The retail market in Qatar has seen substantial growth with its increased supply and new developments over 2022. Qatar is home to nearly 30 malls and is regarded as one of the finest destinations for tourists.

Situated all across the country, malls in Qatar are positioned for tourism, business and to strengthen the economy of the country. With increasing growth there are also new challenges in the way goods are being marketed, bought, fulfilled, delivered and sold in a highly competitive marketplace.

In addition, there is an increased pressure on retails and brands to invest in innovative models and new ways of creating value for their ecosystem.

Retailers are pivoting towards embracing disruption and reshaping the traditional retail landscape. The future of the ‘digital’ retail industry lies within the thoughtful curation of products and brands that align with their mission and provide for a trusted engagement.

To change the retail game, companies need to double down on digital first and Omni-channel strategies. Adoption of ‘digital’ technologies allow retailers to detect, predict and anticipate unspoken customer needs.

Which Technology Should you Leverage for Taking Retail to the Next Level?

Implement SAP ERP Solutions to serve tomorrow’s demand using predictive insights and intelligence. Anticipate and execute against dynamic trends and customer preferences with even more flexible ways of planning and optimization.

Build the foundation for cross-channel insights and a new generation of cloud-based planning and optimization applications with SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA for retail.

In this article, SAP Experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India, talk about transforming retail industry experiences on every channel and establish sustainability across the value chain with SAP ERP Solutions.

Digital Transformation of Retail with Intelligent Enterprise

Put the customer at the center of all decisions by using modern digital capabilities and intelligent technologies that offer real-time customer insights and curated experiences.

Leverage ERP, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies to provide delightful shopping experiences to customers.

SAP ERP Solutions offer retail digital transformation with the following:

Omni Channel Retail Operations

  • Build presence in online marketplaces and pop-up stores eliminating the lines between channels
  • Provide seamless shopping experiences that exceed customer expectations

Customer Convenience

  • Customers can shop and collect goods conveniently with ‘scan and go’
  • Offer additional customer pleasing options through SAP Smart technologies

Sustainable Shopping Experiences

  • Make a real difference to the bottom line by following circular economy principles and zero wastage policy
  • Get the required transparency in retail business operations with advanced technologies

Offer Personalized Marketing

  • Forecast customers’ current and future needs with powerful retail analytics
  • Build customer loyalty and profitability by offering personalized marketing and customer experiences
Now that we know the importance of digital transformation in retail businesses, let us take a look at SAP Business One as a driver for a resilient SME retail business.

Why Do Small Medium Retail Businesses Need SAP Business One?

For SME retail businesses in Qatar, implementing SAP Business One is the foundation towards digital transformation, enabling leaders with an SAP ERP Software for small retail and trading businesses.

Pave the path towards improved sales, loyal customer base and agile business – respond more quickly and effectively towards shifting consumer trends and volatile market conditions.

SAP Business One helps you to seamlessly operate all your stores, warehouses, shelves in various departments and databases.

This affordable business management solution comes packed with customized modules and intelligent features that help your growing retail business to become a ‘smart business’ at Low Total Cost of Ownership and High ROI. SAP Business One helps you to –
  • Streamline end-to-end business processes
  • Put customer at the center of your decisions
  • Meet changing customer preferences at scale
  • Enable fast changes with seamless customer experiences

Features of SAP Business One for Retail Industry

Point Of Sale (POS)

Handle huge volumes of transactions for your SME retail operations through user-friendly terminals that support easy integration with various entries

Demand Forecasting

Predict customer trends to enable maximum sale across context-driven activity with Omni-channel marketing for efficient business performance

Enterprise Mobility

Manage an engaging retail business across multiple channels with enterprise mobility that helps in fast response through a timely positive manner

Merchandise Management

Simplify various functionalities to drive maximum growth by adopting greater control over the credit management system with collaborative merchandising capabilities

Real-time Analytics

Reduce the complexities in latest retail trends by optimizing internal and external working process with real-time reporting and analytics

Manage Customer Repositories

Keep the customers updated about the latest business activities and strengthen retail business capabilities through various technological approaches

Retail Upgrades & Updates

Minimize the throughput of work by consolidating your retail business upgradation to recent trends like mobile apps, IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Streamline Store Operations

‘Drag-and-drop’ in-built capabilities for easy access through various distribution channels and execution of scheduled delivery to various locations Implement SAP Business One with the best SAP Business One Partner, VC ERP Consulting to provide exceptional experiences in stores, online and on mobile devices. Gain real-time view of each customer and offer personalized, consent-based engagements at scale.

As and how your SME retail business continues to grow, so do the consumer expectations. SAP S/4HANA for retail is designed to meet the rising need of the retail industry.

Let us have a look at the basics of SAP S/4HANA for the retail industry.

Create Value Platform for Purpose-Driven Retail with SAP S/4HANA for mid-market to Large Enterprises

SAP S/4HANA for retail features a simplified data model with embedded analytics and streamlines all the core retail functions from master data entry to product listing, through promotion, execution and price maintenance, to point of sale accounting. SAP S/4 HANA for merchandise management is the backbone for the retail industry.

With SAP S/4HANA, you can seamlessly integrate your in-house manufacturing divisions with consumer-facing retail efforts and use real-time market feedback to streamline supply chain management processes.

The comprehensive nature of this SAP ERP Solution gives everything you need to digitize supply chain management from top to bottom while simultaneously increasing e-commerce revenue. Organizations are now set up to benefit from increased data generation instead of devoting large amounts of capital and employee time to managing information silos.

  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Embedded AI, analytics and intelligent process automation
  • In-memory database and simplified data model
  • Consumer-grade UX
SAP S4HANA for Retail

Features of SAP S/4HANA for Retail Industry

Agile & Efficient Business Processes

Generate new revenue streams, adjust rapidly to changing business needs and understand every aspect of your business

Real-time information to Empower Employees

Serve customers with real-time actionable up-to-the-minute information about latest products

Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences

Offer value added services and curated shopping experiences with unified business processes powered by real-time customer and sales information Meet evolving consumer expectations at brick-and-mortar and online stores and offer consistent experiences across all the channels – with SAP S/4HANA implemented by VC ERP Consulting for omni channel retail and store operations.

Equip store associates with real-time customer and inventory data, support smart store technologies and create engaging digital storefronts. Easily collaborate with suppliers, reduce inventory wastage and fulfill demand from anywhere – instantly at optimized business costs.

Transform Your Retail Business into an SAP Intelligent Enterprise Today

Retail companies are looking at new business models that align with evolving consumer value systems that create new revenue streams for the company, result in lifelong customer relationships and address societal and environmental challenges.

SAP Solutions namely, SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA deliver new business capabilities and offer flexible, sustainable and responsive delivery and value-adding service to consumers. It redesigns supply chains into customer value chains with full transparency and commitment to customer service.

Implement SAP Solutions with VC ERP Consulting to accelerate innovation by focusing on the differentiating business capabilities and deliver it to end consumers. Are you ready to enable a spectrum of partnership and innovation models to drive customer value?

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