The Odisha government is taking several steps to ensure better supply chain management for all the Industries across the state. Special attention is given to the Manufacturing Industry to improve production and reduce supply chain losses.

To create a facilitative environment for development of manufacturing industry, the Odisha State Government has implemented progressive policies and started taking digital initiatives to facilitate ease of doing business.

SME manufacturing business leaders are taking steps to modernize and expand by implementing SAP ERP Solutions to streamline their business processes and gain visibility in  their businesses.

SAP Business One ERP Solution has emerged as the ‘right choice’ for manufacturing businesses in Odisha to stay on-time and on-schedule. This comprehensive business management solution helps you achieve aggressive delivery times by reducing lead times and optimizing supply chain processes.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting showcase how to add value to your manufacturing business by implementing this multi-modular SAP ERP Solution.

SAP Business One as a Comprehensive Solution for your Manufacturing Business

Implement a comprehensive business management solution, SAP Business One ERP Software for your manufacturing business in Odisha that helps you make critical business decisions related to –
  • Sales
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Production
  • Service Management
  • Overall operations management
  • Administration
Create a leaner & real-time supply chain management business by harnessing barcode scanning technology for SAP Business One ERP Software Odisha. This scalable solution captures detailed barcode information and easily applies it across every part of your business operations.

How Does Barcode Scanning Work in SAP Business One?

It is very simple and easy to set up barcode scanning functionality in SAP Business One. When you create an internal identifier for each product (SKU), as part of that process you can also allocate the unique barcode number.

SAP Business One allows you to:
  • Have multiple barcodes associated with one item, e.g., to track product and its bin location
  • Scan serial numbers as well as barcodes
  • Set up multiple units of measure for barcodes with conversion factors between them (e.g., for inner and outer cartons)

Why Does Your Manufacturing Business Need SAP Business One ERP Software for Barcode Scanning?

Improve your ability to identify and track items as they move through the supply chain with barcode scanning. Scan a part or product quickly and accurately to –
  • Get Real-time Data
  • Speed up transactions at every step of interaction including
    • Sales
    • Purchasing
    • Production
    • Picking & Packing
    • Stock Transfers
Barcode scanning is an essential tool for small & medium manufacturing businesses in Odisha, Bhubaneshwar and other parts of India. It has been a necessity for businesses with –
  • A high volume of transactions
  • Lean manufacturing businesses
  • Just-In-Time production systems
  • Crucial speed & accuracy to lower inventory holding costs
A holistic approach to whole-of-enterprise management using SAP Business One ERP Software Odisha means that it’s simple to implement barcode scanning to improve:
  • Accuracy of stock counts & inventory management processes
  • Efficiency of warehouse management & picking procedures
  • Ability to trace inventory by batch and serial numbers to manage recalls & warranties
  • Your capacity to accurately issue raw materials or parts to in a production run
  • Access to information about low stock and alerts about when to re-order
  • Communication between manufacturing and distribution arms to inform production schedules
SAP Business One ERP Software Odisha implemented by the best SAP Gold Partner in Odisha, VC ERP Consulting is designed to build upon extra-ordinary barcoding capabilities to make your business profitable & resilient.

How Barcode Scanning makes life easy of SME Manufacturing Businesses

Here are some of examples of how barcode scanning features makes your manufacturing operations across industries easy:
  1. FMCG manufacturing company can apply the barcode to track the location of their finished products in various warehouses
  2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies can track the expiry & perishability of their products by scanning barcodes and apply LIFO FIFO method respectively
  3. Spare Parts manufacturers can manage picking workflows to ensure precision. Scan a barcode on the bin location to confirm the Spare Parts are in the right spot before they make the pick of finished products for an added layer of accuracy and accountability
  4. A picker fulfilling the order of a Whitegoods & Electronics manufacturing company can scan the barcode of the finished product (to identify the right product) and the serial number. This can save time on manually inputting the serial number and providing accurate details for warranty management. If an item has been on the shelf for a number of years, tracking exactly when it was sold ensures you know when the warranty period began so you can better serve customers.
  5. A footwear manufacturing company can set up multiple units of measure for barcodes with conversion factors between them to measure raw materials namely leather, rubber, foam, textile, plastics, laces and nails.
Now that we have seen some of the many use cases of barcode scanning for SAP Business One, let us see how VC ERP Consulting adds value to your manufacturing business in Odisha.

Add Value to Your Manufacturing Business in Odisha with SAP B1 Add-On by VC ERP Consulting

At VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Bhubaneswar Odisha, we understand what it takes to create an Industry-Specific solution that supports all your unique needs.

We serve a variety of ready-to-integrate Add-Ons for SAP Business One that serve the specific needs of your manufacturing industry in Odisha.

Xtreme Auto Batch Manage SAP B1 Add-On for your Manufacturing Business

This add-on is designed for all the Industries that are into manufacturing goods. This add-on automates the process of batch numbers.

While using this add-on, we do not need to manually type batch numbers at the time of dispatch of shipments. You just need to add the pattern of the serial number and the further process is taken care of by this add-on.

Features of Xtreme Auto Batch Manage SAP B1 Add-On:

Reduce Clerical Error

This add-on can reduce human error as the batch numbers are automatically added making the task of the employees easier

Shift Employee Focus to Critical Tasks

Focus on other strategic plans without the need to add batch number manually by using Xtreme Auto Batch Manage Add-On.

Streamline Supply Chain of Your Manufacturing Business with VC ERP Consulting!

Implement SAP Business One with in-built barcode functionality as a part of a broad business management system. Understand the precise location of raw materials & components, use resource information to optimize production and track finished products within multiple warehouses.

Ensure critical business data is scanned and combined effortlessly with data from multiple sources by implementing comprehensive SAP Business One ERP Software Odisha with the best SAP Gold Partner in Odisha, VC ERP Consulting. Streamline your manufacturing business processes & gain complete visibility with SAP B1 Modules for all your departments.

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