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Center of Excellence

Infocube strongly believes that the ROI on SAP could be maximized by forming Centers of Excellence (CoE). It is an expert group responsible for providing proven business solutions rapidly.It aids learning, modeling, stimulating and developing designs and solutions that benefit industry in a short time.

CoE is a buisness solution development platform on which a carefully chosen team acts to integrate their thoughts backed by their experience, leading to perfectly crafted SAP solutions that facilitate transaction level business process with ease.

Infocube CoE has SMEs, process experts and business stalwarts who previously served on similar multiple SAP implementation projects.A SAP knowledge depository that networks with our development centers is maintained and accessed by them continuously.

Maintenance is a continuous process of improvement for a CoE. The CoE regularly updates business process improvements as a result of developments and experience that Infocube gains in its way. Knowledge management, training and knowledge sharing are on-going activities. Newly developed and tested practices are continuously shared through documentation and effective communication that form an integral activity of its CoE.