SAP Business One SME ERP has proven to be one of the most successful ERP solutions ever since SAP brought enterprise resource planning (ERP) for SME Businesses. Today, over 80% of SAP’s 345,000 customers categorized as SMEs are leveraging SAP solutions to manage their growing businesses.

“In 2022, IT spending on enterprise software is expected to amount to around 672 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, a growth of 11 percent from the previous year.” – Statista Research Department, Jan 24, 2022

However, there are still unanswered questions and assumptions in the minds of those considering moving to SAP Business One. In this article, SAP Business One Consultants and advisors at VC ERP Consulting with their 21+ years of rich industry knowledge aim to dispel such myths & reveal the truth about SAP Business One.

Myth #1: SAP Business One is only for Big Companies

Fact #1: SAP Business One is a Complete Business Management Solution designed especially for your SME Business

When Industry leaders hear about SAP, they immediately think of an ERP Solution that is designed for large enterprises.In fact, SAP has ERP solutions designed especially for the needs of SME business. In fact, it is one of the largest ERP Solution providers for SME Businesses with 80% of its customers in the small & medium category.

It all started with a small idea, 20 years ago and now, with 1 million users in over 170 countries, SAP’s flagship product for SMEs, SAP Business One ERP software has become a top product on the global market for software solutions for SMEs.

SAP Business One SME ERP Digital Core

SAP Business One ERP solution comes equipped with these modules that serve as its powerful Digital Core sufficient enough to manage your end-to-end SME business using a single solution. SAP Business One offers these core modules:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Production
  • Service Management
  • Overall operations management and administration
In addition, it lets you instantly access a real-time view of the business leading to faster response to employees, vendors, customers, investors & grow your business more profitably.

Myth #2: Implementing SAP Business One is a time-consuming Process that takes years

Fact #2: SAP Business One Implementation is Fast & Affordable

SME Businesses which by definition are smaller businesses have less data and comparatively lesser users. Their geographical presence is also limited with uniform business processes.

In practice, implementation partners play a major role to speed up the SAP Business One implementation process according to your specific business needs.

As a 21+ years expert SAP consultants, and as SAP Gold Partner & Microsoft Gold Partner we:
  • Anticipate common industry challenges
  • Understand your unique business processes
  • Mitigate risks through crisis management protocols in place.
We use SAP’s Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) to study your needs and configure SAP Business One serving all your custom needs.

SAP Business One Implementation Approach used by SAP Gold Partner VC ERP Consultin

Myth #3: SAP Business One cannot be customized as per my Business Needs

Fact #3: SAP Business One SME ERP can actually be customized as per your unique business needs

SAP Business One is designed to offer premium ERP Experience at SME prices. Additionally, it is a complete business management solution that is flexible, affordable, robust and can be customized as per your specific business needs.

SAP Business One is flexible. You can customize a range of fields, reports and do much more with protocols as per your industry and unique business needs.

SME Businesses can customize SAP Business One as per their unique business needs based on their:
  • Industry or Domain Type
  • Customer Requirements
  • Business Model
  • Changing Market Trends
In addition, there is a broad range of custom modules and add-ons to cater to your business needs. Add-On Solutions for SAP Business One developed by VC ERP Consulting expand the existing capability of SAP Business One even further by adding breadth to the core of SAP Business One.

These add-ons are developed by industry experts at VC ERP Consulting and rigorously tested to assess their performance with the solution.

As a leading SAP Business One Partner, VC ERP has come up with customized Add-Ons to cater to the needs of all the Industries making Business functions smooth.
  • XTREME Manufacturing/ Shop Floor Add-On
  • XTREME Quality Control Add-On
  • XTREME Auto-Batch Manage Add-On
  • XTREME C-BOM Add-On Solution
  • XTREME Job Work Add-On Solution
  • XTREME Plant Maintenance Add-On
  • XTREME Smart Alerts Add-On
  • GST E-invoice Add-On Solution
  • GST E-Way Bill Add-On Solution
  • Digital Signature Add-On Solution
  • XTREME Payroll Add-On
Expand the capability of SAP Business One to your business-specific needs with VC ERP Consulting.

Myth #4: SAP Business One has No Mobile Access

Fact #4: SAP Business One offers Enterprise Mobility

SAP Business One Mobile Apps for iOS & Android offer you the ease-of-access to use all the essential features from within your smartphone.
Industry leaders can stay informed on the –
  • Inner Workings
  • Day-to-Day Business Activities
  • View Reports
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Business Operations & much more
Gain greater control over your sales & service processes.

SAP Business One offers three different mobile applications –
  • SAP Business One App for Mobile
  • SAP Business One Service App
  • SAP Business One Sales App
In addition, you can monitor your inventory management right from your smartphone with VC ERP Consulting Mobile Applications:

XTREME Inventory Count App for iOS & Android

Run a streamlined and systematic Inventory management process by keeping inventory levels up-to-date and accurate. This user-friendly app is tailored for Inventory Management. It offers you increased transparency with relevant insights on missed item counts. In addition, the data from this app is automatically reconciled with the central database in SAP Business One so you get total visibility.

XTREME Approvals App for iOS & Android

Do real-time approval follow-ups, share accountability and manage customer relationships with XTREME Approvals App for iOS & Android designed by experts at VC ERP Consulting.

The XTREME Approvals App offers you Fast Approval Management, Customer Relationship Management, Insights on Approval Status, Lead Status Transparency and more. In addition, the data recorded in this App is automatically consolidated with the SAP Business One central database at the backend.

Myth #5: Data & Analytics of SAP Business One are not necessary for my SME Business

Fact #5: Inbuilt Data Analytics in SAP Business One SME ERP give actionable insights for SME Business Strategy

As an SME Business leader, data-driven decision making plays a crucial role for the growth of your business. Actionable insights are the foundation to gauge your business performance and make insightful decisions.

SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting lets you make real-time business decisions with easy-to-understand dashboards & visualizations. Establish, analyze and measure your business performance for insightful decision-making.

Reporting tools for SAP Business One:

  • Crystal Reports Dashboard
  • Pervasive Analytics & Pervasive Dashboards within SAP Business One
  • Excel Report & Interactive Analysis Designer
  • Develop Custom Analytics Dashboards with VC ERP Consulting
Experts at VC ERP Consulting have industry-specific ERP implementation experience of 21+ years. We understand your unique business needs inside out. We create custom analytics dashboards based on your specific requirements that harness the data from your SAP Business One central database. Now, you can make informed decisions without the hassle of creating and developing dashboards from scratch.

Microsoft Power BI for SAP Business One SME ERP

This self-service business intelligence solution seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One. Furthermore, it provides interactive insights using live dashboards and rich reports with the facility of accessing data even when you’re on-the-move right from your mobile devices.

SAP Business One SME ERP is Designed to Grow with You!

Affordable, comprehensive and scalable SAP Business One is designed specifically for your SME business needs. Are you ready to transform your existing business processes? Get in touch with expert SAP Business One consultants and advisors at VC ERP Consulting for a free consultation to increase the profitability of your SME business today!

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