Global economic growth is proving resilient with strong labor markets, robust household consumption and business investment and better-than-expected adaptation to ERP Solutions.

ERP Solutions like SAP S/4HANA helps businesses to gain real-time insights with in-built AI/ML capabilities and automate business processes. However, without a clear interface employees cannot fully use all its functionalities.

SAP Fiori, overlay for SAP S/4HANA, makes it easier to navigate this robust SAP ERP solution and makes it accessible even for non-technical users. This modern interface offers a consistent and user-centric approach for all.

Evolution from SAP GUI Interface to SAP Fiori

Before we get into SAP Fiori, let us revisit where it all started – the SAP GUI Interface.

This interface was a much-needed change from the green screen but with time needed innovation and greater ease-of-use in addition to being mobile friendly. Therefore, there was a need for a simple, intuitive, coherent, responsive and role-based UI design.

According to SAP experts, the primary motivation for creating SAP Fiori was to handle SAP systems in an easier manner. Fiori has been evolving since 2013 from a small set of 25 applications for tablets and phones.

In this article, SAP Fiori implementation experts at VC ERP tell you how amazing SAP Fiori and SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps can prove for your SAP S/4HANA solution ecosystem.

Let us start with the basics first.

What is SAP Fiori UX?

SAP Fiori is the user interface in SAP S/4HANA that goes beyond the normal conventions of design, promising high performance, standardization and ease of use. It offers a personalized, responsive and simple interface for performing everyday tasks across various devices and platforms.

SAP Fiori 3.0 Design System:
  • Scales the design and development of enterprise software
  • Offers Role-based modular design approach
  • Redefines the enterprise user experience by focusing on user tasks and workflows
SAP Fiori covers a wide range of business processes, including financials, human resources, and customer relationship management. It’s designed to improve productivity and provide a more intuitive user experience for SAP customers.

SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps user experience

What are SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps?

SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps are a set of pre-built, ready-to-run SAP Fiori applications that provide a best-practice user experience for specific business processes. These apps are designed to work with SAP S/4HANA and are used to provide users with quick access to important information and functionality in areas such as finance, human resources, procurement, sales and so on.

SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps fulfill one or more of the following criteria:
  • Offers a delightful user experience
  • Support tasks and processes that were not supported before
  • Simplify work and increase the efficiency of tasks and processes

SAP Fiori Lighthouse Apps criteria

SAP Fiori lighthouse apps offer immediate business benefit to the user of S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform when compared with SAP Business Suite. For maximum impact the implementation of holistic business roles is highly recommended.

SAP Fiori Lighthouse App Scenarios

In general terms, lighthouse means ‘to show path or throw light on darkness’. SAP Fiori Lighthouse App scenarios offer immediate business benefits to SAP S/4HANA business users. These apps handle business tasks for specific use cases.

Let us have a look at them.

Areas with SAP Fiori lighthouse apps
  • Finance
  • Treasury and Risk Management
  • Sales
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Master Data Governance
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics Execution
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Management
  • Product Compliance
  • Professional Services
  • Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Variant Configuration
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • International Trade
  • Travel Management
  • Public Sector Management Funds Management
  • Industry Retail
  • Industry Utilities
  • Industry Oil and Gas
  • Industry Consumer Products

Now that we are about SAP Fiori Lighthouse apps, let us take a look at some high value SAP Fiori features that bring value to every business user

Fiori Enterprise Search

SAP Fiori Enterprise Search provides full-text search, navigation and access to structured and unstructured information across multiple systems.

SAP Fiori Enterprise Search allows you
  • Full-text search for business objects and documents
  • Sophisticated suggestions while typing
  • Access to information across various systems
  • Direct navigation into source systems/transactions

Fiori Notifications

Get notified about situations spontaneous/triggered that demand timely intervention with SAP Fiori Notifications. Send notifications to users as these notifications will automatically appear In the notification center viewport and add a little badge for new notifications with a count of the number of new notifications waiting for you to view.

In the latest S/4HANA releases (SAP S/4HANA 1709 and above), business users can also personalize their notifications by type. They can:
  • Mute notifications they are not interested in
  • Promote notifications that are important to them to high priority

Fiori Default Values

Set default values for new parameters which will be applied as filters in relevant sales apps with Fiori Default Values.

With Fiori Default Values you can:
  • Enter a primary value that you most commonly use, e.g. when entering data
  • Enter additional values that you use e.g. as a search filter in analytics and Manage apps
  • Pass the parameters to Fiori apps and to classic apps

Fiori Personalization

Adjust your display to suit your working conditions and your physical & cognitive needs with Fiori Personalization.As a business user, on the Fiori Launchpad you can personalize:
  • Which groups and tiles are shown on your Home Page
  • Language, date and time formats
  • Colour, contrast and fonts (via themes)
  • Whether user profiling is used to improve your search results
  • Which notifications are demoted (hidden) or promoted (raised to high priority)

User Assistance

Access User Assistance by configuring SAP Web Dispatcher & the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Implement SAP Fiori with the best SAP S/4HANA implementation partner in India, VC ERP Consulting.

How does VC ERP Consulting implement SAP Fiori?

Our decades of SAP Implementation Expertise lends us a unique view of finding the perfect balance between your industry standardization and business customization even while implementing SAP Fiori apps for your SAP ERP ecosystem.

At VC ERP Consulting, the experts
  • Identify the best-fit Mobility Platform
  • Modify & Customize Standardized Apps
  • Design custom apps for Z-Dev transactional data
  • Create KPI based Fiori app design & distribution
As an award-winning SAP Gold partner, our 21+ year old legacy is built on the solid foundation of integrity, customer service & the commitment to enable businesses to achieve superior industry benchmarks with state-of-the-art SAP Fiori Consulting & Development Services.Our SAP Fiori Services include
  • SAP Fiori Standard App Implementation
  • SAP Fiori Standard App Enhancement
  • SAP Finance
  • SAP Controlling
  • SAP Sales & Distribution
  • SAP Material Management
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Quality Management
  • SAP Project System
  • Human Capital Management

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