SAP system is always critical to business using it. Any downtime brings any business to a break. All the SAP systems in business landscape require SAP Basis activities and continuous maintenance. This ensures an active management and life cycle maintenance of all SAP servers in the landscape. VC ERP has in house team of SAP Basis. With the extreme knowledge and understanding of the business our motto is to always help and satisfy the needs and requirement of our customers.
3rd Party Integration
Increased productivity
Real time information
Increased ROI

Consulting Services

A Conventional Method!
SWith fresher SAP releases and fresher SAP products in the market, there are increasing demands on the SAP Basis team. At VC ERP, our SAP support team provides dedicated monitoring and support through our SAP Basis outsourcing services.
In Time
In Time
Industry Centric
Industry Centric
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Service with Quality
Service with Quality


Giving the Best, Always!
At VC ERP, we don’t follow the standard Implementation process, it purely depends on which methodology business have adopted for implementation. Generally, ASAP methodology is the process we follow, but it also depends on the size of the server a business is using. Identifying the number of users, landscape of the server, troubleshooting and break-fix action etc. all are identified and accordingly solution is provided.
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Analysis & Design
  • Build or Realisation
  • Testing
  • final Preparation for cutover
  • Cutover activities
  • Go Live

SAP Audit

Improve Internal Auditing Procedures!
Streamline, expand, and enrich your internal audit activities with SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA. This in-memory audit software makes it quick and easy to document proof, organise working papers, and create audit reports. It provides the analytical competencies to move the focus of internal audit from basic assurance to providing insight and assistance. At VC ERP, we help the businesses who are willing to go for SAP Audit Management and improvise the strategies of internal auditors and their advisory roles. By this, VC ERP also supports them to get more leverage of SAP HANA in-memory power, integrating with GRC solutions and align internal audit with overall business goals.
  • Cost Cutting
  • Fraud Management
  • Real-Time Audit Analytics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Resource Management
  • User Friendly Interface

Security Solutions

Data Protection & Privacy is Priority!
Information security is paramount SAP. SAP have experience in supporting and protecting the business from the revolving IT threats. Whether business is on premise or on cloud, rest assured of any data loss under SAP guidance. VC ERP, always understands how a data can play a vital role in any business. VC ERP always assures their customers to don’t worry about any of the data loss due to any emerging threats in IT landscape as they will provide you the data protection and privacy on priority.
  • On Premise Security
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security