Changing international dynamics, supply chain disruptions, war and covid lockdowns and regulations have hurt businesses across the world. In fact, SME businesses have been the worst hit, and SME in Punjab are no exception.

At this stage, business leaders have been exploring the best ways to do business in the Post Covid reality. Many realize that technology like ERP software can give complete visibility and streamline processes so they can run their business more efficiently.

In fact, during these times, SAP Business One has emerged as one of the best ERP software for SME in Punjab.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting with 21 years of industry experience discuss what your SME business in Punjab can expect from technology and how SAP Business One, the best ERP software for SME in Punjab, can help you get there.

Let’s first understand why your SME business needs an ERP software, especially after the pandemic.

Why SME Business in Punjab Needs ERP Software

When there are consistent supply chain disruptions maybe due to an ongoing war or the long term impact of the Pandemic, you know the earlier ways of doing business are pretty much over.

The decisive shift of the economy to “Go Digital” is here to stay, especially, in times of disruption where the demand and supply of goods is volatile.

SAP Business One SME ERP helps business leaders get a grip on carefully evaluating where they stand with total centralized control to keep a clear eye on the long term strategy and short term execution.

Some of the many common burning challenges plaguing SME business in Punjab include:

  • Increased complexity in Business processes after regulations
  • Quick shifts in changing consumer trends
  • Huge data volume to manage in Silos
  • Mounting transportation costs due to rising fuel prices
  • Outdated Software & Systems

As a Business Leader, it is crucial to identify these problems, and resolve them quickly before it is too late.

6 Reasons SAP Business One is the best SME ERP Software in Punjab

The first step to solving problems wherever and whenever they crop up is through awareness. In a business, this awareness happens through the visibility of daily transactions.

However, as a Business Leader you know how tough it gets when getting this visibility ends up occupying all your time and resources.

Whether you’re based in Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mohali or Chandigarh, SAP Business One is the best SME ERP software in Punjab that allows you to do business more efficiently.

By saving time and still getting visibility into all critical aspects of your business, you have enough time to strategize and take corrective actions “strategically.”

Here are 5 reasons why SAP Business One is the best ERP for SMEs in Punjab curated by experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One ERP software Partner Punjab

1. Only One Software Solution to Manage All Departments

SAP is a pioneer in ERP software that can be customized to industry specification. In fact, it offers intelligent, integrated applications, which are scalable – so the rewards of this investment keep on coming for a long time.

SAP Business One offers the Digital Core for SME businesses – which is a default set of modules that make end-to-end business management efficient.  In addition, best practices are easier to enforce through technology.

Moreover, other applications such as Distribution Solutions, Human Resource Management Software etc. can be easily integrated with you SAP Business One erp software.

2. Stay Steps Ahead of Supply Chain games

No SME can do profitable business without Supply-chain visibility. When you use an SME ERP software, it becomes possible and easier to regularly interpret supply-chain numbers which helps you plan purchase and control inventory expenses accordingly.

Let’s understand this by taking an example of an SMB bedsheet manufacturer.

As a bedsheet manufacturing company, you require communication with machinery & equipment suppliers and raw material suppliers like tie & dye suppliers to get the finished goods in the market as and how needed. Coordinating with all the suppliers and establishing communication can prove to be a major hindrance creating lots of communication gaps across the organization.

In this case, using SAP Business One you can connect all the employees across departments and business units integrating sales & operations planning, demand and supply planning and inventory optimization processes.

Moreover, SAP Business One can help you manage the bedsheet production without any hassles thanks to the Production module that simplifies the production process to create and maintain Bill of Materials (BOM), Production orders ranging from standard, special and disassembly.

You can record all the produced items in item master data making the production process sleek and smooth.

3. Streamline Purchase and Procurement

The purchase and procurement department needs utmost attention in any SME business because it holds tremendous potential for optimization and cost savings. In fact, any SME manufacturing business needs support for purchasing, planning, vendor selection, purchase order management, and vendor invoice payment.

