Since the 19th Century, Assam has been the starting point of the Oil & Gas Industry in India.

Today Assam accounts for 15% of India’s crude output which is 50% of India’s entire onshore production of oil and natural gas.

However, there are several small and big oil and gas companies throughout Eastern India, Assam has moved from strength to strength in exploring, producing and refining oil & gas.

Production giants like ONGC and Oil India limited have been operating in Assam successfully through its various oil fields. Assam has recorded the highest number of fineries in the country – a testimony to the amount of oil produced by this one state alone.

But in recent times, the Oil & Gas industry is facing challenges ranging from historically low oil prices to increasing competition and declining energy demand. Businesses are finding it difficult to navigate in these challenging times with innovation and smart decision-making.

Unsurprisingly, technology is the key – implementing SAP ERP Solutions is helping the industry get through today’s tough economy and will pave the way for growth as the market recovers.

With SAP Business One ERP Software Assam for Oil & Gas industries, businesses can capture critical business data, streamline operations and accurately report real-time insights so their organizations can react quickly and thrive in challenging markets.

In this article, SAP B1 experts at VC ERP Consulting, showcase the features, benefits and modules of SAP Business One for the oil & gas industry in Assam while making a universally relevant case for Oil & Gas SME companies elsewhere in the world.

SAP Business One ERP Software for Oil & Gas Industry

SAP Business One ERP Software Assam is a comprehensive business management solution that seeks to revolutionize your business operations, outperform the competition and ensure compliance.

Here are some of the many features of SAP Business One –
  • Manage master data and schemes effortlessly and identify the connections linked to respective oil & gas stations based on DRS Numbers
  • Auto calculate gas prices, bulk domestic bills, calculate price slabs, customer-based invoice cycles and min/max charges
  • Operate multi-project planning at company and department levels by handling everything from a centralized solution
  • Manage products, machines, dispensers and stations and track their maintenance schedules
  • Handle daily customer queries with ease and effortlessly manage customers
  • Automate business operations and payment processes
  • Dynamically send alerts to the concerned stakeholders and alert them for any emergency
  • Get accurate costing of project margins, raw materials, labor costs and planned vs actual budgets

Why does your Oil & Gas Business need SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a robust and enterprise-ready business management solution that is designed to improve business growth, boost revenue and help your oil & gas business operate seamlessly.

Here are the benefits of this power-packed and comprehensive ERP for oil & gas industry:
  • Efficiently process the handling of all the critical business information by deploying this scalable business solution that avoids data redundancy
  • Analyze production and purchase of raw materials subsequently running manufacturing processes without any conflict
  • Manage real-time tracking and quality checks of products during every phase right up to the release of final products
  • Locate and track your inventory levels in real-time throughout warehouses with stock localization process
  • Stay updated with all the business transactions across departments in real-time
  • Send automatic alerts and emails to customers for important events and information
Now that we are aware about the features and benefits of SAP Business One, let us take a look at the universally applicable SAP Business One modules for the oil & gas industry in Assam whether they are based in Dispur, Dibrugarh or anywhere else in the world.

SAP Business One Modules for Oil & Gas Industry

SAP Business One modules allow a 360° view of your business in one consolidated solution. This comprehensive solution targets all the aspects of your business from sales finances to purchases, inventory, production, project management, inter-company operations and administration as well, regrouping all data in a single solution.

Here are SAP Business One Modules for Oil & Gas Industry:

Accounting & Financials

Access all financial and accounting transactions like accounts receivables, payables, journal entries, budgeting, financial management from a single point solution.

Sales & Distribution

Streamline your sales orders, quotations, deliveries, receivables, etc. and nourish customer relationships.

Purchase & Procurement

Optimize your purchase & procurement processes. Bring efficiency in operational procedures with purchase requests, quotations, orders, Down payment invoices and requests.

Production & MRP

SAP Business One helps to better Materials Requirement Planning and Production principles, Bill of Materials, Goods Issues and Goods Receipt for smooth running of production processes.

Inventory & Warehousing

Stay updated on inventory levels and batch movement, Goods receipts, Goods Issued so that the manufacturing & logistics processes are managed in an efficient manner.

Service Management

Monitor and analyze the service level provided by managers and deliver various service reports with user or response type.

SAP Business One is best equipped for Small Medium Enterprises working in the Oil & Gas industry. However, for enterprises operating at larger scales such as extraction companies in the Oil & Gas industry, SAP offers SAP S/4HANA ERP solution.

Move Beyond the Barrel with SAP S/4HANA for Oil & Gas Businesses

Take your oil & gas business processes to the next level with SAP S/4HANA for the oil & gas industry that is designed to deliver fully integrated processes for your business.

Enable the upstream business for operational excellence across:
  • Next-generation Finance
  • Streamlined Procure-to-pay cycles
  • Management of Assets
  • Field logistics
  • Hydrocarbon accounting management & much more
sap for oil and gas industry

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SAP Business One Assam is a single comprehensive business management solution to streamline your oil & gas business. It automates and unifies your business processes paving the path for a resilient and profitable business.

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