The adoption and interest in cloud continues as organizations pursue a “cloud first” strategy for onboarding new workloads.Many organizations are still considering whether to make the leap to the cloud or rely on their archaic and on-premise software to do business. For many existing SAP Business One On Premise entrepreneurs who are reviewing their current IT and hardware needs, the urge to move to cloud is strong.

“Cloud will be the Centerpiece of New Digital Experiences. Global Cloud Revenue to Total $474 Billion in 2022, Up from $408 Billion in 2021.” – Gartner Press Release, November 10, 2021.

Perhaps your on-premise servers and infrastructure is outdated and in need of replacement, you’re facing support issues or maybe you’ve recently gained access to faster and more reliable internet.

When you’re faced with these scenarios, the commercial benefits of going to SAP Business One Cloud outweighs the cost of re-investing in new server infrastructure.

SAP Business One Cloud experts at VC ERP Consulting aim to showcase the benefits of moving from SAP Business One On Premise to SAP Business One Cloud. But first let us understand the basics of SAP B1 On Premise & Cloud.

Exploring the Difference between SAP B1 vs SAP B1 Cloud

There are a number of fundamental differences between SAP Business One On Premise & Cloud. Both the offerings bring something unique to the table but only after proper consideration can you determine which type of solution would be a perfect fit for your organization. Below are some of the key hosting differences that you need to consider while thinking of making the move to cloud:

Description SAP Business One On Premise implemented by VC ERP SAP Business One On Cloud hosted by VC ERP
In-house deployment using your infrastructure. You remain responsible for maintaining the solution and related processes
Deployed on premises of service provider accessible at any given time with related processes
Upgrading takes time and is subject to hardware availability
Easy to upgrade, according to your unique business needs
You are responsible for updates
Automatic Updates & Upgrades by VC ERP Consulting
Hardware Dependencies
Depends on the reliability of hardware
Lack of hardware damage, even almost none reported
Network Dependencies
Depends on internet connection
Uses local area network

Now that we know the key differences between SAP Business One On Premise & SAP Business One Cloud, let us now look at the key steps to move your SAP B1 solution to cloud.

Key Steps to Consider while Moving Your SAP Business One to Cloud

When you decide to move your SAP Business One to Cloud, these are the steps you need to consider

1. Hosting your SAP Business One on Private or Public Cloud

SAP Business One implemented by VC ERP Consulting offers you choice of deployment:
  • SAP Business One on Private Cloud
  • SAP Business One on Public Cloud

2. Easy Integrations with Cloud

Integrate your existing solutions to SAP Business One Cloud. Most solutions are supported in a hosted public or private Cloud environment, but it makes sense to double check and make sure.

SAP Business One Cloud

3. Database Choices

Decide whether you are planning to upgrade your SAP Business One environment to MS SQL or SAP HANA.
  • SAP Business One Cloud on MS SQL
  • SAP Business One Cloud on SAP HANA

4. Web Client

Moving to the Cloud presents a great opportunity to move your SAP Business One client to the web client – access from anywhere at any time from any device. It is available for both MS SQL and SAP HANA versions.
  • Real-time update of master data
  • Manage document drafts including approval process
  • Benefit from sophisticated analytical charting capabilities and predefined analytics content
  • Utilize user-defined fields, tables and objects
  • Create marketing documents
On-premise SAP Business One solution to the Cloud

Let’s assume that a decision has been made to move your existing On-premise SAP Business One solution to the Cloud, now what are the benefits SAP Business One Cloud offers for your business.

Why is SAP Business One Cloud the right choice for your small medium business?

Below are some of the many benefits why Business Leaders choose to migrate their SAP Business One solution to Cloud:
  • Scale SAP Business One up & down according to your workload requirements
  • Accelerate your business processes
  • Easily add tons of storage and remove unnecessary resources
  • Make your business agile and flexible with the power of cloud
  • Tap into untapped markets by expanding your business with new opportunities to grow & adapt


  • Achieve business continuity by controlling critical business data compared to their hardware equivalents
  • Manage critical business data more effectively with disaster recovery systems
  • Set up cloud storage easily which is also unaffected by a machine crash


  • SAP Business One Cloud offers state-of-the-art data security
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage and piracy with:
    • Various encryption techniques
    • Extensive control
    • Network hardening
    • Access control

Automatic Updates & Upgrades

  • Get access to latest updates to ensure that your applications & infrastructure give optimum throughout
  • Reduce hardware dependencies that require continuous monitoring
  • Enjoy better managed services with shorter deployment cycles and increased reliability

Pay only for the Compute You Use

  • Move from Capital Expenditure to Operating Expenditure by paying only for the compute you use
  • Cloud premise offers stellar security features, optimizing disaster recovery infrastructure expenditure
  • Monitor live data 24*7 at optimum business costs compared to an on-premise environment

Access Your Data from Anywhere

  • Make business decisions on-the-go with complete access to business data anywhere in the world
  • Share valuable insights to your employees and increase operational efficiency
  • Work from anywhere without any location constraints
  • Access business information and collaborate with your team
  • Continue working within a collaborative environment and keep everyone on the same page

VC ERP Consulting SAP Business One Partner offerings for SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud Subscription ModelVC ERP Hosted Cloud
Subscription Model
SAP Business One SubscriptionYes
Managed Hosting Services OfferedYes
Cloud Service Deployment
VC ERP Data CenterYes
Infrastructure Management by VC ERPYes
Application Management by VC ERPYes
Backup, Recovery & High AvailabilityYes
VC ERP Add-OnsYes
Database Choices
Microsoft SQL ServerYes

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