The coronavirus pandemic has been the largest public health crisis in living memory generating a major economic crisis halting production across the world including India. The effect on SMEs in several states including Bihar has been dramatically felt. Technology such as ERP software can help SME get out of this cycle of economic volatility. In this article, experts at VC ERP share 8 Reasons SAP Business One ERP Software Bihar is the Best ERP for SME. Before that let’s look at the big picture first.

“The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has tied up with the Government of Bihar to promote the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector in the state.” – Business Standard as on 16th February, 2022.

Bihar is the 14th state of the country with which SIDBI has tied up and it will play an important role in strengthening the MSME sector in Bihar accelerating industrial development.

In order to gear up for the challenges, SME business leaders are leaning towards technology solutions such as ERP software for SME to lead the way through this economic downturn. SAP Business One ERP Software Bihar has proven to be the top choice to kick-start the move to “Go Digital.”

In fact, SAP Business One ERP Software has been specially developed keeping in mind the growing needs of SME. At VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner Bihar, industry experts suggest that in order to survive, recover and prepare for economic downturns, business leaders must “Go Digital” before it’s too late. Let’s explore this.

8 Reasons SAP Business One ERP Software Bihar is the Best ERP for SME even in an Economic Downturn?

SAP Business One SME ERP software offers a digital core that includes functionalities for each and every department of your business with a central database. You can now easily track sales, inventory, cash flow, financial performance, demand/supply forecast and more with SAP Business One ERP Software Bihar. In addition, you further get the right set of tools to tackle economic disruptions.

Here are 8 best ways you can secure your SME business operations from the economic downturn using SAP Business One.

  1. Eradicate Internal Inefficiencies
    • Streamline & automate inter-company transactions such as financial consolidation and master data distribution
    • Out-of-the-box automation for complex business processes
    • Serve your customers more efficiently with improved order efficiencies and remote customer service
    • Identify & improve business efficiencies by embracing a data-driven culture with SAP Business One Data Harmonization capabilities
    • Employees will spend more time on their assigned roles & less time on navigating multiple systems
    • Connectivity of business processes lead to less
      • Operational Errors & Inefficiencies
      • Workflow Barriers
      • Employee Productivity Barriers
      • Customer Service Breakdowns

  2. Make your Sales Team Productive & Mobile
    • Put your customers at the epicenter of the entire sales cycle with the capability to analyze the buying patterns & past behavior
    • Get real-time access to inventory and avoid shortages by syncing inventory & sales
    • Create new opportunities & boost leads with real-time insights to stage-wise customer sales cycle data
    • Strengthen sales pitches & improve customer relationships by identifying sales opportunities
    • Get visibility into entire sales pipeline with sales opportunities report making inventory & customer management effortless
    • Create and manage various marketing campaigns to promote your business and sales
    • Store all the necessary customer data for your future references
    • Create and manage your contracts and agreements and ensure the perfect responses to service calls
    • Receive all the sales information and data on the go using any device with Mobile Sales functionality of SAP Business One ERP Software Bihar

  3. Make Calculative Financial Decisions
    • Record & manage different business accounting aspects like
      • Accounts Payables
      • Accounts Receivables
      • Journal Entries
    • Achieve profitable returns by making vital decisions related to cash flow management, budget controlling and so on
    • Manage your fixed assets without manually entering relative data each time
    • Conveniently process reconciliation & carry out your payments faster, using online/offline transactional methods
    • Create customized financial reports with real-time data & analyze the same for business improvement

  4. Optimize Your Order-to-Pay Cycle
    • Streamline overall procurement process from purchase orders to return management and work on to improve audits
    • Manage master data sheets & get all the required information, anytime and anywhere without any hassles
    • Perform efficient purchase planning and create accounts payable invoices
    • Manage invoices, cancellations, credit memos, purchase order references
    • Generate integrated reports of your purchase department using real-time data & have clear insights about the latest happenings of your business

  5. Transparent Control Of Inventory & Distribution
    • Get accurate information about inbound and outbound shipments, inventory and item location
    • Value inventory using
      • Standard Costing
      • Moving Average
      • FIFO & other methods
    • Monitor stock levels & track transfers in real-time
    • Run real-time inventory updates, availability checks & manage standard pricing
    • Manage stock in multiple warehouses by dividing each one into multiple subzones
    • Optimize stock movement & reduce picking times
    • Perform inventory & cycle counts
    • Track stock locations & transfers
    • Create and maintain multi level bills of materials (BOMs)
    • Issue and release production orders manually or by backflush

  6. Empower your People to make decisions faster with Business Intelligence
    • Create customized reports that will display your critical business data in a clear & customized manner
    • Understand your business through various perspectives & formulate a strategy for better future with interactive analysis
    • View your business data in a convenient format & get proper insights with intuitive tools
    • Use KPIs with predefined metrics to improve various aspects of your business
    • Powerful data visualization helps you get clear idea about your business with just a glance at your data
    • Use intuitive dashboards to generate reports & display consolidated details of your business
    • Simplify your business data and create detailed analysis reports that offer real-time insights of each aspect of your business

  7. Achieve Rapid Delivery Times with Optimized Production Processes
    • Reduce pre-production times and start delivering projects faster
    • Create customized and robust dashboards for your manufacturing processes to gain a deeper insight into business-centric data
    • Enhance inventory management process by tracking & documenting stock levels, ensuring transfers between price lists, warehouse & pre-defined pricing standards
    • Enhance the overall labor as well as machine utilization rates by improving the overall efficiencies & reduced indirect labor hours
    • Improve Materials Requirement Planning by streamlining purchasing items, procurement of resources and production planning
    • Adapt quickly to changing orders with distinct data sharing capabilities
    • Manage resources, materials and employees at the same time by providing accurate & detailed quotes to the respective clients

  8. Plan & Monitor the Progress of Projects
    • Analyze budget costs & generate reports such as stage analysis, open issues and resources
    • Achieve holistic overview of projects & detailed information related to each project leading to increased project transparency
    • Faster and better management and understanding of costs related to specific project tasks
    • More accurate estimation of budgeted project costs and measure of actual costs incurred by a particular task versus its budgeted costs
    • Streamlined billing process with the billing document generation wizard

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Business leaders are hesitant to adopt newer technologies. In order to conquer change and come out ahead after a downturn or recession, entrepreneurs must take corrective action.

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