The pharmaceutical industry in Kenya is growing at a rapid pace offering excellent opportunities to establish new products and services in the lucrative market for pharmaceuticals in East Africa.

Kenya is currently the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50% of the regions’ market.

The Pharma industry in Kenya consists of three segments – manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This industry is being shaped by three major trends: empowered patients and personalization, technology trends that drive health networks and rising regulatory pressures and healthcare costs.

In the coming years, traditional manufacturing & distribution models will transition to become increasingly patient-centric and compressed with the help of emerging technology trends.

It’s the right time for entrepreneurs to embrace new opportunities by implementing right business initiatives with SAP Business One ERP Software Kenya. Stay ahead in the innovation curve and successfully implement digital transformation in your pharma business in Kenya.

This affordable business management solution streamlines business processes, achieve total control over your business and gain complete visibility in all business areas with SAP Business one for pharma implemented by SAP Business One Partner in Kenya, VC ERP Consulting.

In this article, SAP B1 experts showcase top 5 ways you can streamline your business processes with SAP Business One modules for a resilient & profitable pharma business.

Let us first take a look at what SAP Business One is and its importance for Pharma Business.

What is SAP Business One ERP Software Kenya

Premium ERP Experience at Affordable Prices with SAP Business One Kenya
Easily deliver personalized enterprise solutions at scale and as a service with SAP Business One. This comprehensive and affordable business management solution –
  • Streamlines business functions such as finance, sales, purchase, production & more
  • Offers complete control over your pharma business operations
  • Provides total visibility in your daily business activities
This robust SAP ERP solution optimizes business costs and improves process efficiencies and help your pharma business achieve sure-shot success.

SAP Business One Modules for Pharma Businesses

Now you can capture personal customer requirements effectively and drive customizations with SAP Business One ERP Software Kenya.

SAP Business One modules for pharma business manage all the specifics of each order in every aspect of your value chain by keeping all business processes and products in a single place.

Below are the SAP Business One Modules for Pharma Business:

Manage and Streamline your Financial Operations

Consolidate all your pharma business costing & transactions 
  • Automate journal entries, accounts receivables & accounts payables
  • Manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets & monitor project costs
  • Compare estimates vs actual Plans to get real-time insights
  • Simplified management of fixed assets
  • Quickly process reconciliations, bank statements & payments by checks and bank transfers
  • Create customized reports from real-time data for business planning & audit reviews

Streamline Production & MRP

Get accurate information about production orders
  • Define capacities of your plants and machines with Resource Master Data
  • Production order captures quantities & costs of all components leading to a finished product
  • Calculate cost & quantity variance of components and finished product with Component Cost & Quantity Variance tracking
  • Plan material requirements for manufacturing and procurement processes with Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Plan company’s production orders needed in a period of time
  • Auto generate production documents from recommendations

Manage the Entire Order-to-Pay Cycle

Increase margins by optimizing purchase and inventory 
  • Create purchase requests, POs and goods receipts in a user-friendly interface
  • Maintain detailed item purchasing information with price lists and tax information
  • Achieve real-time synchronization of goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels
  • Schedule your purchases, plan your material needs and process invoices and cancellations with a PO reference
  • Generate reports with real-time data and display them in various formats and dashboards

Track & Value Inventory Levels in Real-time

Get accurate information about inbound and outbound shipments
  • Manage inventory using various costing models like –
    • Standard Costing
    • Moving Average
    • FIFO & other methods
  • Maintain item master data and use multiple units of measure and pricing
  • Manage stock in multiple warehouses by dividing each one into multiple subzones
  • Set up allocation rules, optimize stock movement and reduce picking times
  • Run real-time inventory updates and availability checks
  • Apply volume, cash and customer discounts
  • Create and maintain multi level bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Issue and release production orders manually or by backflush
  • Globally maintain prices for BOMs

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Prioritize customer orders and ensure on-time delivery
  • Track opportunities and activities from first contact to closures
  • Convert more prospects, keep customers satisfied and maximize revenue streams
  • Create, manage and analyze marketing activities
  • Store critical customer data in one place
  • Synchronize and manage customer contacts effectively
  • Efficient management of warranty and service contracts
  • Quickly respond to service calls
  • Use time saving templates to create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process

Get a 360° View of your Business with Analytics & Reporting

Gather data from multiple sources and generate accurate reports 
  • Gain real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports to support decision-making
  • Tailor forms and queries to meet specific requirements with minimum IT know-how
  • Configure settings to define exchange rates and set authorization parameters
  • Create import and export functions for internal mail, e-mail & data
  • Pre-defined KPIs help you to see average delivery variance days and top performing employees
  • Trigger automatic responses when important business events occur allowing you to focus on most critical events with workflow-based alerts
Innovate your pharma business model, optimize your business processes and boost workforce productivity with SAP Business One ERP Software.

‘Go Digital’ with your Pharma Business Today!

In the digital economy, SAP ERP Solutions like SAP Business One with streamlined business processes are now driving digital transformation.

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