The world is constantly changing, creating a new paradigm shift for businesses.

Entrepreneurs are pivoting towards a constant cycle of change to address external concerns such as evolving regulatory requirements while also focusing on internal concerns such as serving evolving customer needs and driving operational efficiencies. These steps are essential to retain market share in highly competitive markets.

Businesses are placing a renewed focus on digital transformation initiatives to maintain their competitive edge and prevent disruption within their industries. In order to achieve this, many organizations are turning to Cloud ERP and industry-specific cloud solutions.

The dynamic duo of cloud ERP and industry-specific cloud helps businesses to concentrate on their unique business processes, helping them overpower their competitors.

Why does your business need RISE with SAP?

Cloud ERP like SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud as a component of RISE with SAP plays a crucial role in streamlining operations by centralizing financials, enhancing understanding, and mitigating operational risks. Meanwhile, industry cloud offers additional advantages, going beyond ERP efficiencies and productivity gains.

The SAP Industry cloud provides specialized industry-focused solutions to help you in optimizing, extending and transforming your core business processes.

Leverage RISE with SAP alongside SAP Industry Cloud to achieve better financial control, automate more business processes, and undergo a positive transformation that impacts both their bottom line and top line performance. This strategic shift allows them to stay competitive and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

What is SAP Industry Cloud & why it is essential for businesses?

Business leaders and CIOs are joining forces to enhance their digital business strategies, recognizing the importance of investing in ERP systems and industry cloud solutions. This approach offers valuable benefits for the CIO, including –

  • Optimized integration and support costs
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Increased automation across the organization
The powerful combination of RISE with SAP and SAP industry cloud brings greater resilience, efficiency and agility for business leaders. Connecting RISE with SAP with industry-specific solutions allows for the extension of capabilities, maintaining process compliance and continuous innovation scaling without disrupting the clean core or data sources.

For instance, an industrial manufacturer using an industry differentiating solution can configure orders in small quantities while maintaining consistency, leading to increased customer value, higher sales margins, reduced attrition, and revenue uplift due to personalized customer experiences.

The value of innovation and scale is evident when both RISE with SAP and SAP industry cloud work in tandem, meeting financial operations requirements, offering additional features to enhance the customer journey, and establishing repeatable revenue streams.

This enables organizations to scale rapidly, meet client demands, demonstrate value to customers and protect their revenue and market share. Agility across the business, supported by a seamless end-to-end industry value chain, becomes critical for success.

The value derived from industry differentiation:
  • A construction company streamlined its processes across the entire enterprise, from bid phase planning to manage services contracts, using industry differentiation
  • A paper and packaging firm applied industry differentiating standards to meet diverse customer packaging requirements, resulting in better customer experiences and increased repeat business
The strategic combination of RISE with SAP and industry cloud solutions empowers organizations to drive innovation, improve customer experiences and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

What are the benefits of RISE with SAP and SAP Industry Cloud?

The advantages of leveraging RISE with SAP and industry cloud solutions consists of:

Tailored industry processes

Each organization has distinct operational requirements that differentiate it from competitors. Industry-specific workflows cater to precise functions within the business, immediately adding value and addressing unique needs. Moreover, these solutions can swiftly incorporate industry-specific regulations to ensure better governance and compliance.

Enhanced intelligent insights

Employees benefit from smarter, more insightful information linked to customer demands, enabling them to make actionable decisions that directly improve customer satisfaction and overall organizational performance.

rise with sap cloud

Driving Business Value from RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP solution is a comprehensive Business Transformation as-a-Service (BTaaS) offering designed to empower companies to become sustainable and intelligent enterprises while driving innovation in the cloud.

Leverage a cloud-based ERP system tailored to their specific business needs with the combined support of SAP and VC ERP Consulting.

This includes capabilities to facilitate business process transformation, outcome-driven services and tools from both SAP and VC ERP Consulting and industry-specific best practices and extensibility options built on a flexible technology platform.

Industry-specific Capabilities

RISE with SAP offers a distinctive advantage through its industry-specific capabilities, tailored to each organization’s unique needs, leading to tangible benefits such as revenue growth, cost optimization, and sustainability. Strengthen your market position, retain customers, explore innovative business models, and accelerate value creation by adopting industry best practices.

Real-time Insights

A pivotal aspect of RISE with SAP lies in its ability to provide ongoing insights into business processes, enabling organizations to identify and address inefficiencies more efficiently.

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP empowers businesses to effectively manage changes. Build and execute end-to-end, industry-specific business processes, ensuring a seamless experience across your application landscape.

In essence, RISE with SAP is a comprehensive solution that brings together cloud ERP, process transformation capabilities, outcome-driven services, and industry expertise, equipping companies to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability and growth.

RISE with SAP Service Provider

VC ERP Consulting as the Best RISE with SAP Service Provider

As companies embark on their journey to migrate to cloud ERP and industry cloud solutions, partnering with the right service provider is crucial to fully harness the potential of RISE with SAP. In this context, VC ERP stands out as the best RISE with SAP service provider for several compelling reasons:

Specialization in Industry Solutions

VC ERP has a deep understanding of SAP’s industry-specific solutions and has honed its expertise in tailoring these solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses within specific industries. This specialization allows them to guide organizations effectively in differentiating their value proposition, ensuring that they maximize the benefits of industry cloud solutions.

Expertise in Customer Experience Enhancement

VC ERP’s focus on enhancing customer experiences aligns perfectly with SAP’s commitment to continuous improvement in this area. By leveraging industry-differentiating workflows, VC ERP can help businesses create a superior customer experience that sets them apart from competitors.

Agility and Adaptability

As a leading service provider, VC ERP understands the importance of agility in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. They have demonstrated their ability to navigate constant changes effectively, ensuring that organizations can stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Scalability and Growth

VC ERP’s track record in enabling businesses to scale efficiently positions them as an ideal partner for companies seeking to expand their operations and drive sustainable growth. Their solutions are designed to accommodate the evolving needs of businesses as they mature and reach new heights.

Proven Track Record

VC ERP’s successful implementations and customer satisfaction demonstrate their ability to deliver tangible value to businesses. Their past performance serves as a testament to their capabilities as a reliable and effective partner for RISE with SAP initiatives.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

VC ERP offers end-to-end support throughout the migration process, from initial education on the opportunities brought by industry cloud solutions to ongoing assistance in optimizing and refining workflows. Their commitment to customer success ensures that businesses can extract maximum value from their investment in SAP solutions.

Gain Competitive Advantage with the best RISE with SAP Service Provider Today!

In this digital business era, staying competitive and avoiding disruption in the industry requires organizations to embrace technology innovation. SAP Industry cloud has become essential for businesses, as they recognize that without it, they can face stagnation or disruption and the loss of competitive advantage.

However, the true key to success lies in the seamless integration of industry cloud solutions with RISE with SAP.

This is where VC ERP excels as the best RISE with SAP service provider for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of industry cloud solutions and cloud ERP. With VC ERP’s expertise and specialization in industry-specific solutions, businesses can effectively tailor these technologies to their unique business processes within their respective industries.

This integration empowers organizations to distinguish themselves from market competitors, ensuring a differentiated value proposition that resonates with customers and drives success.

Unlock a winning formula for success by combining cloud ERP with industry cloud solutions. VC ERP’s comprehensive support and guidance throughout the integration process further streamline the adoption of these solutions, enabling businesses to fully leverage the benefits and drive continuous growth.

Embracing VC ERP’s expertise not only ensures a seamless integration but also opens up new opportunities for organizations to thrive in the digital landscape, maximize their competitive advantage, and deliver exceptional value to their customers.

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