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If that accounting software now seems outdated and if your old systems are proving inefficient – it’s time to go digital, affordably. The changing global and local market landscapes have forcedsmall and medium businesses to adopt digitization quickly and affordably. SAP Business One is the simple, quick and affordable answer to your challenges.

It is the complete business management solution that lets you track, review and monitor your internal and external company operations – with just a Single Click! Fast affordable implementation and a scalable system, SAP Business One works just as good even if you do not have a full-fledged IT department, just as yet.

SAP Business One Walk Through

SAP Business One lets you target the bullseye so you never miss the mark. Now, track all that factors that could make your business a success across multiple business functions. Bridge the gaps so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

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Sap Business One Modules

Management & Administration Icon
& Administration
Management & Administration Icon
& Financials
Management & Administration Icon
& Distribution
Management & Administration Icon
Management & Administration Icon
Project & Resource
Management & Administration Icon
& Service
Management & Administration Icon
& Operations

SAP Business One

Fast & Affordable

As a 20 year old SAP Gold Partner, our expert consultants anticipate, understand & mitigate possible challenges for industry specific implementation

Little to Minimum
IT Support Needed

Even if you have little IT support in-house, we deliver superior standard support service to ensure continuity of your business operations

Easy Access
to Data

MIS Reports, Analytics or Business Intelligence – stay updated with the latest on the operations using real-time data insights and enterprise search

Connect Business

Foster natural cross departmental collaboration across the entire organization by monitoring all business areas with single click

SAP Business One
Modules Understanding

SAP Business One helps you make critical business decisions related to Sales, Accounting and Finance, Purchasing & Inventory, Production, Service Management and Overall operations management and administration.

With SAP Business One you can instantly access real-time view of the business leading to faster response to vendors, customers and grow your business more profitably.

Understanding SAP Business One Modules
Accounting & Financials

Accounting & Financials

Streamline and automate Accounting & Financials which leads to ease in payments, manage cash flow, track budgets and liabilities, compare estimates vs actual Plans to get the real time insight of your current business condition. Get ready to improve margins, reduce errors, and drive into more profitable decision making in just few clicks.

Sales & Customer Management

Sales & Customer Management

Get the complete view of prospects and customers so you understand and meet their needs and it will ultimately result in turning from prospects to customers. It helps convert more prospects, keep customers satisfied and maximize revenue. Our Integrated CRM tools support all the sales, service and marketing activities- from managing campaigns to tracking leads to administering after sales support.

Purchasing & Inventory Control

Purchasing & Inventory Control

Now manage end-to-end activities in your purchase-to-pay cycle. Use fast and user-friendly ways to manage the cycle right from the Purchase Order to Outgoing Payment in a few clicks. SAP Business One optimizes the entire Purchase process and helps you track Inventory and Warehouse Integration. It makes easier up to date reporting of all the Inventory across all the warehouses.

Production & MRP

Production & MRP

Simplify the process of Bill of Material (BOM) using SAP Business One. It specifies the quantities of components that make up a product. It helps in production orders. In addition, be alert beforehand with material estimations needed for the near future to meet the customer demands accordingly.

Service Management

Service Management

Achieve superior service standards by efficiently administering customer warranties, service contracts and also manage service calls. Optimizing sales and service department potential is crucial for maintaining excellent customer relations. SAP Business One provides all the tools to support the service process for superior customer service.

Project & Resource Management

Project & Resource Management

Manage multi-level complex projects by forming hierarchical tree of subprojects under the main project. Understand the associated costs for accurate estimation, measure costs incurred by independent tasks & compare them with budgeted costs. In addition, monitor the progress of tasks, stages and subprojects while analyzing budget costs. Gain additional clarity on ongoing projects such as stage analysis, open issues & resource utility and management.

Why Choose
SAP Business One
for your Business ?

SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution offering clear visibility into your entire business operations. Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it delivers what you need to manage your key business areas in a single solution.


Big Solution at Small Price

SAP Business One is the ultimate Industry specific business management solution from SAP offering the MNC’s ERP experience with the SMB price tag. Superior service standard support by our expert consultants ensures high ROI for every rupee spent.


