Cloud computing adoption has been increasing rapidly with large organizations adopting cloud-first strategy for implementing new solutions. Organizations are evaluating adoption of public cloud because of its ability to meet location-specific requirements, such as data sovereignty, low-latency and network bandwidth. SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for a Resilient Business has been designed to optimally address these dynamic preferences of organizations.
“It’s clear that there’s tremendous value enabled by adopting the cloud—more than $1 trillion by 2030. Almost all of that value comes from business innovation and optimization rather than IT cost reduction.” — McKinsey 2021
SAP S/4HANA, ERP Software for Medium to Large Enterprises is natively built to address the evolving needs of enterprise software. SAP has established one foundation to serve as a next-generation business suite: SAP S/4HANA. This one foundation carries all the functional elements, the data semantics, UX concepts, and the common data model.

In this blog, SAP S/4HANA experts at one of the best SAP S/4HANA Partner in India, VC ERP Consulting, showcase the features and benefits of implementing SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for a resilient & profitable business.

What is SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud?

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud is a complete & modular cloud SAP ERP Solution designed for your unique business needs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics. Run your mission-critical business operations in real-time.

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Drive business innovation by standardizing business processes with agile, scalable and sustainable SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud implemented by VC ERP Consulting.
  • Standardization enables fastest adoption with delivery of pre-activated business innovation scope and end-to-end processes
  • SAP Fiori user experience on any device with embedded user guidance for rapid adoption
  • Digital core of the SAP modular cloud architecture with pre-built integrations to SAP Line of Business and SAP Industry Cloud solutions
  • Continuous innovation with latest upgrades, greatest agility and lowest TCO
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery with technical operations, upgrades and system maintenance
Now that we are aware about the basics of SAP S/4HANA Cloud let us understand the 8 key reasons to choose this modular solution for a profitable & resilient business.

Top 8 Key Reasons to Choose SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for a Resilient Business

Redesign your business processes by adopting a transformational approach by moving to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Handle standard day-to-day operations with a new degree of efficiency and automation, while being open and flexible to adjust to new market requirements and being extended as needed.

Discover cloud ERP capabilities designed for every business need:

1.  Run Highly Automated Finance Processes

  • Run fast, highly automated corporate accounting and financial close processes – from reconciliation and reporting to IFRS and local legal compliance
  • Improve the flexibility and efficiency of your financial operations to decrease days’ sales outstanding, bad debt write-offs and costs
  • Drive profits with powerful capabilities for overhead cost management, product costing and profitability analysis
  • Collect, assign and analyze costs according to project, order, cost center or business process
  • Accurately evaluate the profitability of markets, channels, products and segments
  • Manage compliance, risks and controls in business operations to meet regulatory requirements for import and export compliance, free trade agreements, electronic documents and statutory reporting
  • Comply with internal and external requirements using embedded controls and make decisions to run your treasury operations with confidence
  • Develop full visibility into your cash, liquidity, working capital and financial risk
  • Leverage flexible models to support subscription and usage-based billing, partner revenue share, receivables management, payment handling and more
  • Efficiently manage your real estate portfolio in the cloud – including your processes for contracts, leases, energy, safety, construction, maintenance and workspaces

2.  Enable Seamless Manufacturing Engineering

  • Manage master data – for materials, routings, bills of materials, recipes, and more – to efficiently control all product production details
  • Kick off the procurement process by identifying the required products and components
  • Plan and schedule production with a real-time eye on capacity constraints with MRP simulations
  • Boost operational efficiency in any type of manufacturing operation – discrete, process, or a repetitive industry variation or extension
  • Break down silos from design to production with centralized control across your operations
  • Choose between discrete production orders or process orders, depending on segment and model
  • Run closed-loop quality management processes – from planning to operations
  • Analyze disparate data sets, run real-time reports and take a good look inside your operations
  • Streamline processes, make better decisions and improve document accuracy with AI-Powered manufacturing analytics

