In the ever-changing digital economy, the seemingly simple act of delivering a product on the doorstep into the hands of your consumer is not enough. It requires a much complex orchestration of processes including inventory management, store planning, sales forecasting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management and customer support.

Supply chains are growing to become omni channel shopping experiences with evolving customer demands and volatile markets. Consumers are easily getting a seamless shopping experience on desktop or mobile devices, by telephone or in a brick-and-mortar store.

As and how such experiences are getting normalized, entrepreneurs are, at the same time, navigating an increasingly complex business landscape.

Retail industry could save as much as $340 billion a year by automating key processes like customer returns, supply chain management, updating customer databases, maintaining inventory records and more.

As a medium to large business operating in this landscape, you can achieve a complete level of automation across supply chain and inventory management through SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.

These software bots carry out structured and repetitive tasks typically handled by humans boosting overall operational efficiency. In this article, SAP iRPA experts at VC ERP Consulting guide you towards resilient supply chain by showcasing –
  • What is SAP iRPA in Supply Chain Management
  • How SAP iRPA works in Supply Chain Management
  • Use Cases of SAP iRPA in Supply Chain Management
  • The benefits and importance of SAP iRPA

What is SAP iRPA in Supply Chain Management?

SAP iRPA has been enjoying widespread adoption throughout the supply chain management business processes because it offers a way to automate and streamline interactions between people, processes and applications that underpin successful retail strategies today.

When you deploy SAP iRPA Software Bots, they follow set scripts to replicate the steps a human worker would take to complete a task in a software environment.

If one employee is supposed to transfer sales lead data from a spreadsheet to a CRM Software, a software bot can simply be designed to carry out that repetitive task just the way an employee would. There is no need for additional programming expertise for the same. 

Supply chain leverages software bots to automate tasks like –
  • Collect customer data and identify consumer behavior patterns
  • Track inventory status across warehouses
  • Process simple customer returns

How SAP iRPA Works in Supply Chain Management?

SAP iRPA Software bots automate mundane, repetitive and rule-based tasks. These software bots are a valuable gateway to a resilient and profitable business due to its relative ease of setup with its lowcode technology and potential to integrate disparate systems.

Augment employee productivity and mitigate business challenges by focusing on more creative, strategic and value added tasks with SAP iRPA Software bots. For example SAP iRPA Software bots can –
  • Reduce errors in tasks like data transcription, ordering and customer support
  • Handle repeatable work like database updates around the clock
  • Assist both customers and customer service agents with basic tasks like product inquiry or return process

SAP iRPA Use Cases in Supply Chain Management

Business leaders can measure accurate inventory levels, forecast supply and demand, establish inter-department communication related to inventory management with SAP iRPA software bots.

Some specific use cases of SAP iRPA software bots in supply chain management include –

Order Placement and Scheduling

SAP iRPA Software Bots –
  • Navigate browser to apply filters and check availability of required products
  • Log into multiple accounts and places orders
  • Place orders on relevant sources selected by preset criteria
  • Create list of orders placed
  • Check shipping slots and schedules order delivery
  • Email order-processing status updates to stakeholders

Best Price Monitoring

SAP iRPA Software Bots –
  • Navigate predefined list of websites to find relevant products
  • Analyze prices for the same products on various websites
  • Detect best prices for list of predefined items
  • Extract price values from relevant websites
  • Input product data into relevant Excel spreadsheet or corporate system
  • Update pricing information on a regular basis
  • Create reports on best prices revealed
  • Email updated pricing reports to stakeholders

Automated Safety Stock Update

  • Demand Planners send email to common inbox
  • Bot everyday reads inbox for data to be updated
  • Bot updates the data into the system and sends the update to Demand Planners
  • Demand Planners can look into exceptions

Augment Employee Productivity with SAP iRPA Software Bots

SAP iRPA Software bots are designed to automate repetitive and mundane tasks which in turn benefit both employees and customers. By deploying these software bots, employees can focus on strategic and organizationally impactful tasks that result in higher job satisfaction and employee productivity.

Customer satisfaction is a by-product of SAP iRPA as they appreciate the ease and speed of RPA delivered products or services.

According to PwC, customers are willing to spend 16% more in exchange for great customer experiences.

Some of the specific benefits of RPA include the following:

Improve Customer Engagement

Conduct customer facing tasks like returns processing, order updates and chat-based support in real time and on demand and deliver world-class customer experience. Employees can spend more time on delivering effective resolutions as role based tasks will no longer bother them.

Efficient Inventory Management

Easily track inventory data, keep an eye on inventory levels and facilitate timely inventory management to avoid both overstock and undersupply.

Minimize the Scope of Human Errors

Increase accuracy and reduce the scope of human errors in tasks like data entry and form preparation. Process invoices accurately, manage orders and accurate general record keeping.

Strategic Decisions with Strategic Data

Collect and analyze data on customer sentiments, purchase histories and store transactions, which in turn will lead to strategic decisions about store planning, promotions, new product introductions and pricing.

Boost Business Cost Savings

Dramatically reduce operational costs with SAP iRPA Software bots as they carry out the same tasks as human workers in less time without human errors.

Increase Revenue Streams

Plan smarter and make data-driven strategic decisions offering an improved customer experience and drive increased revenue streams.

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