IT is no longer a support function in an organization and is seen as a key business driver. Data analytics, HR tools, CRM and even personal devices have become the backbone to enable an organization function efficiently. Such trends are impacting the very fabric of business in more ways than we can estimate. Continual improvement of the technology landscape within an organization through system consolidation and process engineering, adoption of specialized ERP tools over consolidated ERP, adoption of software, process and hardware as a service, outsourcing of technology to cheaper locations, enablement of higher IT security measures in a cloud environment are trends which are impacting the decisions of CIOs and CTOs across the world. VC ERP enables organizations to leverage the power of technology transformation through IT strategy development, IT cost reduction, ERP design, Governance, Risk & Compliance, LEAN, IT Organization Design, Cloud, Mobility and Social Media Services.
By implementing these technology transformation initiatives in your organization, we help you derive the following benefits:
  • Clear benchmarks across the application life cycle, improve processes via specific roadmaps, proven frameworks and best practices
  • Consolidated, standardized, and harmonized data across several systems; reduced total cost of ownership and maximized ROI
  • Reduced variability, better efficiency and throughput, aligned business and IT objectives, and higher quality