Nagaland is primarily an agricultural economy. Over 70% of the population is dependent on agriculture. The main crops are rice, millet, maize and pulses. Cash crops like sugarcane and potato are also becoming popular. Coffee, cardamom and tea are grown as plantation crops in Nagaland.

With the increase in population, demand for agriculture products is rising. In recent years, the agriculture industry is not limited to food crops but has also expanded to allied activities, poultry, beekeeping, forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, etc.

This industry requires a set of tools and methods for effective farming, maintaining crop quality, appropriate soil conditions, efficient management of manures and fertilizers, crop processing and promotion.

Actively manage all the aspects of your farming business with SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland. Create transparent and sustainable food supply chains, manage supply and price volatility and control risk management.

In this article, VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Nagaland suggests how this comprehensive ERP Solution can help your Agriculture and allied activities business in Nagaland.

First, let us talk about why SAP Business One is the right choice for your agriculture business.

Why is SAP Business One the right choice for your Agriculture Business?

SAP Business One guides you throughout your journey of food from farm to fork by streamlining your core business processes. Implementing SAP Business One is the need of the hour for Agriculture business because it –
  • Increases the efficiency of farming & related activities
  • Accommodates growing customer demand
  • Creates transparent & sustainable food supply chains
  • Manages supply & price volatility
  • Controls risk management
This affordable solution belongs to modern times. Your agribusiness is not confined to farmers and factories anymore. In order to operate in a digital economy where you need frequent access to field data, sensor data, weather information, machine data, aerial imagery & more SAP B1 for agriculture business is the right choice.

Let us take one step further to see how this SAP ERP Solution can help you grow your agriculture business in Nagaland, Kohima or anywhere else in the world.

How SAP Business One helps your Agriculture Business?

Optimize machinery and equipment supporting agriculture production with SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland. Manage your farming business processes efficiently.

Identify and prioritize critical material issues and maximize enterprise-wide visibility across supply, production, inventory and demand.
Below are some of the many ways SAP Business One can help your Agriculture business:
  • Establish a real-time data sharing system and keep an eye on all the business processes
  • Deliver financial & accounting functionalities for more productive business:
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Budgeting
    • Bank Reconciliation
  • Visualize demand for your product and adjust material planning with demand forecast feature
  • Manage and maintain supplier or vendor related activities
  • Ensure full control of your customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and profitability of your business
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility in your business functions across marketing, sales, purchase and service
  • Manage material contracts and pricing across the entire life cycle period
  • Acts as a management platform for inventory management and related activities
  • Define alternative items, adjust inventory levels, execute cycle counts and generate lists for open sales orders
  • Shorten the sales cycle and ensure timely customer deliveries with SAP Business One mobile Apps for iOS & Android
  • Perform profit and cost analysis and compare the business processes
  • Connect all the business functions including workflow, finance, reports and documents
Now that we are aware how SAP Business One is helpful for your agriculture business, let us take a step ahead to understand how your business processes align in this SAP ERP Solution.

Automate Your Agriculture Business Processes with SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland

Unlike factory production, the agriculture & allied activities sector is subject to various external factors that cannot be controlled by human intervention such as – changing weather conditions, plant diseases, forest fires and so on.

It becomes necessary to focus on the internal business processes that can be controlled by human actions.

SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland helps to streamline the business processes, enhance traceability, track accounting and finances efficiently, facilitate proper inventory management and so on.

Here are the primary modules of SAP B1 for Agriculture & Allied activities business –

Agricultural Production

Improve planning and increase crop fields with an affordable farm field and crop management solution for a wide range of farm field operations

Streamline Invoicing Processes

Record & track commodity contracts with price definitions based on the market quotes and streamline invoicing processes. Ensure smooth farmer collaboration and simplify complex agricultural origination settlements.

Achieve Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Streamline your agriculture & allied activities efficiently, achieve complete visibility across supply, production, inventory & demand and identify critical material issues.

Manage the Supply Chain Processes

Plan the supply chain processes to forecast and manage demand trends, inventory, operational risks and opportunities. Create accurate demand plans and commit to orders in real-time.

Implement SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland with the best SAP Gold Partner in Nagaland, VC ERP Consulting.

Set Up SAP Business One for Emerging Agricultural Businesses Today!

SAP Business One ERP Software Nagaland creates transparent and sustainable food supply chains for your growing agriculture business. Boost the efficiency of your farming operations, achieve total control of food management and its journey from farm to end customers.

For these things to happen, your agriculture business needs a partner for growth – VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Nagaland. Derive maximum utility out of your SAP B1 for agriculture business with VC ERP Consulting.

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