Industry Best Implementation

Expert SAP consultants at VC ERP are backed by their rich 20 year long experience. Our industry specific implementation is quick, detailed & gets you right down to business withspecific customizations as per your needs.


Enhanced Scalability

Your up-and-growing business needs a Business Management System that grows along with it.SAP Business One has tremendous scalability & flexibility for additional users, storage, add-ons & integrations.


Greater Control & Transparency

Gain greater insight into your day-to-day functioning with SAP Business One’s unique dashboard and real-time updates, alerts, reminders, and insights


Informed Decision Making

SAP Business One creates an ecosystem where you can have a 360 degree view of your company’s actionable information. Both you and your employees can now make informed, accurate and timely business decisions.

SAP Business One Database Choices

MS SQL Database
SAP Business One
MS SQL Database

Hosted On Premise
Hosted On Public Cloud

SAP HANA Database
SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA
In-Memory Computing Database

Hosted On Public Cloud
Hosted on Private Cloud

SAP Business One Hosting Options

Two of the many strengths of SAP Business One is choice and greater control. You can choose to deploy it On-Premise or on the Cloud.

Simply put, SAP B1 can be deployed traditionally where the entire SAP Hardware is located within your own server. Secondly, you can select the “Cloud” Hosting option for SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One Cloud option essentially consists of two more options: Hosting B1 on a non-SAP Public Cloud Service or Hosting B1 on the SAP offering On-Demand Solution

SAP Business One On Premise

Hosting SAP B1 on premise for an SMB is a good option for additional data security and the option to integrate add-ons; however, in most cases small medium businesses prefer Cloud Hosting for SAP Business One.

When hosting SAP Business One On-Premise, the business accrues additional capital intensive costs such as time, money and space towards setting up, managing and maintaining internal server, not to forget additional employees to manage them.

However, there are certain advantages specific to business cases, where SAP B1 On-Premise can be useful.

On PremiseOn Cloud
LicensesOne Time PurchaseMonthly / Yearly Subscription
AMCApplicable YearlyIncluded
ServerYou ProvideWe provide
Data BackupYou ProvideWe cover it
Cost Time BenefitHigh Initial investment,
lower maintenance cost
Low initial investment,
continuous recurring cost

Advantages of SAP Business One On-Premise

Data Compliance

For organizations who do not wish to synchronize Product Pricing, Sensitive Vendor Information, Commissions etc. SAP Business One must be used On Premise

Custom Third Party System Integration
Custom Third Party
System Integration

Small Medium Business often use a host of other systems along with SAP Business One such as Distributor Solution, Field Sales Application, Point of Sale system etc. which can be seamlessly integrated when SAP Business One is On Premise

In-house Data Center Optimal Utilization
In-house Data Center
Optimal Utilization

If your company already has an internal server, then your ROI will be higher if you use your existing infrastructure to host SAP B1 Business Management Solution

SAP Business One On Cloud

Whether you opt for popular public cloud options like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure or SAP’s OnDemand Solution offerings, using SAP Business One on Cloud spares you the cost of managing expensive on premise servers, planning timely backups and maintaining the infrastructure.

High Return
On Investment

The return on investment is higher and reflected sooner here considering costs accrued are lower compared to hosting SAP Business One on premise


The deployment is quicker as the hosting is largely managed by the implementation partner

Flexibility of Use with
added Mobility

You can quickly access your business data from anywhere and at any time using secure browser and role-based access

Lower Dependency On
Inhouse IT Resources

You can avail and access latest functionality without depending on your in-house IT resources

Subscription based

No capital expenditure only subscription licensing so you don’t exceed your estimated budget and minimize operational expenditure without fear

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SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting

The toughest business challenges need to have ready answers that your data can tell. Use in-built analytics and reporting tools to bridge the gap between disparate operational systems and data hungry end users who need to make timely critical decisions.

Create the reliable barometer of business performance leveraging SAP Business One’s state-of-the-art analytics and reporting.

Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports
Available on:
SAP Business One version for MS SQL
SAP Business One version for SAP HANA

Create, design and deliver formatted and dynamic business reports to simplify and accelerate decision-making using full integrated SAP Crystal Reports software.

Pervasive & Dashboards
Pervasive / Dashboards
Available on:
SAP Business One version for SAP HANA only

Customize and create new analytics, amplifying the end user experience. Embed across all business forms and functions empowering end users with up-to the-second information

Excel Report and Interactive Analytics Designer
Excel Report and Interactive Analytics Designer
Available on:
SAP Business One version for SAP HANA only

Create predefined Microsoft Excel reports with a real-time connection to your business data

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Analytics Cloud

Cloud subscription services from SAP that lets you gain business insights directly from a Web browser – eliminating the need to install new software on your desktop.

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Add On Solutions

Add-on Solutions expand the existing functionality of SAP Business One by adding depth or breadth to the base product.

These add-ons are developed by industry experts and rigorously tested to assess their performance with the application. The result is a comprehensive solution to meet all of your business requirements.

VC ERP has come up with customized Add-Ons to cater to the needs of all the Industries making Business functions smooth.

XTREME Manufacturing
/ Shop Floor Add-On
XTREME manufacturing Add-On is designed to control process wise production and machine efficiency tracking all the manufacturing process happening in the company.
XTREME Quality
Control Add-On
Maintain quality standards and ensure proper quality check with XTREME Quality control Add-On. This Add-On makes sure that Quality check happens at every step of production which helps you maintain standardization.
XTREME Auto-Batch
Manage Add-On
This Add-On reduces the human error removing the process of manual adding of batch number. Making the process human error free.
Add-On Solution
Store and refer to all the previous versions of BOM with this Add-On especially designed for engineering & heavy equipment Industry. Gain Insights and store all the past architecture and refer it whenever you please.
Add-On Solution
Keep track and gain Real-time analytics of the outsourced tasks on the go with our VC ERP Job Work Add-On solution.
Maintenance Add-On
XTREME Plant Maintenance Add-On takes good care of the Technical Structure & Systems of your Manufacturing business. It helps you keep track of the preventive maintenance that is bound to happen.
XTREME Smart Alerts
Communication made easier. Send alerts from anywhere. Messaging on the go with XTREME Smart Alerts Add-On
Simplify Export Import Operations and magnify your business operations with XTREME EXIM Add-On. Compatible with SAP Business One Version Upgrades.
GST E-invoice
Add-On Solution
Seamless Generation of GST E-Invoice with QR Code and IRN number right from your Sales or A/R Invoice from SAP Business One itself
GST E-Way Bill
Add-On Solution
Seamless generation of E-way Bills from SAP Business One itself by integrating the same with the GSTN portal at the backend
Digital Signature
Add-On Solution
Send documents in just minutes with our Digital Signature Add-On. Wherever you are in the world, your paper work is now made faster and error-free and government verified
XTREME Payroll
XTREME Payroll Add-On is designed in such a manner that it helps you keep track of the whole payroll process in a single solution. Maintain and log all the details pertaining to Salaries, Appraisals, Travelling allowances and so on with the help of this Add on.
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SAP Business One Mobile Apps

Make your business more versatile with our SAP Business One Mobile Apps allowing you to serve your customers better On-the-go. These Apps are designed to fulfill your business requirements giving you real time visibility and adding more value to your business.

SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android

Now run, manage and monitor your business activities and performance anytime and anywhere. Get instant access to the most relevant business information with the SAP® Business One mobile app for iPhone and Android. Stay informed about internal operations, view reports, manage contacts, and handle sales, service, and a host of other operational activities right through your smartphone.

SAP Business One
Sales App

With the SAP Business One Sales mobile app, you can work with activities, view business contents, manage customer data, monitor sales opportunities, and do much more.

Available On:
SAP HANA Database
Inventory Count App
VC ERP Specific

Physical inventory counts are a way of ensuring that a company’s inventory management system is accurate and as a check to make sure goods are not being lost or stolen.

