Businesses across the world are getting accustomed to Industrial revolution 4.0 along with the largest health, economical and global financial crisis. Emerging businesses and large corporations are facing an uphill battle due to sharp volatile market conditions. Volatile market conditions demand businesses to stay up-to-date with real-time business insights. As the need of the hour dictates, business leaders have started exploiting technology and new service paradigms to rise up to this challenge. It is time that your business too quickly adapts toward becoming the Intelligent Enterprise that stays relevant even in the future.

What is the Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent Enterprise is a management approach that applies technology and new service paradigms to the challenge of improving your existing business performance. Businesses who are early adopters have found themselves better positioned to respond to the crisis. Adoption and implementation of intelligent technologies like ERP Solutions, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are enabling the Intelligent Enterprise.. By becoming the Intelligent Enterprise, your business can achieve
  • Cost Optimization
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Complete Transparency
  • Agility and Automation
  • Better Decision Making

Run as an Intelligent Enterprise

Run as an Intelligent Enterprise

But how do companies get there without compromising their vision and operational needs? That’s why SAP has introduced the flexible RISE with SAP licensing plan that helps your organization become an intelligent enterprise on-your-terms and timeline.

What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a bundling of existing SAP Solutions, tools and services covering various components of digital transformation. It is offered as a ‘business transformation as a service’. It offers a complete on-your-terms digital transformation towards an intelligent enterprise. Remove complexities with a simplified engagement and guided journey through your business transformation.

RISE with SAP Capabilities

Value of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP helps businesses to get started with SAP cloud solutions. It provides customers with all the tools they need. RISE with SAP draws inspiration and presents itself in a set of ‘ones’ defined as :
  • Bundled products for single price with one offer
  • Single contract giving you the freedom to manage SLA operations and issue management without signing individual contracts for each
  • Lower TCO with flexible user-based subscription and leveraging cloud cost benefits
  • Improved “As-a-Service” experience as a part of simpler support model
  • In-built full stack security with SAP reference architecture and hyperscale infrastructure

What is really included in RISE with SAP?

Implement RISE with SAP and access a huge variety of RISE with SAP solutions, tools and services in the following areas:

SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud

  • Capture end to end processes in Finance, Logistics, Human Resources and Project systems
  • Standardize or customize your business processes
  • Easy integration with external applications or native cloud offerings

SAP Business Network

  • Stay connected with your suppliers, carriers and other assets
  • Find and qualify suppliers with ease
  • Manage and track inventory status
  • Increase transparency with customers
  • Merge asset management and maintenance processes
  • Perform performative analytics

SAP Business Technology Platform Consumption Credits

  • SAP BTP is a ‘Platform-as-a-Service’ focused around Intelligent Enterprise
  • Primary focus on analytics, application development and integration, database and data management and intelligent technologies
  • Over 2000 pre built integrations to database management to SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and other analytics tools

Business Process Intelligence

  • Analyze component allowing data scientists to take a deep dive in functioning of mission-critical business data
  • Design and simulate component allows users to use existing business data to create and run business simulations
  • improve component provides ways to increase efficiency through Artificial Intelligence, no-code automation and more advanced process automation tools
  • Roll out and govern component focuses on process management and governing for end users, and allows collaboration and roll out of key documentation to all users from a single source
  • Monitor component keeps tabs on solution performance
  • Model and manage component ties back to the roll out and govern component by giving departments a management area to collaborate on and view core processes
  • Benchmark component shows how a business compares to aggregated industry

Experience Management

  • Qualtrics tool captures the experiences of customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Analyze data with SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics
  • Improve the experiences of various stakeholders

What is the purpose of SAP Rise?

With the help of an experienced SAP implementation partner like VC ERP Consulting, your organization is empowered to chart its own unique course, timeline and needs. Whether you are currently using a legacy ERP, deploying the on-premise version of SAP S/4HANA® or just starting out on your ERP journey, RISE with SAP has you covered.

RISE with SAP Scope for S/4HANA

You get:
  • Flexible Extensions and Lower TCO
  • Standardized System Architecture in The Cloud
  • SAP Delivered Side-By-Side Innovation & System Upgrades
  • Predictable Cost of Migration & Faster ROI
  • Cloud Economics with Your Current Functional Scope
  • One Contact and Contract for Entire Transformation
  • Proven Best Practices & Modular Architecture

Example of Benefits when signed with RISE with SAP

Let us illustrate the benefits of having RISE with SAP on your side during your implementation journey with this example. For instance, if you are already running SAP S/4HANA On-Premise and are planning a move to the Private Cloud – here’s what you get included in the Service Scope from SAP.

Functional ScopeInfrastructure ManagementTechnical Managed Services
SAP Software + Enterprise Support based on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management (On-premise)Low TCOHigh Availability & Business Continuity
Cloud Connectors: SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Concur, SAP IBPHighest FlexibilitySLA: 99,7% for productive system, 95% for non-productive systems
SAP Adobe Document Services for printingBest scalability optionServices described by Roles & Responsibilities matrix
Available for Upsell: SAP S/4HANA LoB & Industry Add-Ons (optional), Beyond S/4HANA SolutionsAvailabilityWide range of foundational technical service delivery
SAP SOLEX solutions (SAP supported)Data Center AvailabilityTechnical System Operations
SAP S/4HANA partner certified solutions (customer supported)Technical Landscape Deployment
ABAP-only add-ons (customer supported)Technical Upgrade installation
Wide set of partner add-ons are allowedContinuous Service planning & review
24*7 service delivery for PRD, 24*5 for non-PRD
Available for Upsell: SAP S/4HANA LoB & Industry Add-Ons (optional), Beyond S/4HANA SolutionsWide range of foundational technical service delivery
Setup of RFC connections

There are many other use-cases on your journey to move towards the Cloud, even if you are not using S/4HANA today, but are planning to kickstart your journey using SAP S/4HANA, hosting it on the Cloud with added benefits from RISE with SAP are a significant advantage.

The Time to RISE is Now

Revolutionize your business and keep up with the disruptive economies and evolving market trends. RISE with SAP is designed to keep your business agile and responsive. It gives you the leverage of having the SAP team and your dedicated implementation partner, VC ERP Consulting Pvt Ltd together to chart your business transformation strategy and plan on your terms and timeline. Ready to explore Digital Transformation for your business, then get in touch with award winning SAP Gold Partner, Certified Expert S/4HANA Consultants and Advisors at VC ERP Consulting for free consultation. Call +91 79 48998911 (India) Whatsapp +254 111229970 (Kenya), call +1 469 915 6026 (North America)  or drop an E-mail at