Expert ERP Implementation For Food and Beverages Wholesale Industry

In recent times, the worldwide food and beverages industry has grown significantly, attracting more customers to join in. This sector is driving a surge in global demand, which is causing food prices to rise rapidly.

The main challenges faced by this industry include a higher need for variety and new ideas, slim profit margins, keeping track of where products come from, and following quality regulations set by the government.

At VC ERP Consulting, recognized as the top SAP ERP Implementation Partner,our SAP ERP Solutions are designed to help you in all aspects of production and distribution in the food industry. These ERP solutions take into account the current needs of the food industry and offer solutions tailored to its unique requirements.

Food & Beverage Industry Domains We Serve

Harness the full potential of bespoke ERP solutions for the wholesale and distribution industry, specifically crafted for the intricate landscape of the food and beverages sector. As an award-winning SAP Gold Partner, VC ERP Consulting offers unparalleled expertise and steadfast support, ensuring streamlined processes and peak operational efficiency throughout the entire wholesale and distribution chain. Our unwavering commitment to industry excellence brings cutting-edge innovations to the fore, empowering clients in the wholesale and distribution space in the F&B sector to confidently stand out in a bustling marketplace.

Raw Material Procurement

Comprehensive ERP Solutions Tailored for Efficient Raw Material Sourcing. Companies specializing in this domain include agricultural cooperatives, bulk grain suppliers and others who focus on sourcing and supplying raw materials.

Processed Food Manufacturing

Optimized ERP Solutions for the Production of Processed Foods. This domain includes companies dedicated to producing finished food products, such as cereal manufacturers or biscuit-making companies and more.

Beverage Production & Bottling

ERP Solutions for the Entire Lifecycle of Beverage Production. Firms in this segment could focus specifically on beverage creation or specialize in bottling and distribution for various beverage brands.

Packaging & Labeling

Tailored ERP for Packaging Solutions and Compliant Labeling – these companies are involved in design and manufacturing of packaging solutions for various food and beverage products and specialize in labeling and compliance.

Cold Chain Logistics

Streamlined ERP for Cold Storage & Transportation of Perishable Goods. Companies we service in this domain provide dedicated logistics and transportation services, specializing in handling and transporting perishable goods under temperature-controlled conditions.

Wholesale & Retail Distribution

Advanced ERP for Distributing Products to Retailers and End Consumers – this domain involves wholesale distributors who manage large quantities of food and beverage products, redistributing them to retailers, supermarkets or smaller distributors.

Explore Our Food and Beverage ERP Offerings

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is designed to cater to the unique needs of the food and beverage industry, offering functionalities for inventory management, batch tracking, and quality control. VC ERP Consulting customized add-ons further enhance its suitability for the food and beverage sector, addressing challenges such as recipe management, allergen tracking, and compliance with industry regulations. This integration of core capabilities and industry-specific add-ons positions SAP B1 as an invaluable solution for food and beverage businesses seeking to streamline operations, ensure product quality, and meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

Popular SAP Business One Add-Ons for F&B Wholesale Industry:

  • Quality Control
  • Auto Batch Manage
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Smart Alerts
  • EXIM
  • Payroll


SAP S/4HANA empowers the food and beverage industry to “Rise with SAP,” facilitating digital transformation through real-time insights and streamlined processes. Leveraging the cloud, SAP S/4HANA ensures scalability and adaptability, crucial for food and beverage companies to swiftly respond to market changes. Integrated with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), it fosters collaboration, innovation, and data-driven operations, enabling food and beverage businesses to embrace change, optimize production, and achieve sustainable growth while meeting strict industry standards.

Our SAP S/4HANA Expertise

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • RISE with SAP
  • GROW with SAP
  • SAP Business Technology Platform

Analytics & Reporting

In the food and beverage sector, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, and AI/ML-powered Intelligent Reporting are transformative assets. Power BI provides insights into sales trends, SAP Analytics Cloud enhances supply chain visibility, and AI/ML-driven Intelligent Reporting improves demand forecasting and quality control. These solutions empower food and beverage companies to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and remain competitive by harnessing data-driven insights.

Our Analytics Capability

  • Power BI
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • AI/ML Based Intelligent Reporting & Analytics

ECC to SAP S/4HANA Migration

Migrating from ECC to SAP S/4HANA offers significant advantages for the food and beverage industry, enhancing operational agility and compliance. This transition streamlines production processes, inventory management, and regulatory adherence, enabling food and beverage companies to adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences, optimize supply chains, and innovate effectively, ultimately improving efficiency and competitiveness.

Our Preferred Migration Approaches

  • Greenfield Implementation
  • Brownfield Implementation
  • Bluefield Implementation

Special Features of ERP Implementation for Food & Beverages Industry

We provide solutions tailored specifically for the contemporary food and beverages sector within the wholesale industry. Solutions we implement are customized to be equipped with distinct features that cater to the modern demands of this market. Below are some features crafted especially for today’s food and beverages wholesalers distributors:

  • Batch and Lot Tracking
  • Quality Control Integration
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Shelf Life Management
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Traceability and Recall Management
  • Mobile and Cloud Access

Benefits of Food and Beverage Wholesale ERP Implementation

ERP for the Food and Beverage industry brings a multitude of advantages that resonate with the unique requirements and complexities of this sector, including but not limited to:

Innovate Ahead of Competitors

Compliance with Regulations

Easily adhere to stringent regulations, ensuring safe and traceable product

Keep Operations Smooth during Uncertainty

Enhanced Quality Control

Implement rigorous quality checks to uphold food safety standards and product consistency

Champion Cost Savings

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Anticipate market trends and customer preferences, minimizing overstocking or stockouts

Pivot at Market Pace

Order Tracking Fulfillment

Provide customers with accurate order updates and timely deliveries

Scale with Speed

Traceability & Recall

Quickly trace and manage product recalls to protect consumer safety

Connected Solutions
We Offer

At Entegrated Solution, our team of industry specialists has intricately crafted tailored solutions seamlessly harmonizing with your current SAP ERP framework.

These solutions drive seamless and efficient execution of diverse food and beverage business operations, ensuring operational fluidity and accelerated pace.


Distribution Management Software


Van Sales Management

New Installation

HRMS with Payroll Integration


Vendor Management Software

New Installation

Service Technician App

Why Choose VC ERP Consulting as your Technology Partner

At VC ERP Consulting, we provide holistic, customized business solutions designed for the Food and Beverage industry, spanning from SAP Business One to SAP S/4HANA. Our deep understanding of your distinctive food and beverage business operations enables us to deliver complete implementation support, addressing your unique challenges with effectiveness and precision.

Automated Process Optimization

Efficiently streamline food and beverage operations, bolstering productivity and effectiveness

Enhanced Data Security Measures

Safeguard data integrity by capturing user credentials, ensuring compliance and trust

Effective Performance Monitoring

Monitor business metrics for optimal food and beverage industry performance insights

Seamless Supply Chain Integration

Link production and storage sites to elevate distribution within the food and beverage sector

Comprehensive Product Traceability

Ensure traceability and efficiency in food and beverage processes for quality and accountability

Optimal Inventory Control

Maintain optimal stock levels to prevent shortages and enhance food and beverage management

Strategic Cost Management

Boost profitability through precise cost controls tailored to food and beverage operations

Secure Packaging Solutions

Utilize advanced features for packaging operations, ensuring safe and efficient food and beverage shipments

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