“Between 2019 and 2021, 54% of SAP customers plan to adopt SAP S/4HANA. Among them, 73% are choosing to run SAP S/4HANA in the cloud and others are considering hybrid deployment scenarios.” – International Data Corporation Survey

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of workers to shelter in place and move all of their business operations, catching all the industry leaders off-guard. Businesses are struggling to be equipped with the right technology they need to combat these new challenges.

Industry leaders are focused on transforming their business processes and functions by migrating their existing SAP ERP Solutions to the cloud post-pandemic.

Global IT managers & industry leaders are adopting cloud computing technologies and digital transformation to form a ‘cloud-first’ strategy.

A study conducted after Covid-19’s impact found 87% of “global IT decision-makers” believed Covid-19 would cause organizations to accelerate their migration to the cloud. – Evolution of IT, LogicMonitor CA, 2020.

Migrate your On-Premise SAP S/4HANA to Microsoft Azure Cloud and drive enduring business change at scale, flexibility & speed.

In this article, cloud-hosting experts for SAP S/4HANA at VC ERP Consulting guide you how to drive innovations by migrating existing On-Premise SAP S/4HANA to MS Azure Cloud.

What is a ‘Cloud-First’ Strategy?

“By 2025 more than 85 percent of businesses will employ a cloud-first strategy.” – Gartner

Evolution of cloud computing technologies has led to the adoption of the “cloud-first” strategy.

This strategy means your organization should first consider adopting cloud solutions, instead of non-cloud-based solutions:

  • When developing new processes or
  • Transforming old processes.

This is why it makes sense to adopt a ‘cloud-first’ strategy by migrating your on-premise SAP S/4HANA to Microsoft Azure cloud and make your business resilient.

Why Does Your Business Need SAP On Azure?

“Microsoft Azure (47 percent) remains the primary platform respondents look at when deploying SAP S/4HANA in a public cloud environment.” – SAP Insider Survey 2020

All the way back in 2016, SAP CEO Bill McDermott announced a critical partnership between SAP and Microsoft. In that announcement, he said,

”We believe the IT industry will be shaped by breakthrough partnerships that unlock new productivity for customers beyond the boundaries of traditional platforms and applications. The certification of Microsoft Azure infrastructure services for SAP HANA along with the new integration between Microsoft Office 365 and cloud solutions from SAP are emblematic of this major paradigm shift for the enterprise.”

Since that important partnership announcement in 2016, SAP and Microsoft Azure have grown both the functionality available and the benefit for enterprise business.

Microsoft Azure is a robust public cloud architecture with SAP certification capable of serving the biggest needs of SAP S/4HANA. Migrating the SAP landscape to a hyper-scaler cloud platform like Azure is critical to build a robust technology architecture.

You can drive agility across software, data and applications by migrating your on-premise SAP landscape to Azure cloud.

Below are some of the many reasons why your business needs Microsoft Azure for SAP S/4HANA:

  • Facilitate the transformation of your business processes
  • Handle transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy
  • Gain business intelligence & simplify your IT environment
  • Optimize business costs and minimize process complexities
  • Extract real-time and predictive insights for improved business decisions

Migrating from on-premise SAP S/4HANA to Azure Cloud leads to a sustainable workplace efficiency by delivering a significant benefit to the users to work better together.

Top 6 Benefits of Migrating SAP S/4HANA on MS Azure to Drive Digital Transformation

“Customers running SAP solutions on Azure can achieve a 112 percent ROI, a 30 percent reduction in time-to-market for new operations and a less than six-month payback period.” – Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester, 2021.
Cloud technology has come a long way in recent years. Migrating from on-premise to cloud has undeniable benefits –
  • No need for expensive hardware upgrades
  • Get access from any remote device
  • Rapid elasticity (optimization of resources for low TCO)
  • Service customizations based upon the changing business needs.

Running SAP ERP Solutions on on-premise hardware requires constant OPEX investment. There is a need for support and regular maintenance that forces business leaders to keep an IT team on toes.

Migrate your SAP S/4HANA on-premise to Microsoft Azure and reduce the reliance on in-house solutions and attain several additional benefits.

Migrate your SAP S4HANA

1. Rapid elasticity for Resource & Cost Optimization

  • Run your mission-critical & largest production SAP landscapes on Azure
  • Pay only for the duration to which they consumed the resources
  • Gain a competitive edge and generate tangible TCO Savings
  • Easy upgrades, updates and patches on improved infrastructure

2. Automate Backups & Disaster Recovery Systems

  • Protect your mission-critical workloads by replicating disks
  • Create system replication between the on-premise and cloud instances to protect your database
  • Build multi- or single-region disaster recovery systems to maintain the desired Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective Values
  • Retain your backups for years, based on the retention duration configured using the built-in lifecycle management capability

3. Quick Access to Updates & New SAP Releases 

  • Get access to latest innovations both from SAP & MS Azure
  • Set market-approved journeys that will take you faster towards your ultimate business goals

4. Seamless Data Sharing

  • Foster effective collaboration without geographical restrictions
  • Enable real-time file sharing anytime, anywhere

5. Customer Journey Maps

  • Huge scalability with more than 5 Million storage transactions every month
  • Extensive account support and additional consulting services

6. On-Demand Scalability & Agility

  • Scale your business through the remote servers of Microsoft Azure
  • Reduce time-to-market with on-demand scalability & agility as per your requirement
  • Get a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure offering 192 GB to 12 TB SAP HANA certified VMs

VC ERP Consulting is SAP & Microsoft Gold Partner serving 17+ industries from the last 21 years. We provide managed services for SAP on Azure to make your business a sure-shot success.

VC ERP Consulting Services for SAP On MS Azure

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, VC ERP offers managed services for SAP solutions hosted on Azure. In addition, as an award-winning SAP Gold Partner, we get you the best industry implementation of your ERP, Business Intelligence, RPA & other Connected Solutions.

SAP Business One on MS Azure

SAP S/4HANA on MS Azure

Database Backup, Management & Monitoring

SAP Disaster Recovery on Azure

Robust Security & Compliance Services

Resource Based Access Control & Resource Locking

Secure Authorization

Protect your Application & Data from Network Vulnerabilities

Maintain Data Integrity through Encryption Methods

Harden the Operating System

Maximize the Value of Your SAP S/4HANA With MS Azure Now!

Now is the right time to migrate your on-premise SAP S/4HANA to MS Azure to leverage SAP Certified & Scalable cloud infrastructure.

If you are a fast-growing enterprise, ready to capture greater market share at speed, SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition powered by Grow with SAP makes complete sense. On the other hand, if you are already operating at a larger scale and planning for a total lift and shift with added flexibility, SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud is ideal, which is powered by the RISE with SAP offering.

Run your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant and enterprise-proven platform with SAP on MS Azure. Get the scalability, flexibility and cost savings by hosting SAP on MS Azure with VC ERP Consulting.

At VC ERP, as an SAP Gold Partner with 20+ years of experience and a Microsoft Gold Partner, certified in Azure services, we understand and deal with a variety of use cases, scenarios, workloads and optimizations.

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