Sikkim is a renowned tourist destination known for its picturesque valleys and lush green hills. But if you think Sikkim is only well-known for its flora and fauna, it’s time to think again.

This small Himalayan state is home to 14 major pharma companies, which have significant investments in the state. These include Cipla, Sun Pharma, Zydus Cadila, Alembic, IPCA, Alkem Lab, Intas Pharma, Torrent Pharma and Unichem.

Sikkim is the only state which offers excise benefits and the above-mentioned major players from the pharmaceutical industry have set up their manufacturing units in the state.

In order to streamline pharma business operations, boost employee productivity and respond quickly to market demands, pharma industry leaders are implementing SAP ERP Software.

Stay ahead of your competition in this highly regulated market with SAP Business One ERP Software Sikkim that simplifies process complexities, improves efficiency and guides you towards a scalable & profitable pharma business.

In this article, SAP B1 experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Sikkim, showcase the Top 7 features of SAP Business One for pharma businesses in Sikkim or anywhere else in the world.

First, let us have a look at SAP Business One for pharma business in Sikkim and Gangtok.

SAP Business One ERP Software Sikkim for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry have been dealing with drastically volatile markets and increasing demands over the recent years.

As a result, pharma business leaders are implementing SAP Business One that is designed to streamline your business processes, gain total visibility over your operations and reduce the damaging effects of complexity.

Key modules of SAP Business One for Pharma Industry are:
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Purchase & Procurement
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Production & Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Formulation and Packaging
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Mobility & Analytics
SAP Business One for Pharma Businesses

Now that we are aware about the modules of SAP Business One for pharma business, let us take one step ahead to see how this comprehensive solution is beneficial for businesses.

Top 7 Features of SAP Business One for Pharma Businesses

SAP Business One ERP Software Sikkim takes into account the specific requirements of pharmaceutical & life science businesses. This complete business management solution supports legally regulated business processes and transparent monitoring, as well as secure documentation flows.

Below are the top 7 features of SAP Business One for pharma businesses:

1.  Management of Clinical Trials

  • Manage the records of your clinical trials with SAP Business One for pharma
  • Tackle product development as it is a key aspect for your business
  • Conduct numerous clinical trials that require planning, scheduling and managing patient data
  • Reduce possible human errors and run clinical trials efficiently

2.  Effortless Batch Traceability

  • Define the lot numbers of raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods
  • Issue inventory lots on FEFO basis to shop floor
  • Keep constant tabs on expiry date against the lot number at the time of procurement & production
  • Trace the In and Out process of the Lot based on the Lot Numbers

3.  Seamless Quality Management throughout Production Process

  • Conduct inspection of medicines at every stage from procurement to production
  • Automatic bifurcation of suspicious or substandard items and send it for further inspection or disposal
  • Generate various types of labels like –
    • Sample label
    • Quarantine label
    • Under test label
  • Generate various types of certificate for analysis of –
    • Intermediate goods
    • Raw materials
    • In-process quality control (IPOQC)
  • Provisions for testing control and stability samples

4.  Easily Manage Rare Formulas & Recipes

  • Support single and multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) to manage recipes
  • Yield calculation & tracking with multiple units of measurement conversion capabilities
  • Maintain raw material potency and other key product attributes
  • Manage by-products of the production process

5.  Effectively Manage Warehouses across Multiple Locations

  • Manage unit wise warehouses with user validation for production & quality stages
  • Maintain reorder levels and maintain multiple UOM & Bin-Location of specific raw materials/packing materials/finished goods
  • Track inventory status of all the products at WIP stage with continuous stock valuation

6.  Comply with Statutory Policies & Regulations

  • Define process validation as per GMP compliance
  • Generate Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) /Batch Packaging Record (BPR) reports easily
  • Conduct security audit tracking, archives of historical transactions and electronic signature approvals
  • Generate BMR/BPR report as per the GMP compliance
  • Manage exceptional events with automated workflows and alerts

7.  Resilient Supply Chains

  • Maintain minimum and maximum levels of raw materials, intermediate goods and finished products
  • Ensure that older lots are pushed out first to avoid the expiration of inventory with shelf life management feature
  • Stay updated about the status of the inventory at WIP stage
  • Derive at the actual costs of production by evaluating the costing of scrapes during WIP
  • In-built provision of user wise, plant wise warehouse management and validation
Pave the path towards a profitable pharma business with optimized business costs, compliant with laws and regulations, boost operational efficiency and deliver better business results with SAP Business One ERP Software.

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It is truly a remarkable time for pharma businesses. Forward-looking pharma companies are implementing SAP Business One ERP Software Sikkim to reimagine holistic business models where all the stakeholders work in tandem to achieve improved business outcomes.

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