From streamlining business functions to gaining greater operational visibility, SAP Business One has proven to be the most popular ERP solution for Small Medium Businesses.

If you need more convincing, here’s a quick read to help you make the wise choice: Affordable ERP for SMEs – SAP Business One.

Once you have decided, why SAP Business One is the right choice, the next crucial step is to select the right SAP partner to implement the solution, train your team and finally support the system. Your SAP implementation partner plays the most important role so you can leverage the best benefits out of your SAP Business One solution.

Get the Best Business Outcomes from your SAP Business One Implementation

A successful SAP Business One implementation can be a combination of two key factors:

1. Top Management’s Co-operation during Implementation
2. The right SAP implementation partner who understands your industry

The Right Partner has the Specific Skill Sets

There are many SAP partners in the industry today, which makes it challenging to select the best SAP implementation partner for your business. Most importantly, how would you know which qualities to look for when looking for the best match?

In this article, we break it down to help you navigate this unchartered territory. Industry experts and consultants at VC ERP have filtered out “10 ways to select the best partner for SAP Business One Implementation” to ease this journey for you.

Here are ten ways you can filter out the best SAP B1 implementation partner for your business:

SAP Business One Implementation

Customer Handling and Education

The right partner needs to pick the best set of solution, add-ons, integrations or combinations that would be most suited to your needs. Whether its development or customization, the right partner must be aware of pros and cons of each choice while also ensuring the options are well aligned with your business needs.

Topping that would be the in-depth understanding of how all of this can fit into your short term and long term business objectives.

At VC ERP Consulting, even before you decide to give us your business, we believe, it is our moral obligation to lay it clear. We go down to the last detail to answer your queries, present you with all possible options, a series of ways as to where and how you can optimize it.

Most importantly, we educate our customers on the best way to go about things in a way that helps them the best. We understand how crucial the ease of doing business is for your company, and that’s why we ensure you get the best pick from variety of options out there that make things as easy for you as possible.

We strongly believe and strive for educating our clients prior to undertaking any implementation project.

Industry-specific Implementation

The right partner anticipates, understands and mitigates all possible business challenges and tries to tailor the business solution as per the individual needs of the company. It is vital that your SAP Implementation Partner understands all niche and micro-level processes of your specific industry and business. Not only will this make adoption for your teams easier, it also means significant cost optimization during implementation as there will be fewer or no bottlenecks.

Industry Reach:
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Textile & Garments
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Wires & Cables
At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd., an SAP gold partner, our expert consultants have worked with several niche SME businesses. We offer the best SAP Business One implementation customized to perfection, for all your industry-specific functionalities, best practices, and processes.

Solid Business Process Knowledge

Growing a business needs constant TLC (tender loving care) like a growing sapling. The right partner understands the delicate stages and critical challenges of such businesses. One wrong move can have long reaching effects. However, this can be mitigated with thorough understanding of your inner company processes and industry best practices.

At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd., we are obsessed with your business processes. Our consultants shadow your employees thoroughly understanding the complexities unique to your business niche. The process clarity thus achieved helps us tailor-make a bespoke solution – SAP Business One crafted just for your specific needs.

Global Exposure – global Best Practices

The right partner must equally understand how vital it is to adhere to global best practices for SAP implementation, while also balancing the localization aspect of the deployment.

At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd., our 20 years of experience and multinational presence lends an in-depth understanding to serve our customers better. Our meticulous, thorough and process-driven approach adheres to the best industry practices global standard for SAP implementation. Our global footprint with presence in countries such as India, Kenya, USA and the Middle East.

Excellent Project Management Skills

The right partner stays updated on all your business-specific critical milestones pertaining to project delivery. They will offer a strategic consulting approach to find loopholes in your existing system and work with you every step of the way to ensure the implementation is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our expert team of consultants at VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd. always ensures that we work side-by-side with all our clients, holding their hands to resolve all critical and non-critical challenges for greater ease of business. Our SAP certified team of consultants and expert developers have worked on 300+ projects across various industries.

360 Enterprise Solution Service

The right partner will serve as your guiding light providing you with intelligent advice on all important aspects of SAP Business One implementation. They will have thorough knowledge of enhancing existing functionalities to get the precise output that you want using a varied systematic approach that promises high return on investment.

At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd, our enriched 20+ years of experience through successful 200+ project implementations, we will provide you references to support this business transformation experience.

Tailor Made for Local Experience

The right partner must be thorough with your company’s localization and compliance requirements. Localization isn’t just translation, it is getting your SAP ERP solution ready for legal requirements and industry-specific business processes.

At VC ERP Consulting, we have mastered the craft of localization of SAP systems that are widely supporting localization. For instance, simply SAP Business One alone supports 50 localizations and 28 current system languages making the whole experience customized as per the need of the industry.

Detailed end-user Training

The right partner believes in cultivating long-term relationships with their clients. A fruitful collaborative SAP implementation partnership goes beyond only implementation. It is important for your SAP implementation partner to foster a culture of collaboration along with process clarity for all your department teams.

At VC ERP Consulting, we strongly believe in ‘Training each and every user, not just the Trainer’. We identify leaders who carry influence with the teams and train them along with each and every end-user within your organization. This way your entire team can quickly adopt the new more efficient way of doing business using SAP Business One. We also carry out User Training workshops to train your staff to make the most of your SAP Business One solution day-in and out.

Long Term Journey Partnership  

SAP Solutions Implementation is more than just closing a sale. The right partner understands this. It is all about planning a long term association where implementation is thoroughly mapped out. Once the implementation hits the Go-Live stage, your system is ready for daily-use. However, customizations and integrations take time. In fact, if the SAP implementation partner lacks the experience of customizing your SAP systems properly, things can go hay-wire quickly after Go-Live. That’s why it’s crucial that your partner has a long term journey roadmap designed for you right from the beginning.

At VC ERP Consulting, we understand the commitment it takes to make a successful Go-Live happen. We also understand the sweat and tears you put into nurturing your business. That’s why as your implementation partner, we walk hand-in-hand with you even after implementation offering consistent support and exploring innovation that will make business faster and more profitable.

A Rich and Demonstrated Legacy

The right partner must have a demonstrated legacy and a satisfied clientele ready to vouch for their expertise and implementation service.

VC ERP Consulting has a demonstrated legacy of 20+ years.

300+ Projects & Assignments | 200+ Customers | 20+ Partners

VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd.’s core competency lies in areas like successful implementations, re-engineering business processes, technological upgrades, seamless integration with third party systems, business warehousing, module training and optimizing supply chains.

It becomes essential to determine what value system a partner is bringing in terms of competencies and experience. The sole parameter to determine should not only be the financial proposals submitted by various partners but the above mentioned factors are also crucial before choosing the right partner.

The right partner will be equally committed to your business success and will make the best effort to ensure that the right solution is delivered on time within the defined budget and scope.

If you are considering an SAP Business One implementation partner, then VC ERP Consulting is at your service. Call us + 91 99789 60138, +91 79 48998911 (India), Whatsapp +254 111229970 (Kenya), +1 469 915 6026 (North America) or drop an email at