Products in the life sciences industry have a short lifespan, similar to the brevity of human life. In F&B businesses, expiration date is determined by shelf life since production date.

In contrast, for biomedical tissue, blood products and other items, the lifespan is determined by the batch with the shortest expiry date. To simplify their dealings with supply chain partners, life sciences firms in Eldoret and across Kenya, are implementing SAP Business One ERP Software, Eldoret, the ultimate Life Sciences solution that is designed to manage differences in expiry date calculations.

Let us see what SAP Business One is and why it is the ideal solution for your growing pharma business in Eldoret or pretty much anywhere else in the world.

Why does my Pharma & Life Sciences business need SAP Business One?

SAP Business One ERP Software Eldoret for Pharma & Life sciences business supports your business in any of the following stages –
  • Cutting-edge Research and Innovation
  • Preclinical Trials
  • Clinical Trials & Testing
  • Drug Efficacy and Safety Review
Implement SAP Business One with the best SAP Business One Partner in Eldoret, VC ERP Consulting, to address the complex challenges pharma companies are facing such as stringent health care reforms, extensive regulatory requirements, volatile market trends, complex financial requirements and disruptions in supply chain. But first, what are some supply chain challenges with shelf-life expiry dates?

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges of Expiry Dates

Life sciences manufacturers often struggle with supply chain & related challenges due to the perishable nature of their products. To ensure that their products meet the required shelf life standards, it is crucial for pharma businesses to understand how to calculate their shelf life.

Before being included in the supply chain, products must possess the minimum required remaining shelf life, which necessitates the use of SAP Business One ERP that tracks and shares expiry data throughout the organization as components are utilized to manufacture finished goods.

As a life sciences business expands, maintaining consistent quality control and implementing a streamlined process through SAP B1 for calculating expiry dates becomes increasingly important.

SAP Business One: A Lifeline in Distress for Pharma & Life Science Businesses

Modern businesses that anticipate future challenges are employing robust SAP Business One. This comprehensive business management solution enables pharma & life sciences businesses to effectively manage their inventory levels and accurately determine when they need to restock their products.

Utilize this SAP ERP Solution for your pharma business in Eldoret to ensure that you meet your customers’ demands in a timely manner while maintaining optimal inventory levels. Conversely, legacy ERP systems often lack the real-time visibility required by today’s retailers and distributors.

SAP Business One provides a competitive edge over legacy software and spreadsheets by offering enhanced transparency and accessibility to stock information from anywhere and at any time.

It is integrated with essential functions such as finance, logistics, and sales to streamline the supply chain process and monitor product movement. This leads to improved business efficiency, eliminates stock shortages, and ultimately saves time and money.

Let’s explore some additional benefits that your business can enjoy by using SAP Business One:
  • Automate and simplify the process of managing and calculating chargebacks & rebates
  • Generate and manage intricate recipes, formulas, and bills of materials
  • Meet statutory requirements for bi-directional Batch/Lot traceability as well as manage product recalls
  • Ensure your inventory is up-to-date with ‘first expiration, first out’ inventory rules
  • Manage pharmacy and doctor’s offices along with recording the items and quantities they have requested, prescribed or received
  • Compare individual customer forecasts against actual results to track planned versus realized sales
  • Achieve real-time visibility into stock levels and eliminate the chances of multiple shipments

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Pharma Business with SAP Business One Today!

SAP Business One provides precise and up-to-date data on both inbound and outbound inventory, enabling businesses to eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions. Pharma business leaders can effectively plan ahead, keep track of stock levels and oversee multi-level bills of materials (BOMs) at multiple locations and warehouses with these in-built capabilities.

Businesses that adopt SAP Business One ERP Software Eldoret and move away from legacy software can gain a distinct advantage over their competitors. Leverage SAP Business One to effectively manage inventory transfers, eliminate supply chain delays and inconsistencies and overcome any obstacles related to inventory management.

Implement SAP Business One ERP Software Eldoret with VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Eldoret, Today!

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