Available On:
MS SQL Database
SAP Business One
Service App

The new SAP Business One Service mobile app, gives your service team the power to review and resolve service tickets easily, keeping your customers happy.

Available On:
SAP HANA Database
Approvals App

Create an approval cycle keeping a track of all the accounting, sales and critical transactions with the New XTREME Approvals App

Available On:
SAP HANA Database
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SAP Business One Localization

SAP Business One is used in more than 170 countries. Master the challenge of globalization in your business.

Current localizations (50)

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Chile | Canada | China | Costa Rica | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Egypt | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Guatemala | Hong Kong | Hungary | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Lebanon | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Oman | Panama | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | Slovakia | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States

Current system languages (28)*

Arabic | Chinese (simplified/traditional) | Czech | Danish, Dutch, English (UK/U.S.) | Finnish | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hungarian| Italian, Japanese | Korean | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese (Brazil) | Portuguese | Russian | Slovak | Spanish (Latin America) | Spanish | Swedish | Turkish | Ukrainian

SAP Business One Implementation Approach

Project Phases

Implementing solutions now easy with VC ERP Consulting as we will guide you to implement SAP Business One with utmost ease, by using the right tools.

We use Accelerated Implementation Program (API) to study your needs and configure the solution serving all your requirements.

Connected Solutions

These are SAP certified third party applications created by industry experts at VC ERP that seamlessly integrate within your SAP Business One system giving you all the utility of an Industry Specific Business Management Solution using a single solution.

Dealers & Distributors Management Solution

Control & Monitor your entire distribution network efficiently & reliably with distribution management system. This application provides access to real time data and provides all the dealers and distributors related information in a single application.

Point of Sale

Complete your retail transactions with just a few clicks and get the data reflected in your SAP Business One. Point of Sales solution specially designed to complete transactions online or in person.

Sales Force Automation

Automate your sales & sales force management functions with Sales Force Automation (SFA). Record daily activities of your employees with this Application on the go.

Vendor Management

Manage your vendor relationships and administer all the data with a comprehensive Vendor Management System (vProcure). Manage your Procurement team, registered and Non-registered vendors and real time access to this data.

Customer Management

A CRM System helps you maintain customer and potential customer relationships and streamline your sales, improve customer service and increase profitability.

Integration Capability

Integration Capability
Integration Capability
Building Seamless Integration with third party applications with reporting so you can manage everything right from your SAP Business One.
Integration Capability


Leverage VC ERP’s 20 years legacy of successful industry-specific SAP Implementations. We understand all niche and micro-level processes of the industries we have worked with, and offer the best SAP Business One implementation customized to perfection, for all your industry-specific functionalities, best practices, and processes with the right tools.

Now you can deploy a single solution that provides functionality supporting every process you need to run your business, including financials, sales, customer relationships, inventory, and operations. Ideal for companies that have outgrown their accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline their operations with an integrated solution.

Accounting & Financials

The automotive Industry is rapidly growing but so are the challenges. Like every other Industry, Automotive is looking for reducing the product life cycle and saving costs to collaborate with vendors and supplier for delivering superior products. VC ERP Consulting offers Automotive Industry Specific SAP Business One implementation for automotive manufacturers and all small and large businesses in this industry.

Accounting & Financials
Chemical Industry

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or retailers – any small or medium business in the chemical Industry has to have industry-specific systems in place automate the entire processes from manufacturing to development. SAP Business One is one such comprehensive solution for chemicals or liquid based businesses who manufacture products like Inks and Dyes, Paints and Pigments, Adhesives, Resins, Fluids, Lubricants and more. At VC ERP consulting, our expert consultants and advisors are well versed in Chemical Industry Specific SAP Business One implementation for your business.

Accounting & Financials
Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry is always on the verge of a major breakthrough that could shape humanity for the better. This industry has its own unique set of challenges related to processes, compliance management, regulations and operational efficiencies. Globally, SAP Business One has emerged as the leading choice for Pharma Manufacturers and life sciences companies. At VC ERP Consulting, we understand how your business works, down to the last detail, and we implement pharmaceutical and life sciences specific SAP Business One that fits exactly with your needs.

