SAP Intelligent RPA’s Takes Workforce Productivity to New Heights

You can now create and deploy digital assistants or software bots directly from the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP iRPA) Store powered by the SAP Business Technology Platform. Automate specific operational use cases that are repetitive, time-consuming and mundane to free up your workforce so they can focus on strategic productive initiatives.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey to becoming an AI-powered intelligent enterprise with VC ERP Consulting as your trusted SAP iRPA Implementation partner. We will build and deploy software bots to augment and automate tasks across your business.


SAP Intelligent RPA for Powerful Workforce

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) is a low code way to build intelligent bots that automate repetitive high volume manual processes. Seamless integration with other SAP intelligent technologies makes SAP Intelligent RPA a core component providing scalable hyperautomation.

SAP Intelligent RPA Product Intro

What is Digital Process Automation?

Digital Process Automation (DPA) focuses on augmenting and automating routine tasks in all the departments by using low-code development tools. Automate and optimize workflows in all your business functions including finance, sales, marketing, IT, production and more.

Digital Process Automation with SAP iRPA creates Intelligent Enterprises

You can take control of your journey to become a technology powered Intelligent Enterprise. Automate SAP Applications with best integrated RPA Solution for Digital Process Automation and see the results.

Integrated RPA



Automate SAP applications with the best integrated RPA Solution




Reduce implementation & maintenance efforts with efficient RPA




Expand Artificial Intelligence (AI) presence by embedding it in RPA code

Types of SAP Intelligent RPA Bots

There are mainly two types of Bots you can create using SAP Intelligent RPA powered by the SAP Business Technology Platform. These types have been created keeping in mind the need and the touchpoints for any human intervention during the time an SAP IRPA Bot executes your tasks or complex processes.

Attended Bots

Attended bots are suitable if you want to actively manage your bot or if your process requires intermittent decision-making.

Unattended Bots

Unattended bots automatically execute a complete process using trigger mechanisms, without any intervention from employees.

Key SAP iRPA Deployment Scenarios

Manual and repetitive tasks

Consolidate and manipulate data from multiple data sources such as Microsoft Excel, vendor Portals or SAP solutions

High-volume tasks

Process steps that must be completed time after time such as during data migrations or approvals workflows.

Multiple-system tasks

Tasks that involve accessing multiple applications including Web applications, ERP solutions and third-party software

Core Capabilities of SAP Intelligent RPA

  • Visual design of bot-enabled workflows
    Develop bots with a step-by-step sequence and set of dependencies
    Attach trigger mechanisms for attended or scheduled autonomous bots
    Apply APIs and machine-learning services to make bots intelligent
  • Repository for bot skills and analytics
    Tap into a container of automation steps easily reused for bot development
    Publish or consume available RPA bots that meet your business needs
    Analyse bot-operation statistics and expedite process execution history
  • Rich content offering of pre-built automations
    Ready-to-use bots to quickly solve your business challenges
    Learning and best practices content to get you started free of charge
    Content directly available from cloud tenants within minutes
  • Easy-to-use Components
    Use SAP Intelligent RPA Desktop Studio to create automations with ease
    Orchestrate automations, manage resources with SAP iRPA Cloud Factory
    SAP iRPA Desktop Agent on workstation or virtual machine helps manage attended & unattended bots

Key Benefits of Using SAP iRPA

Increased Productivity

Accelerated, more-accurate task completion

Enhanced Employee Experience

Staff focusing on more-fulfilling tasks

Rapid ROI

Value generation achieved in weeks

Remote Working Support

Cloud-based Bot Orchestration


Why Your Business Needs SAP Intelligent RPA

Purpose-Built Integration for SAP Applications

  • Simplify UI integration with Dedicated Connectors to SAP Fiori and SAP GUI
  • Automate Data Collection with SAP and Third-Party Applications
  • Accelerate Bot Development with Best-in Class Integration with SAP Applications
  • Automate Processes with Unstructured Information using
    Embedded AI and Intelligent Services
  • Native Integration with SAP Workflow Management and
    SAP Ruum, Spotlight
  • Use Machine Learning and Artificial with SAP AI Business Services
    and SAP Conversational AI to enrich User Experience
  • Use Technology Connectors to Ensure Clean Application Drive

Low Code/ No Code User Experience

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Workflow Builder
  • No-Code Experience for Simple Use Cases
  • Event-Based Capture for Bot Building
  • Low-Code Experience with JavaScript
  • State-Of-The-Art Debugger
  • Intuitive Documentation and Active Developer Community

Quick Start Enablement

  • Browse the SAP Intelligent RPA Store
    • Bot templates for SAP S/4HANA and ECC
    • Cross-LoB Content/SAP-Best Practices as Pre-Packaged Bots
    • Growing Partner Ecosystem and Offerings
  • Attended/Unattended Modes
  • Bundled Offerings with SAP’s Core Portfolio of Products

Business Value of using SAP Intelligent RPA for your Business

Achieve operational excellence and augment your employees’ productivity to address more high-value tasks by taking advantage of intelligent bots to make accurate high-value informed decisions.

  • Allow Parallelization and Immediate Scalability
  • Introduce New Technology
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Improve Operations
  • Generate Savings
  • Reinforce Compliance
  • Reduce Human Errors
  • Improve User Satisfaction with superior Service Quality

VC ERP Services for SAP Intelligent RPA

At VC ERP, we specialize in understanding and tweaking your existing workflows into an RPA favourable pattern so you can make the most of your SAP iRPA deployment.

After carefully assessing your business use case for automation readiness, we implement strategic Automation Solutions. In addition, we build custom bots for specific use cases.

Consulting and Implementation Services for
SAP Digital Process Automation

  • Workflow and Use Case Assessment
  • Assessing SAP iRPA Adoption Readiness
  • Process Audit
  • Estimating Strategy, ROI and Costs
  • Bot Selection, Customization & Deployment
  • Bot Implementation and Maintenance
  • End User Trainings


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