To work faster and more efficiently, SAP Business One through this module fulfils the needs of a procurement software that is integrated across business functions, including accounting and warehouse management software – everything on a central database.

And a detailed view of your vendors and a centralized vendor data repository are must-haves so you can make the best purchasing decisions, identify opportunities to save costs, and manage supplier relationships.

SAP Business One offers support for core procurement processes ranging from quote request to invoice payment. If you decide to leverage the power of SAP HANA database, you get much faster performance – everything with affordability.

4. Protect your data with centralized monitoring and inventory controls

You can integrate your warehouse, production and accounting processes with ease using SAP Business One, the best erp software for SME in Punjab. One of the key features of SAP Business One is real-time integration of business processes.

For instance, when a goods receipt for an ordered item is posted, the software automatically updates inventory in the warehouse and alerts the warehouse manager with the expected delivery date.

After a vendor invoice is received, SAP Business One automatically creates an accounts payable invoice. It further adds payment terms and calculates the estimated due date. In addition, it even updates the related vendor and expense accounts.

It becomes automated and efficient for you to operate your business as SAP Business One reliably captures information at every step of a transaction. You always stay clear with the current stock and stats of your inventory.  Moreover, with up-to-the-minute financial status of your business from your desktop or mobile device, there is much you can explore as a business leader as efficiency automatically increases.

Using purchase planning you can set reorder points accurately preventing unnecessary purchasing and inventory blocking. Furthermore, the Material Requirements Planning wizard

Using the material requirements planning wizard in SAP Business One, you can forecast and plan your material and nonmaterial needs to schedule your purchases accordingly. SAP Business One gives you detailed information about what items are needed and when. Its order recommendations take into account lead times, providing the optimal purchase date for a timely delivery of the products you order.

 5. Streamline Inventory Control

Managing inventory is a burning challenge that many startups and SMEs face globally. Lack of proper technology and skilled resources are the main factors slowing it down.

SAP Business One ERP for small business provides real-time data on inventories for the expansion and management of more complex supply chains. Here are some of the many benefits of using SAP Business One for your inventory management:
  • Real-time Visibility in Inventory Levels
  • Efficient Inventory & Stock Management
  • Inventory Dashboards
  • Regular Stock Audits to Improve Profit Margins
Accurate Measure of Inventory Levels
  • Monitor and track supplier data such as
    • Shipment Errors
    • Damaged or Defective Products
    • Missed Delivery Appointments
  • Measure your supplier performance to find and fix supply chain disruptions
  • Reduce supply chain complexities by streamlining logistics
  • Maintain safety stock to offset supply chain disruptions and improve lead times
  • Adapt to dynamic global supply chains with proper inventory planning
  • Use multi-location warehouse management features to track and control expanding inventories

6. Business Intelligence, MIS Reports and Dashboards

SAP Business One gives SME owners the power to use business intelligence, analytics, MIS and real time reporting to its maximum potential – affordably. The right ERP solution does truly assist your operations into becoming an efficient business.

It comes equipped with a complimentary and fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports so you can consolidate data from different departments and sources together. You can then generate timely, specific and accurate reports based on a complete view of your business performance.

  • Pre-defined dashboards
  • Hands-on and easy-to-use
  • Fast interactive decision-making

Integrated with Microsoft Office, SAP Crystal Reports lets you choose from a variety of report formats and control access to information displayed. You can enhance this capability by further integrating SAP B1 with Ms Power BI or other analytics and dashboards depending on your unique scenario.

Use SAP Business One SME ERP in Punjab for your Business

SAP Business One has been specially created for SME businesses keeping their growing needs, flexibility and scalability in mind. It has been built for hosting on-premise as well as on the cloud. Regardless of your industry, you get specific customization with standard industry best practices.

In addition, internal governance controls and real-time insights lead you to optimize operational expenditure, supply chain costs while giving complete visibility across each aspect of your business.

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