Intelligent factories with high automation and connected processes require high operational asset performance of machines and equipment. Intelligent Assets act as the backbone of any Industry 4.0 organization.

Ellen Mc Arthur foundation defines intelligent assets as physical objects that are able to sense, record and communicate information about themselves and/or their surroundings.

As more and more assets are getting connected and more data is generated it is enabling us to derive more insights. Today, we are standing at the crux of a new world where each asset has the potential to be “intelligent & completely autonomous”.

Pursue a ‘Smart Manufacturing’ Business with Intelligent Assets

Re-think your existing asset management approaches by turning them into data-driven processes with IoT (Internet of Things) & Intelligent Assets. Dynamically maintain your assets and link them to your business processes with Intelligent Assets for Industry 4.0.

Intelligent Assets for Industry 4.0 & SAP IoT can be deployed in a modular fashion, tightly integrated to the entire suite and ERP processes, for example in SAP S/4HANA.

With intelligent assets, you can apply predictive maintenance strategies which trigger ‘perfect-time’ maintenance recommendations for execution. Maintenance schedules are driven by ‘listening’ to the assets themselves.

In this article, Industry 4.0 experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India, take you on a journey towards a ‘smart business’ with the help of the third component of Industry 4.0: Intelligent Assets & Internet of Things.

First let us start with the basics of Intelligent Assets and then we will move on to IoT.

What are Intelligent Assets?

To put simply, an intelligent asset is how we measure the real-time data the asset generates. Intelligent asset software applications allow for any sensor in an asset to stream real-life data to offer context for real-life physical operations.

Ideally intelligent assets offer the ability to see your assets with all the additional possible information available to them.

Intelligent Assets

We believe that assets are at the heart of serving customers, yet businesses lack real-time information about assets. Operators maintain them reactively without considering condition, risk and criticality.

SAP Intelligent Assets Products solution portfolio offered by VC ERP Consulting entails
  • SAP Asset Performance Management to improve asset performance and enhance maintenance strategies
  • SAP Internet of Things (SAP IoT) solution to leverage IoT-enriched business insights to embed in and extend business processes

How Organizations Use Intelligent Assets?

For an organization to get started with intelligent assets, it first needs to look at what sort of equipment, inventory, machines and tools are used in their business processes.

Then you need to understand how your workers interact with these physical assets and become the basis of intelligent asset value.

Once business-relevant assets are identified, an organization must take a next step to identify how those assets will impact the business once they are made ‘intelligent’.

With Intelligent Assets, organizations can connect assets even across networks to ensure operations teams have latest insights into real time condition data.

Ensure your supply chains are resilient by monitoring the health of your assets and prioritizing maintenance activity to manage risk and criticality.

With SAP and VC ERP Consulting, you will be able to have following benefits:
  • increase overall asset performance and avoid equipment downtime
  • Extend asset life and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at reduced costs and risk
  • Integrate maintenance strategy, planning and execution processes
  • Connect assets with real-time condition monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Remove silos in the supply chain and connect maintenance operations across the enterprise
  • Adopt new collaborative processes with business partners
  • Evolve from reactive asset management to proactive data-driven asset performance
Now that we are aware of Intelligent Assets, let us move on to SAP Internet of Things.

What is SAP Internet of Things?

To put it simply, SAP Internet of Things includes any object – or “thing” – that can be connected to an Internet network, from factory equipment and cars to mobile devices and smartwatches.

SAP Internet of Things

One of the areas where SAP IoT technology is growing the fastest is – Manufacturing & Supply Chain. SAP IoT sensors are designed to detect mechanical issues to keep things running smoothly. They can also collect and analyse operational data to find workflows and processes that are the fastest and most efficient – which can then be automated via a central system.

SAP Internet of Things (SAP IoT) devices are designed to be our eyes and ears in our absence. These SAP IoT devices are equipped with sensors & devices that capture the data that we might see, hear or sense.

They then share that data as directed, and we analyze it to help us inform and automate our subsequent actions or decisions. There are four key stages in this process:
  • Capturing the Data
  • Sharing the Data
  • Processing the Data
  • Acting on the Data
Implement SAP IoT

Implement SAP IoT with VC ERP Consulting to move your digitalization from factory focused initiatives to a company-wide, competitive business strategy. Combine manufacturing automation with enterprise business information and execution.

Explore Intelligent Assets & Industry 4.0 to Innovate Your Manufacturing Business!

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