‘Cloud ERP’ has been the buzzword for businesses worldover for the last few years. While cloud ERP technology has been around for years, it has recently begun taking great strides in terms of utility and technology unlike before.

Several companies with diversified business landscapes are still grappling to adapt to the technology. In fact, the pandemic opened their eyes to the far-reaching effects of loopholes that technology can easily fill. Leveraging the power of the cloud as the underlying technology to support your business software ecosystem is affordable, easy to understand, transparent and predictable.

Enjoying predictability in terms of maintaining your cash flows and planning business expenditure is a great advantage of having a Cloud ERP solution such as SAP Business One Cloud. Even though, many Small Medium Business Leaders have begun their transformation journey using ERP, many SMEs across India especially in states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh fall behind.

The up-and-coming SME businesses thanks to the state government support in Uttarakhand has spanned across a gradual economic growth trajectory for the state. Despite the plethora of benefits some entrepreneurs in Uttarakhand remain in a dilemma about embarking on the journey to the Cloud ERP.

SAP Business One Cloud is the cloud deployed variant of the SAP Business One ERP solution Uttarakhand. >Get all the capabilities of the SAP Business One ERP solution with the predictability, security and scalability of the Cloud implemented by best SAP Business One Partner Uttarakhand, VC ERP Consulting.

In this article, cloud computing experts at VC ERP Consulting bust top 5 myths about SAP Business One Cloud ERP for SMEs across states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and others across India.

Myth #1: Implementing Cloud ERP is Costly & Expensive

Fact #1: Implementing SAP Business One Cloud ERP is Cost-Effective

SAP Business One Cloud ERP is designed to reduce the effort needed for ongoing IT support and users can devote a higher percentage of IT spending to new initiatives. Deploying this comprehensive cloud solution increases your workforce productivity making it a wise choice.

Subscription-based SAP Business One Cloud ERP includes all hardware and software maintenance, scale, data and system redundancy. This adds constant value with real-time enhancements which entrepreneurs can use immediately.

Engage your technical resources in more strategic initiatives, creating new processes and driving efficiencies.

Myth #2: Data on Cloud is Not Secure

Fact #2: Data on Cloud is Highly Secure than On-premise Data Centers

Security comes as a top concern with the cloud as ERP Solutions generate valuable business data. Business leaders are generally cautious about sharing critical business data, giving away visibility & control particularly in place of business-critical applications.

In reality, clouds are designed to be highly secure. Here are some of the many reasons why data is secure on the cloud:
  • Strict Policies
  • Periodic Audits
  • Penetration testing for regulatory compliance
  • Automatic hardware and software updates
  • 24-hour 365-day yearly protection from expert security teams at VC ERP Consulting & much more

Additionally, utilizing the power of the cloud is a smart disaster recovery solution. No business is immune to disaster. Whether it’s a hurricane, fire or flood, if your ERP is in the cloud, all information and applications are safe since the cloud always utilizes multiple data centers with geographic diversity.

Myth #3: Cloud ERP Cannot be Customized as per My Unique Business Needs

Fact #3: Cloud ERP can be Tailored to Fit the Precise Needs of Your Business

Cloud-based ERP, SAP Business One Uttarakhand is designed to scale with your organization. It can be customized to fit your business needs – from the start or over time, as a business grows and evolves.

In addition, SAP Business One integrates well with other cloud-based products. Add new modules to a cloud ERP system without downtime or additional hardware. This flexibility enables a business to remain proactive instead of reactive, adjusting more quickly to industry changes, consumer trends, unforeseen circumstances and more.

Myth #4: Cloud ERPs are Best for Large Companies

Fact #4: Cloud ERPs Work the Same in Terms of Functionality for SMBs

SAP B1 Cloud works pretty much the same as on-premise SAP B1 ERP in terms of functionality for SME businesses. In fact, cloud-based ERPs are better in a way considering the regular updates it gets. With each update, the security level keeps improving even beyond what an On-premise is capable of.

Cloud ERPs are user-friendly suitable for SME employees having little or no IT know-how. This scalable solution gets easily integrated with the core of any SME business. SAP Business One Cloud has been carefully developed to provide our SME customers with simple, flexible deployment options & the cost savings of the cloud.

Myth #5: Moving From On-premise to Cloud is Complex

Fact #5: Moving from On-premise to Cloud is Easy with VC ERP Consulting

Until a few years ago, cloud technologies weren’t as developed or refined and many companies who were early adopters had to figure out implementation on their own.

Stemming from this time period where many cloud technologies were unproven, deployment  & implementation horror stories emerged giving cloud solutions a reputation for being burdensome & dangerous.

This is far from reality today and adopting cloud technology is much simpler. Additionally, enterprises no longer have to do it alone.

VC ERP Consulting is the best SAP Business One cloud implementation partner offering the flexible alternative to deploying traditional on-premise infrastructure.

SAP Business One Cloud hosted by VC ERP includes application licenses, infrastructure service, application management and VC ERP’s add-on solutions (services on request) for a monthly subscription fee per user.

Why Choose VC ERP Consulting for your SAP B1 Cloud Implementation?

At VC ERP Consulting, an expert team of cloud expert consultants make sure that you get all the capabilities and breadth of the SAP Business One ERP solution Uttarakhand with the predictability, security and scalability of the Cloud.

We tailor the solution to fit the precise needs of your business. SAP Business One Cloud has been carefully developed to provide our customers with simple, flexible deployment options & the cost savings of the cloud.

Here are the key reasons why VC ERP Consulting is the best choice for your SAP Business One Cloud implementation:

SAP Business One Cloud VC ERP Hosted Cloud
Subscription Model
SAP Business One SubscriptionYes
Managed Hosting Services OfferedYes
Cloud Service Deployment
VC ERP Data CenterYes
Infrastructure ManagementYes
Application ManagementYes
Backup, Recovery & High AvailabilityYes
VC ERP Add-OnsYes
Database Choices
Microsoft SQL ServerYes

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It’s Time for SMEs to Understand the Power of Cloud!

It’s time to experience the power of scalability for your growing business needs with the best SAP Business One Partner in Uttarakhand, VC ERP Consulting.

Flexible, scalable & affordable SAP Business One Cloud Uttarakhand is specifically designed for your business needs.

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