3.  Deliver Outstanding Products with Product Design Management

  • Virtualise product models with drawings, manufacturing details and geometric tolerances
  • Orchestrate product changes in a standardized, flexible, and compliant way
  • Gain insight into cost, time, scope, resources and quality performance of products
  • Define suitable product structures for project logistics planning
  • Quickly develop recipes and formulas, reusing existing packaging and design ingredients
  • Manage product information holistically and efficiently across the complete lifecycle
  • Ensure full compliance of all products and chemicals – securing the right to market, sell and ship goods
  • Get compliance checks embedded in sales documents, including orders and contracts

4.  Grow revenue by boosting Sales

  • Maintain consistent, reusable and structured sales and pricing data
  • Manage sales contracts, quotations and follow-ups – and ensure smooth order processing
  • Process and receive customer returns, send replacements and issue credit memos
  • Get a holistic view of all products, services and subscriptions sold to each customer
  • Consolidate customer invoices for multiple sales, settle accounts and easily post billing documents to accounting
  • Implement compelling variable-compensation programmes with incentive and commission management
  • Monitor key sales performance indicators and analyze sales performance
  • Build and maintain accurate strategically aligned plans

5.  Earn Customer Loyalty with Quick Resolution Times

  • Keep tabs on all the service information you need at your fingertips–
    • Customer master data
    • Service history
    • Commercial agreements
    • Maintenance plans
  • Manage service contracts and commitments – and schedule preventive and predictive service activities based on time, counter, condition or risk
  • Create, track and manage service requests with visibility into past and current agreements and activities
  • Support efficient issue resolution through multichannel customer engagement and smart interactions
  • Improve accuracy and cost-efficiency for spare parts planning and procurement
  • Bundle physical and digital products with subscription services, complete with delivery and installation
  • Empower your service agents and increase their productivity with intelligent shared service capabilities powered by AI and machine learning
  • Automate manual service processes, get alerts and recommendations and improve first-time resolution rates

6.  Centralize purchasing for greater flexibility & visibility

  • Streamline the procurement process by introducing more automation into your workflow
  • Give employees self-service access to create, manage and track their own orders
  • Make approval and release procedures easier with automatic sourcing and order processing
  • Gain warehouse operations transparency, down to the storage bin level
  • Get accurate invoices to accounts payable faster by taking advantage of electronic invoicing and automated verification
  • Achieve granular insights with reporting and monitoring of real-time procurement data
  • Reduce overall procurement costs by consolidating various business units and geographies with one centralized approval workflow

7.  Create a dynamic and connected supply chain

  • Track and control inventory and stock quantities to facilitate a streamlined material flow across all inbound and outbound logistics operations
  • Integrate pick, pack & ship activities, warehouse operations and inventory movement processes
  • Seamlessly fulfill inbound and outbound delivery demands, improve transportation planning and boost perfect order rates
  • Improve order fill rate by intelligently selecting stocks from alternative locations during supply shortages
  • Increase efficiency and improve compliance across your shipping and warehousing operations
  • Track and manage reusable items like packaging materials or empties throughout their lifecycle
  • Accurately plan service parts inventory across distribution networks based on parts volumes, velocity, segments and other practical business rules

8.  Improve Asset Efficiency & Boost ROI

  • Connect material management and plant maintenance functionalities, track costs and analyze damages
  • Access, transfer, complete and manage assigned work orders for planned or emergency maintenance
  • Create and process any type of work request, whether corrective, preventive, condition-based, or predictive
  • Optimize maintenance schedules with insight into workloads, availability windows and capacities
  • View maintenance orders in work centers – and set up, share and monitor schedules

Grow with SAP for SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Implementation

GROW with SAP has overlaps and differences with RISE with SAP and SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. RISE with SAP is a more flexible and tailored offering that aims to provide a complete solution using cloud services from SAP. It targets the existing SAP customer base running on other SAP solutions.

It, Grow with SAP, is designed to be leaner, more straightforward, and more predictable. It includes well-structured SKUs to onboard customers and get them live in just a few weeks with a controlled budget and deliverables. This program is targeted at mid-size companies and Net New Names with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Edition.

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