Global Pharmaceutical Industry leaders have rallied to enable the supply of key medicines across borders, manage workforce safety & handle evolving government restrictions all while beginning to prepare for new vaccines and therapeutics Post-Pandemic.

“When Digital Transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.” – George Westerman, MIT Sloan

Industry leaders are keeping pace with the global crisis by turning their attention to recovery and paving the path for the next normal. The path to the next normal is adopting digital transformation that will bring about fundamental changes in the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Industry.

Industry leaders who are aware of the disruptive potential of the present and coming times have already begun experimenting with a wide range of digital initiatives. In fact, Digital Transformation has already begun changing the way the Pharma Industry works.

Experts at VC ERP propose this roadmap for Pharmaceuticals to enable Digital Transformation.
  • SAP ERP Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Robotic Process Automation Solutions
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Connected Solutions
In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting, SAP Gold Partner with 20+ years of industry experience, show how you can efficiently run your Pharma business using SAP Business One and the next steps you can take.

1. Get an Affordable SAP ERP Solution for Pharma SMBs

Premium ERP Experience at Affordable Prices with SAP Business One

 SAP ERP Solution SAP Business One is an affordable, comprehensive & easy to use business management solution. This solution is designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of pharma businesses. SAP Business One provides complete automation to important business functions like:
  • Management & Administration
  • Accounting & Financials
  • Inventory & Distribution
  • Production & MRP
  • Project & Resource Management
  • Sales & Service
  • Purchasing & Operations

SAP Business One Benefits for your Growing Pharma Business

  • Improve existing fragmented Business Processes
  • Optimizes business costs
  • Eliminate data inconsistencies
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Make quicker, more informed business decisions
  • Enable multiplier effect for your pharma business with better decision-making driving revenue growth
  • Industry-specific Pharma ERP providing the infrastructure & workflows streamlining unique business processes

2.  Stay in Control of Your Pharma Business even-on-the-go with SAP Business One Mobile App

Receive instant updates of your pharma business operations within your smartphone

Run your business from wherever you are and whenever you need within your smartphone with SAP Business One Mobile App. SAP Business One Mobile App offers you the ease of access to use all the essential features within your smartphone.

The SAP Business One mobile apps for iOS and Android get you immediate access to the most relevant information right on time.

Features of SAP Business One Mobile Application:

  • Get instant alerts
  • Organize your business activities better
  • Simplify your sales activities
  • Visualize real-time information about your business, & share it across instantly
  • Build & Manage successful partnerships
  • Monitor inventory and product data to drive sales

3.  Extend the functionality of SAP Business One with Xtreme Add-Ons for your Pharma Business

Industry experts at VC ERP Consulting have created specific pharma business add-ons that easily integrate in your SAP Business One ERP Solution. These add-ons are designed to increase your ease-of-business with additional customizations going hand-in-hand with the requirements of your pharma industry.

We serve a variety of ready-to-integrate Add-Ons for SAP Business One that serve the specific needs of your pharma business. The add-ons are as below:
  • Streamline Manufacturing Process with XTREME Manufacturing Add-On
  • Organize your Production Process with XTREME C-BOM Add On
  • Track your Raw Materials with XTREME Auto-Batch Manage Add On
  • Improve Quality Control with XTREME Quality Control Add-On
  • Efficiently manage your inventory with Inventory Count App

4. Unlock High Value from your Pharma Business with SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting

One solution for both reporting and printing needs for your Pharma business information

 SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting gives this strong foundation to establish, analyze and measure your business performance for insightful decision-making.Gauge your pharma business performance by telling the story of your data.

Benefits of SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting for your Pharma Business:

  • Drive your pharma business strategy by enabling key strategic initiatives and make better business decisions
  • React to volatile market trends in a planned manner
  • Respond to changing customer preferences efficiently and create new product & service streams
  • Identify the ways to increase your pharma business sales and understand consumer behavior patterns
  • Target products to a particular set of customers
  • Optimize your business costs, establish and manage quality standards & speed up time-to-market

5. Connect fragmented data sources to Microsoft Power BI to get real-time Insights of your pharma business

Premium BI Experience at Affordable Prices with Power BI for SAP Business One

SAP Business One has in-built analytics for your growing pharma business needs but when your business is expanding quickly, it needs a clear strategic advantage beyond analytics & numbers.

Your up-and-running pharma business is in the need of greater insights on the best course-of-action to make insightful decisions with a Business Intelligence Solution.

A Business Intelligence solution, Power BI for SAP Business One is a self-service business intelligence solution that efficiently processes and analyzes pharma data, providing insights with in-depth analytical reports.

Benefits of using Power BI for your Pharma Business:

  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP Solutions
  • Intuitive reports & cost-effective analytics
  • Secured with data access control
  • Facilitates Open-source Data Visualization
  • Gain complete view of your vast pharma business network
  • View & manage data in a simple, interactive & easy-to-understand dashboard environment

6. Optimize IT Expenditure of Your Pharma Business with SAP Business One Cloud

Get the predictability, security & scalability of Cloud with SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud is the cloud deployed variant of the SAP Business One ERP solution designed for Pharma SMBs. All SAP Business One Cloud solutions are sold, implemented and serviced exclusively through the SAP partner channel.

SAP Business One Cloud hosted by VC ERP Consulting includes:
  • Application Licenses
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Application Management
  • VC ERP Xtreme Add-Ons

Benefits of using SAP Business One Cloud

  • Streamline your pharma business engagement model with reduced complexity
  • Leverage the power of SAP Business One Analytics to drive real time insight into your pharma business with SAP Business One Cloud
  • Seamless, ‘always on’ access to your pharma business operations with SAP Business One Cloud
  • SAP Business One Cloud is Affordable with subscription pricing
  • Lower TCO with optimum IT expenses
  • Scale business users with more flexibility
  • Reduce risk with industry grade security and disaster recovery at SMB prices

Transform your Pharma Business with Affordable Digital Transformation Today!

Transform your existing pharma business processes right from procurement of raw materials to customer delivery of finished products. Make your pharma business resilient and increase operational efficiency with affordable digital transformation at SMB Prices.

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