Thika, an industrial town and a major commerce hub in Kiambu County, Kenya harbors major FMCG Distribution activities. This includes agriculture processing, coffee and cooking oils in addition to animal feed processing.

Other industries include textile (cotton), macadamia nuts, wheat, tannery, motor vehicle assemblies, cigarette manufacturing, bakeries, packaging and industrial chemicals.

As such, the FMCG sector is steadily on the rise in this region. It is growing rapidly, riding on renewed consumer demands. These businesses are also reinventing their strategies to meet changing preferences and trends.

In fact, those FMCG businesses operating in a traditional brick-and-mortar mode are adopting digitization to retain brand loyalties and navigate their businesses seamlessly.

Business leaders can now have the capability to optimize operations to stick to strict margins, capture new sales opportunities and drive critical business decisions.

It all happens with SAP Business One that acts as the core platform to improve the odds of your success. Simplify complex business processes and deliver a highly personalized customer experience with this single solution, the ultimate SAP ERP business management solution for small and medium businesses.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One partner in Thika, talk about this comprehensive SAP ERP Solution for the FMCG Industry.

Why Choose SAP Business One for the FMCG Industry?

Ensure the best consumer engagement practices and maintain customer loyalty in your FMCG business with SAP Business One ERP Software Thika. Keep track of all the information on stocks, shelf life and timely replenishment to achieve complete visibility of all the products on the shelves.

Below are some of the reasons why SAP Business One is the ideal choice for your growing FMCG Business in Thika, Kenya:

Automate Business Processes

Eliminate various gaps in your business processes and unify fragmented business areas like finance, sales, production & MRP, procurement and so on. Avoid human errors that can cause major discrepancies in the system by implementing SAP B1 for small business.

By automating business processes, you can easily store your critical business data in a centralized location and make it accessible for all departments.

Customization & Standardization

SAP Business One strikes the perfect balance between industry best practices and customization as it offers highly customized modules that fit your business needs perfectly, it is capable of managing processes like FIFO (First In First out) & LIFO (Last In First Out), logistic needs and various promotional activities.

Data-Driven Decisions

You can easily track your business operations and make real-time business decisions with SAP Business One. When your competitor is able to provide the customer with real-time insights but you are struggling with a legacy system that cannot deliver the same, you are more likely to fall behind your competition.

In order to outsmart your competition and strive towards a resilient business, you need to have real-time data of business processes.

Role-based Intelligent Dashboards

Customize your business dashboards to get an instant view of your business operations and give role-based access to C-level executives and other senior management staff.

Measure employee performance and have a clear understanding of the entire business process by taking a quick look at the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Customize dashboards according to roles and secure confidential information with custom KPI dashboards.

Now that we are aware about the importance of SAP Business One for your FMCG Business, let us take a look at the benefits

SAP Business One Benefits for FMCG Businesses:

Enhance workforce productivity and boost operational efficiency of your FMCG business with SAP Business One. Following are some of the benefits of this affordable business management solution –

Streamline Inventory Levels

Get total control over your inventory management and maintain stock levels as it is a key function in the FMCG industry. Ensure inventory availability by setting alerts in the inventory system. Overcome inventory management challenges with a collection of native inventory management and control features.

Quicker Delivery Times

Remove operational bottlenecks and improve product delivery times. Ensure timely delivery and a comprehensive view of the whole production process.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Personalized marketing techniques are growing rapidly and are most relevant in the FMCG sector. Store valuable customer data, identify patterns and turn that data into actionable insights thereby improving customer experience and impacting the ROI positively.

Achieve Total Accessibility

A customized business management solution that helps you to store and analyze data has become a necessity in FMCG. In this business, there are multiple hierarchies and inter-connected business processes – meaning there is a lot of critical data inflow from all the departments.

An affordable SAP ERP Solution like SAP Business One implemented by the best SAP Business One Partner in Thika, acts as a single source of truth to process critical business information and improve accessibility across business. Achieve superior planning capabilities and improve ground control within the business process.

Streamline FMCG Business Processes with SAP Business One Today!

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