

SAP Business One is designed to grow with your growing business needs. Create a business environment that is in sync with the efficiency of your organization.
  • Grow your business without limits with a business management solution that grows with it
  • Achieve tremendous scalability & flexibility for additional users, storage, add-ons & integrations
  • Customize & extend the solution to meet your evolving business needs
  • Accommodate all industry sectors and processes of different departments effectively

5.  Improve Customer Satisfaction

Manage customer contacts from a central location and gain complete visibility in the sales pipeline. Grow your customer base & enhance customer loyalty through customer satisfaction.
  • Convert prospects into customers, grow your customer base & enhance customer loyalty through customer satisfaction
  • Manage customer contacts from a central location, track sales opportunities & gain visibility in the sales pipeline
  • Actively turn a qualified lead into sales opportunity with marketing campaigns
  • Analyze campaign performance through integrated reports to help you determine factors like response rate and overall success of the campaign
  • Synchronize contacts and manage day-to-day customer interactions like setting reminders for calls, meetings and tasks
  • Simplify management of customer warranties, service calls & service contracts
  • Track customer problems and search for solutions through a knowledge database for furnishing a prompt response
  • Achieve high sales revenue by managing your activities and opportunities across the sales cycle
  • Improve response times and observe a spike in customer satisfaction

6.  Central Control with Single View of Your Business

Instantly access a real-time view of the business leading to faster response to vendors, customers & grow your business more profitably
  • Get rid of operating various departments in silos or with fragmented data with this all-round solution
  • Access all the critical business information on a single dashboard
  • Achieve real-time view of customers, financials & stock and manage all the business processes efficiently
  • Save your time and simplify complexities by keeping your business processes in control
  • Instantly access a real-time view of the business leading to faster response to vendors, customers and grow your business more profitably
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