VC ERP offers the following key basic testing services to ensure your applications/products are ready to be deployed

Performance Testing

In the recent times one of the major challenges companies face is to achieve and maintain their critical applications at optimum/peak performance levels.

At VC ERP our team of performance engineers ensure that your system and all the applications are running at peak/optimum level to give you the best output

Key Functions

  • Identify and meet with the key business and technical contacts for your project, to develop an in-depth understanding of your application and system architecture
  • Define the scope of work around performance and detailed requirements to achieve proper focus to ensure all areas are covered during testing. This will enable us to identify bottlenecks very early in the cycle
  • Define a performance test strategy to capture
    • all scenarios
    • performance test service types
    • Types of tools
    • Scenarios to automate
    • Reporting protocols
    • Environment
  • Create scripts and scenarios that delivers consistent, measurable and repeatable load and stress tests, designed to replicatethe live production environment of our customer. It also creates user loads, business patterns and throughput projections for future growth
  • Coordinate and execute load tests and monitor response times and resource usage to identify problem areas
  • Analyze results we can identify areas to improve the performance;suggest necessary recommendations to improve response times and avoid resource bottlenecks
  • Create customized reports as per the requirement of the key project members/stakeholders and baseline results
  • Document our testing process and archive test scripts, data, results and environment configurations for future testing and base lining

Regression Testing

Regression testing enables to uncover new software bugs, or regressions, in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system after changes such as enhancements, patches or configuration changes, have been made to them.

Our regression testing services ensure that the errors reported for the said product/application are eradicated or what our geeks call “quarantined” for each new release and no new quality problems are introduced in the maintenance process. Regression testing involves the following:

  • Test case execution : This process involves complete execution of all test cases before every scheduled release
  • Test Case Selection: This stage involves selection of the specific test cases depending upon the changes that are needed in the functional areas of the said product/application
  • Test Case Prioritization:In this stage, test cases are prioritized depending upon the dependencies, business impact and criticality.
  • Cost-effective, noted to reduce the spending by 10%
  • Prevents new bugs
  • Saves time and helps projects to stay on track

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black-box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test.

Our functional testing services ensures that the said product/application is functionally correct. The process starts with assessment of the application/product requirements which is followed by a clearly defined implementation plan aligning functional testing objectives with the overall business goals.


  • Our approach caters to a range of applications and supports all the standard development methodologies
  • We house testing professionals with the comprehensive experience across domains and technologies
  • Deep expertise in applying black box testing techniques.
  • Our functional testing specialists adopt proven scientific techniques while performing in-depth black box testing including
    • Boundary value analysis
    • Equivalent Partition
    • Paired testing
  • Gallop Risk based Testing Methodology incorporates inputs of Business risks, Project risks and Technology risks to ensure most optimal testing
  • Detailed Test Metrics ensure absolute transparency and visibility with
    • Unit testing metrics
    • Defect trends metris
    • Testing productivity metrics
    • Process quality metrics
    • Testing progress metrics
    • Quality of the application/product under test
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly status reports with in-depth analysis of test execution status and defects. The reports leverage a variety of models and techniques to publish actionable reports and dashboards


  • HP : Win Runner, QTP
  • Selenium, TestComplete, QF-Test
  • NUnit, JUnit
  • HP : Load Runner
  • Microsoft : Application Center Test
  • OpenSTA, WebLoad
  • Rational : Purify
  • .Net : FxCop, CodeSmith Code Generator
  • C++ : Valgrind
  • Java : JProfiler
  • HP : Test Director, Quality Center
  • Rational : Clear Quest
  • PVCS Tracker, Mantis BT, BugZilla, JIRA