Karnataka has emerged as the biotech hub of the country and a leading player in the biotechnology revolution of India. It has proven to be the preferred destination for biotech investment in the country.

More than 60% of the biotech companies in the country have a base in Karnataka. The state is responsible for 50% of the total revenues being generated in the biotech sector in India.

Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and healthcare businesses are no strangers to technology. Many use cutting edge equipment and techniques to develop their products.These industries are growing at an accelerated rate which is causing them to acquire enhanced outsourcing investments.

ERP Software such as SAP Business One for biotech companies has proven to be an absolute necessity more so due to recent developments observed in this industry.

As the industry keeps growing, regulations keep mounting and the market keeps becoming more competitive. This makes an excellent case and a compelling need to have comprehensive and flexible SAP Business One ERP Software to manage end-to-end business.

SAP Business One Karnataka speaks to the accuracy and reliability of data for biotech companies to meet numerous regulatory and market requirements.

SAP Business One ERP Solution implemented by the best SAP Gold Partner in Karnataka, VC ERP Consulting, is powerful enough to have a strong impact in resolving many critical challenges and issues faced by the biotechnology industry.

What are the burning challenges faced by biotech industries in Karnataka equally relevant to Biotech businesses anywhere else in the world?

In this article, pharma experts at VC ERP state the challenges faced by this industry and make a successful attempt to resolve them with SAP B1 for pharma.

Challenges Faced by the Biotechnology Industry

SAP Business One ERP Software is designed to create flexible, unified and transparent business operations and address challenging consumer demands.

Below are some of the many challenges faced by this industry:
  • Unexpected and volatile pricing policy changes
  • Increasing competition in the international markets
  • Evolving markets of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and KSMs (Key Starting Materials)
  • Need of continuous investment to meet the tough quality compliance standards
  • Continuous Research and Development to stay relevant in the market
  • Strong disconnect between current customer expectations and market reading
  • Major shift in demand of raw materials resulting in disrupted supply chains
Implementing SAP Business One solves major challenges offering various control mechanisms to streamline the flow of data and granular analytics with respect to material, production management and financial data.

SAP Business One For Biotech Industry

When it comes to the need of SAP Business One, biotech companies fall broadly into three categories:
  • The companies that are just starting out and looking to manage their costs during the research and development phase
  • Mature biotech companies that have achieved regulatory approval and are shipping finished products to market but outsource all manufacturing to a contract manufacturer
  • Biotech businesses that manufacture and ship products – controlling all aspects of the supply chain and manufacturing as an internal business function
SAP Business One has a solution for all the biotech companies out there, at whatever stage of their life cycle they are – startup, outsourced manufacturing and logistics or in-house manufacturing and logistics management.

Features of SAP Business One for Biotech Industry

Achieve efficient business processes, quick decision abilities, centralized controls and clean analytics with comprehensive and affordable SAP Business One.

Features of SAP Business One for the Biotech Industry are as follows:
  • Capture batch wise costing for labour, machine and material costs
  • Route sequence for various stages of manufacturing processes
  • Management of outsourced processes
  • Manage sampling size in Quality Management Module
  • Analyze finished samples based on Standard Test Procedure/ Pharmacopeia
  • Manage Multiple Units of Measurement
  • Expiry date and shelf life management
  • Trace materials using Batch Management
  • Alerts and approvals management
  • Plant Maintenance for Periodic, Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance
  • Reporting at your fingertip to enable optimal decisions

Let us have a look at the SAP Business One modules for the biotech industry.

SAP Business One Modules for Biotech Industry

SAP Business One allows biotech companies to create and connect digital enterprise across the entire organization for all departments ranging from finance, logistics, manufacturing and customer relationship management.

Here are SAP Business One modules for the biotech industry:

Formulation Management

Optimize business costs and control prices by formulating ingredients in an effective manner

Managing Regulatory Requirements

Manage all the compliance and regulatory needs and achieve a competitive edge

Inventory Management

Curate the requirements of production, prepare triggers for purchase and acquisition, establish controls on the materials used thereby controlling inventory levels

Distribution Channels Management

Bring ease in every stage of the production cycle right from order acquisition to in-progress quality check

CRM and Marketing

Align marketing and sales processes by automating marketing activities and running promotional campaigns for getting a better ROI

Work Order Management

Build processes for production work orders, track batches & expiration dates and organize material usage based on individual expiry of items Leverage the power of SAP Business One to ensure smooth functioning of your biotech business in Karnataka implemented by the best SAP Business One ERP Software Partner in Karnataka VC ERP Consulting.

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