Kerala is the land of spices and is known as the spice garden of India. In ancient times, traders from all over the world sailed hundreds of miles to import spices from India and especially, Kerala. Even today, spices produced in this state are most popular throughout the world because of its variety and quality.

Condiments and spices from Kerala accounted for about 43 billion Indian rupees in the Indian economy in fiscal year 2019. This value was a decrease compared to the previous fiscal year. The sector contributed about 5.2 percent to India’s GVA of crops that same year.

The spice manufacturing industry operating within the broader food manufacturing sector has its own set of compliance and regulations imposed by the government. Spice businesses face stringent regulations throughout the process from extracting the spices to finally making it available for sale.

Spice Business owners face other challenges too such as –
  • High entry barriers
  • Threat of competition offering low-cost ingredients
  • Rising intense research requirements
  • High energy costs
  • Day-to-day operational challenges
Streamline your business operations, achieve total control over your business and get greater visibility across departments with spice manufacturing ERP, SAP Business One ERP Software Kerala.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Kerala, help to bring your spices from farm to shelf whether you make your own recipes, develop customized private label seasoning blends, produce bulk spices or or portion-pack seasonings.

SAP Business One ERP Software Kerala for Spices Business

SAP Business One is designed to unify your business operations – accounting, manufacturing, quality, inventory, financial, sales and reporting.

Optimize your production – right from formulation management, to forecasting, to accurate weighing and mixing. This comprehensive business management solution acts as a competitive platform to help you get on top of your business processes and address challenges in an effective manner.

erp for seasoning additives

Let us take a look at the top 4 benefits of SAP Business One for spices businesses.

Top 4 Benefits of SAP Business One For Spices Business

Bring your spices in the market faster and cheaper while complying to stringent FDA and FSMA regulations. Whether you are a private-label, co-pack or produce your own line of marinades,

condiments, seasoning or sauces, SAP Business One supports your unique business needs.

Below mentioned are the top 4 benefits of SAP Business One for spices business –

Introduce New Seasoning Mixes in the Market as per Customer Preferences

Consumer taste and preferences have become dynamic resulting in new demands everyday. In order to serve your customers better, your team needs business solutions that reduce your time spent on tedious calculations in designing and approving new mixes and products.

With SAP Business One, you can –

  • Allow your R&D team to work on various recipe and packaging combinations
  • Adjust recipes as per nutritional, physical and cost target values
  • Initiate multi-level approval workflows
  • Track progress of new recipes & samples

Efficient Management of Inventory Levels

Optimize your procurement and production of raw materials and get better control over your inventory balances with optimum utilization of space within your plants. Inventory & lot traceability is a must to keep up your inventory levels and head off critical outages and shortages.

With SAP Business One, you can –

  • Assign multiple units of measurement
  • Select the right inventory based on FIFO and LIFO methods
  • Respond to material requirements of Production, Purchase and Quality Control departments
  • Manage raw material stored in all warehouses helping all the departments meet their deadlines
  • Automated planning and procurement processes with optimized inventory levels

Boost Production Levels

Reduce the need for manual intervention by automating production batches and streamline production processes with dynamic recipe adjustments and auto scheduling of batch jobs. Implementing a comprehensive SAP ERP solution allows you to improve your production processes while reducing delays and costs of operational downtimes

With SAP Business One, you can –

  • Execute production related tasks even via mobile devices
  • Get quick access to work orders, record raw material requirements and ensure quality check on finished goods
  • Auto generate lot numbers for intermediates and finished goods
  • Backflush inventory automatically
  • Reserve and manage inventory levels as per customer orders

Achieve Total Visibility with Real-time Reports and Analytics

Customized role-based interactive business reports provide you with complete visibility to critical business information and key metrics that will help you to make informed business decisions and let you gain a competitive edge.

With SAP Business One, you can –

  • Get access to real-time and accurate business data
  • Decipher critical business data eliminating guesswork and help you to generate actionable insights
  • Drill down employee-wise role-based interactive reports
  • Establish, analyze and measure your spices business performance for insightful decision-making
SAP Business One is designed to enhance the overall production processes of your spices business and drive you to offer innovative flavors as well as quickly introduce new products to maintain a competitive edge in the volatile markets.

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