In today’s dynamic and competitive economy customer expectations are high. Unexpected slip-ups in businesses can lead to setbacks. The businesses who are well-aware and take the necessary steps early-on are at a competitive advantage.

Your unique selling proposition sets your business apart from the competition by understanding the exclusive offerings unique to your product/service. You can outsmart every possible competitor out there to win customers and grow your business by differentiating your product and service offering from your competitors.
However, you can gain that competitive advantage by identifying the true differentiators of your business and leverage them to the fullest. This can be done when your business is running on streamlined processes which lead to smooth operations, reporting is solid with tight internal controls. This is going to shift the sales conversions away from your competitors’ strength and onto yours.

How you can elevate your SMB’s strengths with SAP Business One

Digitally transform your business model  with accelerated value and robust solutions designed specifically for the needs of SMBs. SAP For SME Solutions will deliver fast time-to-value and flexibility to thrive even in volatile times – all without high up-front investments and low TCO.

Streamline Business Processes

Inefficient business processes can result in huge losses or time delays for any business. To avoid anticipated losses, many business leaders have successfully turned to SAP Business One as a robust ERP system. It is equipped with a powerful Digital Core for SMBs, Business Modules & Functions and Analytics in a single and consistent platform.

Make each department perform without a hitch or an IT glitch. Boost business functionalities in key modules such as Inventory Management, Key Financial Processing, Project management and Detailed Production, with easy to use UI.

Engaging user experience in a system that can accommodate additional industry-specific application integrations offers greater sustainability and increased performance.
  • Integrate business functions seamlessly using add-ons & application integrations
  • Use master data validations to avoid duplication of data
  • Real-time business analytics
  • Customizable to fit customer’s complex business processes or adopt standardized best practices
Efficient Business Processes

Engaging User Experience that Increases System Adoption

Simplify your professional lives through user-friendly SAP technology to meet the expectations of high performance. SAP has worked to improve the usability of its SAP Business One ERP with its intuitive user interfaces, personalization capabilities, mobile application and much more.

Select SAP Business One based on its usability and enjoy some amazing benefits-
  • Increased user and employee’s satisfaction
  • Reduced time, effort, and money to train users
  • Better data management
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enhanced forecasting
  • Increased productivity and business growth

Strong Internal Controls

Internal Controls are generally found to be hard to implement and expensive to set up and practice. It greatly reduces human errors & potential business losses, protects sensitive data, and brings process driven discipline in the organization. This results in high accuracy of data reporting for the ultimate decision making for the Management / Stakeholders.

VC ERP with its rich experience of over two decades as an SAP Gold Partner understands this customization right down to the tee.

Elements in SAP For SME Solutions to implement strong internal controls –
  • Segregation of Duties- Who can Access what?
  • Change logs- Who updated the documents and when?
  • Access logs- Who logged in, when and from where?
  • Document flow/ relationship map
  • Workflows and Approvals
  • Process validations/ Check Points
If you need more convincing, you need to know how SAP Business One helps the CFO implement controls for internal audit with ease and efficiency.

Real-time Business Analytics

Most Business Owners and Stakeholders concern themselves with the ultimate business performance reporting.

Bring all your useful business data in one centralized location and make strategic decisions using real-time data. Create actionable and predictive insights based on the analytics of the data helping you to make better business decisions for your company.
  • Out-of-the Box Dashboards, KPIs and widgets
  • Custom Dashboards, KPIs and Widgets
  • Pervasive Analytics
  • Excel based Interactive Analytics

Extend business power with SAP Business One

Industry Experts at VC ERP have created specific Add-Ons for SAP B1 that easily integrate in your SAP Business One system for a variety of business functions specific to your niche. Add-Ons increase your ease of business with additional customizations going hand-in-hand with the requirements of your specific industry.  We understand what it takes to create an Industry Specific comprehensive single-point solution that supports all your unique needs.
  • Xtreme Manufacturing/ Shop Floor Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme Quality Control Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme Auto Batch Manage Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme C-BOM Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme Job work Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme Plant Maintenance Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme Smart Alerts Add-On Solution
  • Xtreme EXIM Add-On Solution
  • GST E-Invoice
  • GST E-Way Bill
  • Digital Signature
  • Xtreme Payroll Add-On
Customize SAP Business One to fit your specially developed business processes by providing a competitive advantage over other businesses.

SAP Business One Offers Server Hosting Flexibility

SAP Business One can be hosted on premise or on the Cloud. You now have the flexibility to choose just what you want specific to your IT convenience, unique business scenario, goals, budget and data ownership needs.

SAP Business One cloud is an excellent option to leverage the power of HANA, the in computing memory database with an unheard of computing powerhouse – all without compromising any security. This is the most popular choice for 2023!

The ability to access data from anywhere there is an Internet connection is efficient, it saves time, and it cuts down on expenses letting your business enjoy low total-cost-of-operations.

Using the power of the Cloud, quick decisions can be made based on information regardless of their location and device.

Improve Business efficiency and agility with SAP Business One

The businesses that are standing strong in the evolving times are those that are able to operate to make quick business decisions and are agile enough to adjust their business processes to respond to current situations.

Pivot at market speed using SAP Business One’s in-built capability to connect different areas of business in one single thread.

Eliminate repetitive data entry, store expenses and access them from one source of truth.  The solution is designed to help you grow your business. Gain operational visibility allowing the decision-makers the ability to focus more on making decisions to help your business earn more profits.

As a globally respected and globally trusted solution, SAP Business One has been designed to continually grow and expand. In this way, the platform can mimic the current state of your business. This is a platform that is used and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. At VC ERP Consulting, as an award winning SAP Gold Partner, we have seen this promise of quality and commitment fulfilled time and again for the past 20 years.  This means you can trust that SAP Business One has the tools in place to help you succeed no matter the industry that you are in.

ERP for the entire business, LoBs & departments

Keep your entire business streamlined with the flexible nature of SAP Business One functionality and reporting. Integrate your front-end CRM Functionality for sales and marketing data with production, fulfillment, invoicing, finance and all other business functions. In fact, SAP Business One when compared with the traditional accounting software works way more efficiently.

For instance, you can easily uncover where your ‘order-to-cash’ process margin becomes exposed to erosion. Operational efficiency gains have long been a benefit of SAP Business One, but a growing number of SMBs are turning SAP Business One into a revenue and profit-generation engine as well.

­­­­­Change the business operations based on unforeseen challenges with SAP Business One that makes it possible for all the businesses to meet these challenges successfully.

Power to Innovate to Differentiate

Insightful analytics drive you to action. Find areas to compete other than pricing. Keep your offerings exclusive and keep pivoting and differentiating. Once all aspects of running a smooth business are taken care of, you get the chance to innovate.

Thanks to an excellent view on daily transactions and analytics, you can now innovate just where you need. That’s how you can keep differentiating your offerings until you become not just a sustainable entity but also a market leader.


Marketers and sales professionals always talk about gaining the competitive advantage delivered by ERP Software but the ‘how’ is often missing. As an SAP Gold Partner, at VC ERP Consulting, we ‘show’ you just ‘how’ you can outperform your competition through the power of ERP.

We help you provide the backup arsenal in the form of a kick-ass ERP solution for SMB, like SAP Business One, implemented to perfection. So you can feel confident going against your strongest competitor by magnifying the impact of your operational efficiency.

Ultimately, standardizing and automating your business processes with the help of superior ERP solutions like SAP Business One will help you shatter the benchmarks and create new ones. Get in touch with our expert team of consultants and advisors so we can collaborate to keep your business differentiators consistently high quality.

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