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21 Years ERP Implementation Expertise


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Businesses around the world, especially in Ahmedabad are considering ways to recover from the torment inflicted by Coronovirus. The businesses in Ahmedabad are starting their survival to triumph journeys by reimagining their business models.

In order to come back stronger, small & medium businesses in Ahmedabad are focusing on four strategic areas: recovering revenue, rebuilding operations, rethinking the organizational structure and accelerating the adoption of SAP ERP solutions.

SAP Business One ERP Solution has proven to be the ‘hero SAP ERP’ that helps businesses to rethink their business processes, position themselves in the market for the long-term and stay ahead of their competition.

Strengthen operational resilience and achieve total visibility in your day-to-day business operations with comprehensive & affordable SAP Business One ERP Solution implemented by VC ERP Consulting, the most trusted SAP Business One Partner in Ahmedabad trusted by top industry leaders.

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    Why is SAP Business One the best ERP Solution for your Business?

    SAP Business One Solution is Ahmedabad’s No.1 ERP Solution that is designed to set new standards for your business, upend old paradigms and build long-term strategic advantage.

    Make important decisions faster & better, get a bird-eye view of your business and regain total control over your business processes.

    Big Solution at Small Price

    Big Solution at Small Price

    Enhanced Scalability

    Enhanced Scalability

    Informed Decision Making

    Informed Decision Making

    Industry Best Implementation

    Industry Best Implementation

    Greater Internal Control and Transparency

    Greater Internal Control & Transparency

    Big Solution at Small Price

    Complete Operational Transparency

    • Database Options: MS SQL | SAP HANA
    • Server Hosting Options: On Premise | On Cloud

    SAP Business One Modules for Superior Business Management

    Achieve real-time visibility of your business data across all departments – Sales, Accounting and Finance, Purchasing & Inventory, Production, Service Management and Overall operations management and administration with SAP Business One ERP Solution.

    This comprehensive business management solution is designed to incorporate all your customized business needs leading to a resilient & profitable business.

    Below are the SAP B1 Modules must-haves:

    SAP B1 Modules
    SAP Business One Mobile App

    SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS & Android

    SAP Business One ERP Mobile App for iOS & Android is designed to make sure you stay connected to your business, whether you are on the road or at the office. Access critical information and perform specific actions anytime, anywhere.

    Increase employee productivity and offer faster and better customer service. Stay informed about internal operations, view reports, manage contacts and handle sales, service and a host of other operational activities right through your smartphone.

    How is SAP Business One Beneficial for your Business

    SAP ERP Solution for small business like SAP Business One is an affordable business management solution that combines various areas of your business in one central system. Quickly know what is amiss and define clear targets to increase business efficiency.

    Improve business bottom-line and scale your business operations
    Inbuilt analytics & business intelligence to get the big picture of your business
    Foster inter-department collaboration with inter-connected data across all departments
    Get complete control of your critical business data with a central database
    Fare appropriate checks with easier internal governance & internal audit
    Implement strong internal controls for easier internal audit

    VC ERP’s Industry Specific SAP Business One Add-Ons

    Get more value out of your SAP Business One ERP Solution with VC ERP Consulting, Ahmedabad. We offer a wide range of SAP Business One Add-Ons designed by industry development experts for your specific business needs.

    Our range of fully supported SAP B1 Add-Ons extends the core functionality of SAP Business One.

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    • Xtreme Manufacturing / Shop Floor Add-On
    • Xtreme Quality control Add-On
    • Xtreme Auto Batch Manage Add-On
    • Xtreme Job Work Add-On Solution
    • GST E-Invoice
    • Digital Signature
    • Xtreme Smart Alerts Add-On
    • Xtreme EXIM Add-On
    • Xtreme C-BOM Add-On Solution
    • Xtreme Plant Maintenance Add-On
    • GST E Way Bill
    • Xtreme Payroll Add-On

    Why Choose VC ERP Consulting as your SAP Business One ERP Implementation Partner?

    Whether you need SAP Business One in Ahmedabad or anywhere else in Gujarat, you can count on VC ERP Consulting. We are the leading SAP Business One Solution Provider in Ahmedabad. As a 21+ years old ERP implementation company with rich industry experience & in-depth knowledge, we understand how crucial the ease of doing business is for your company.

    Our team of SAP Business One experts anticipate, understand and mitigate all possible business challenges and we ensure you get the best pick of SAP B1 Solution & Add-Ons that is most suited to your business needs.

    SAP Gold Partner

    Industries We Serve as ERP Implementation Partner

    VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Is the best ERP Solution provider company in Ahmedabad. Our expert team has worked on diverse industries, verticals and niches for 20 years. All our implementations meet the perfect balance between industry standardization and business customization. We believe in helping our clients and their businesses grow locally, domestically as well as internationally.

    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    & Life Sciences

    Chemical Industry


    Food & Beverages

    Food &

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Wholesale &

    Retail & FMCG

    Retail &

    Textile & Garments

    Textile &

    Machine Manufacturing


    Wires & Cables

    Wires &





    Transport & Logistics

    Transport &



    Renewable Energy


    Professional Services




    SAP Business One Services

    Achieve superior industry benchmarks with state-of-the-art SAP ERP Solutions at VC ERP. Our foundation is built on the principles of integrity, customer service and enables businesses to strengthen their link to customers.

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    SAP Business One
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    Business Process
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    System Audit & Process
    Enhancement Roadmap
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    Annual Maintenance
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