Accounting & Financials
EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Engineering, Procurement and Construction industries need constant access to real-time Information. Being a project based Industry having quick Insights of all the business functions is a prime necessity. VC ERP Consulting serves these small and medium businesses with EPC specific SAP Business One implementation that connects and unifies all your business functions. All you need is a single comprehensive solution for greater visibility, transparency, control and efficiency.

Accounting & Financials
Machine Manufacturing

The Machine Manufacturing Industry is turning out to be a very integral part of the rising Economy as it creates end products that apply mechanical force to make the functioning of end products smooth. SAP Business One helps you manage all the business centric projects centrally- right from start to finish. Furthermore, it also reduces the complexities of transactions, documents, resources and related activities.

Accounting & Financials
Retail & FMCG

The global Retail & FMCG market is booming but with direct competition from online providers, it is also constantly experiencing unique unprecedented challenges. Retail and FMCG Industries need greater business flexibility to implement multi-channel retail as using a single channel for all operation. VC ERP Consulting offers Retail and FMCG Industry Specific SAP Business One Implementation. Our unique connected solutions and SAP certified add-ons ensure, you manage your business using just a single comprehensive solution designed for SMBs.

Accounting & Financials
Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution is a constantly evolving Industry because of the everyday changing demands & needs of the end customers. Wholesalers and Distributors face constant challenges in terms of shrinking margins, demanding customers and increasing costs. VC ERP Consulting implements Industry Specific SAP Business One customized for Wholesale and Distribution processes. This gives you greater visibility into your operations so you can focus on improving your profit margin through value-added services while the rest of your business runs smoothly and streamlined.

Accounting & Financials
Textile & Garments

SAP Business One is a specifically designed solution for businesses in the textile and garment industries. It provides an integrated application as a solution resolving all the major challenges faced by this industry and the diverse process-driven niche businesses within it making the business processes sleek and efficient. Industry experts at VC ERP Consulting have rich experience of Textile and Garments industry specific SAP Business One implementation for smooth business operations, MIS reports and analytics and greater control over your sales and service mechanisms.

Accounting & Financials
Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is driving toward a major shift towards sustainability and renewable energy sources by 2025. We expect that a large number of industry players will derive revenue from services and energy data. SAP Business One helps in Monitoring, assessment, and forecasting of asset health based on granular data from sensors also Delivery of a 360-degree view of the customer to invigorate profitability and brand loyalty.

Accounting & Financials
Wires & Cables

Wires and cables businesses come packed with their own unique set of challenges such as keeping a track of the inventory, handling individual length, material quality, production, packaging, pricing, sales tracking and so much more. Such small & medium businesses operating within their own niche need dedicated exclusive partner support from an experienced SAP Gold Partner like VC ERP Consulting for seamless SAP Business One implementation.

Client Testimonials

We deeply acknowledge the support and guidance of VC ERP team since the beginning. Their hard work and patient help with a positive attitude is key to our successful Implementation.

Managing Director
Manufacturing Company

We are glad that we chose VC ERP Consulting for SAP Business One project as they have brought in quality consulting skills, superb project execution capabilities, and a high degree of predictability & reliability.

Managing Director
Plastic Component Mfg. Company

Team VC ERP has been very helpful in the entire exercise to achieve clear visibility across the organization, production and other processes

Executive Director
Manufacturing Company

Expand with
SAP Business One

VC ERP Consulting’s 20 year old legacy as an award winning SAP Gold Partner is built on the solid foundation of integrity, customer service & the commitment to enable businesses achieve superior industry benchmarks with state-of-the-art SAP technology. Below are the services we offer for SAP Business One Implementation.

SAP Business One Consulting Services

  • Migration (SQL to HANA)
  • Annual Maintenance Support
  • Country Roll Outs
    • Language, Currency, Taxation, Localization
  • Upgrades
    • Patch and Version Updates
  • Business User Trainings
  • System Audit
    • Understanding Gaps