Gain Deeper Insights Into Structured & Unstructured Data Assets

SAP HANA powers Big Data Services, Real-time Analytics & More

Organizations frequently turn to SAP HANA to unlock information across all existing solutions, whether on-site or in the cloud. With its revolutionary in-memory computing, SAP HANA drives value by allowing decision-makers to answer any business question at any time.

With SAP HANA, operational reports, dashboards and analytics provide timely, in-depth information which allow you to perform advanced analytics and deliver new applications to drive innovation. SAP HANA gives your business users access to information that facilitates accelerated analyses and helps identify trends and opportunities so that you can turn insight into action.

Our service offering includes HANA Live for real-time operational reporting; SAP Business Warehouse on HANA for extracting, modeling and aligning data sets; SAP Business Suite on HANA for real-time business processes; and SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) for enterprise resource planning.

With VC ERP, you can leverage SAP HANA to

Explore Big Data Services

  • Earn how to treat and leverage your enterprise data as true economic asset.
  • Make smarter business decisions using enhanced customer micro segmentation and multi channel consumer experiences
  • Exploit new business models to your organizational advantage using effective price comparison and web-based markets
  • Make smarter and informed decisions from underlying heaps of unstructured, and semi structured data
  • Make correct decisions by increasing the trustworthiness of data using Industry leading Data Cleansing tools
  • Use the most powerful in-memory appliance (SAP HANA) to characterize your unstructured data
  • Visualize semi structured data so you can understand it and action it to improve your business
  • Make the most of out of your data storage services by governing all the data emerging from today’s information explosion

Explore Real Time Analytics

  • Make smarter business decisions faster, supported by increased visibility on large data volumes
  • React to business Events more quickly through real-time analysis and reporting of operational data
  • Achieve greater flexibility to deliver innovative real-time analytic and reporting scenarios
  • Streamline your IT landscape and reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Simple to deploy and will integrate to your other enterprise applications without compromise
  • Provides access to SAP game changing innovation with exponential potential to transform your enterprise
  • Deploy innovative new business applications that leverage Big Data

Business Benefits of using SAP HANA

  • Improve your processes. Drastically advance your planning, forecasting, optimization, and processes while reducing TCO with less hardware, maintenance, and testing.
  • Real-time information. Gain immediate insight from operational or strategic data despite large data volumes and without delays caused by nightly batch processes.
  • Real-time simulation & foresight. Simulate and foresee business situations like demand patterns or cash exposures based on current business conditions plus historical data and trends.
  • Real-time sense & response. Capitalize on streaming data and Events by processing real-time streaming data, like energy consumption, with smart meters for driving immediate business decisions in an automated fashion.