Recognized for Resilience: VC ERP crowned SAP Partner of the Year 2020 by SAP Leadership

May 21, 2021
Our commitment to our clients and hard work paid off. We are elated to announce that we have been conferred with the award of the “Partner of the Year” for the West Zone, in the Net New category by the SAP Leadership for our demonstrated resilience in the year 2020, announced early this May at the Partners Summit.

The sudden emergence of Covid-19 pandemic left the not just businesses but the larger world grappling with the realities of broken processes and resultant inefficiencies. Confronting the pandemic and the challenges surrounding the ease-of-business haven’t been easy for most businesses, especially, SMBs. That’s why we at VC ERP strived harder to fulfil our mission to equip businesses not just in India but globally with the right arsenal to combat the pandemic head on.

This resilience, hard work and sheer dedication paid off as we successfully kick-started the digital transformation journeys of 33 businesses in 2020.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The pandemic certainly exposed lot of broken processes and the work of manual man-hours of our customers. Lot of these customers were putting their ERP journeys on a back burner and deferred till forever,” said our Vice President, Mr. Tejas Chhabra.

Asserting the need to support our clients every step of the way, he further added, “At VC ERP, we counselled and consulted many Business Owners, CEOs and Directors and provided all the support they needed to embark on their digital transformation journey. Right from fixing the processes to the level of reporting, we were able to bring transparency and agility in their business. We are grateful for such opportunities where we could share our vast experience to make our difference in the lives of our clients.”

Digital Transformation can only be successful for your business if you have the right people fueled by the right set of values that ensure that promises are fulfilled timely and with integrity. That’s what ultimately separates the performers from the non-performers.

Highlighting how big a place our value system holds in our conduct and speaking of serving clients across East Africa, Mr. Vishal Chopra, the Global Sales Director quoted, “Choosing the right Partner for this journey is essential for the successful digital transformation of the business. As we now move towards serving clients across East Africa, we have been fortunate to leverage this diverse experience earned over the last 21 years to make a sustainable impact.”

On behalf of the entire organization, he dedicated the award to our clients, “We dedicate this award to all of our beloved customers for their constant faith in our values and capabilities. We reciprocate our sincere appreciation and gratitude, and stand firm on our commitment to deliver the best in class consulting services, always!” Disruption needs transformation that is implemented by organizations who have seen the journey and challenges all too well. At VC ERP, it is our customer’s faith that keeps us resilient and motivated to keep setting new benchmarks as an SAP Gold Partner.

VC ERP Consulting is a leading an award winning SAP gold partner in India, focused on providing innovative and successful business solutions.