Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya is the home to industries such as consumer goods, plastic, furniture, textile, food processing, oil refining and manufacturing.

On the 41-kilometre highway stretch between Kisumu and Awasi on the border with Kericho County alone, about 10 new processing plants have been set up including a steel smelting mill, plastic and mattress factories, three road and house construction material processing plants and a timber treatment facility.

Small and Medium discrete, project & process manufacturing businesses in Kisumu, Kenya are pivoting towards adopting a business management solution that offers complete visibility & control over their operations.

SAP Business One ERP Software Kisumu unifies all the departments of your business, offers real-time access to critical business data, simplifies business operations and integrates business information in a comprehensive manner.

In this article, SAP Business One Experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Partner in Kisumu, Kenya talk about SAP Business One for manufacturing businesses.

What is SAP Business One for Manufacturing Businesses?

Automation and digitization has been implemented in manufacturing businesses for many years. These evolving technologies are helping businesses to tackle challenges such as quick turnaround time, changing consumer demands and supply chain disruptions.

SAP Business One ERP Software Kisumu has proven to be a helping hand for manufacturing business leaders. This affordable SAP ERP Solution for small businesses makes your entire manufacturing business resilient and ready for the future.

Optimize core business processes with SAP Business One Modules for the manufacturing industry. Make critical business decisions related to Sales, Accounting and Finance, Purchasing & Inventory, Production, Service Management and Overall operations management and administration.

SAP Business One Modules for Manufacturing Industry

Achieve total visibility and control over your business operations with SAP Business One ERP Software Kisumu. Below are the SAP Business One ERP Modules for manufacturing businesses.

Articulated Production Planning Processes

Easy integration with Product Life Cycle stages autonomously as well as merged with interdependent processes

Manage inventory across Multiple Warehouses

Effortlessly track stock movements, improve delivery times & reduce stock outs

Production Project Management

Manufacturing and logistics management, cost accounting, controlling and more

Machine Planning Processes

Optimize operational efficiencies throughout the entire production processes

The ING’s Processes

Run the ING manufacturing processes like casting, molding, machining, joining, shearing and forming with SAP Business One & specially designed VC ERP Xtreme Add Ons

Quality Control

Monitor quality standards as per international standards by generating certificates and labels automatically

Planning & Consumption

Manage lead times, transfer schedules, capacities of machine, resources, BOMs and batches

Real-time Dashboard Cockpit

Visualize your business data, drill down into critical processes and make informed decisions

Benefits of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Get complete flexibility and functionality irrespective of your industry with SAP Business One. Make informed business decisions while managing the supply chain efficiently.
Below are some of the many benefits of SAP Business One for manufacturing industry:

Boost Stock Traceability

  • Optimize stock while managing proper items levels
  • Access product expiration analysis to trace components that will become useless in sometime

Maintain Inventory Levels

  • Streamline inventory and warehouse management
  • Track bin locations & adapt stock changes faster

Strengthen Customer Relationships

  • Automatic resolution of customer queries & orders
  • Complete access to customer data to improve customer services

Single Access to Critical Business Data

  • Get access to all the critical business data from a single source of truth
  • Store essential data in one place making it accessible to all the users across locations
Let us have a look at the features of SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP Software Kisumu Features

Simplify manufacturing business complexities and unify business processes with SAP Business One for manufacturing businesses.
Here we mention some of the important features of this complete business management solution:
  • Maintain cost effectiveness in the production processes by keeping track of stock outs & surplus stocks
  • Optimize business costs, boost savings & gain high ROI with accurate planning
  • Integrate Product Life Cycle stages & merge with interdependent processes
  • Make critical decisions with accurate predictions and forecasting to easily calculate profit margins
  • Enhance machine and labor utilization rates by improving efficiencies with fewer indirect labor hours
  • Keep your projects on schedule & adapt quickly to change orders with clear data sharing

SAP Business One Helps you to Manufacture with Speed!

SAP Business One ERP Software Kisumu offers various benefits ranging from tracking inventory control to enhancing shop floor capabilities to improving customer experience.Thrive in your manufacturing business operations in a cost-effective manner with this affordable SAP ERP Solution.

Improve business performance and reduce waste by optimizing business costs with robust SAP Business One. At VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Kisumu, we implement SAP Business One and offer related services in the discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing industries.

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