The Best SAP Business One Partner in Mombasa

Small and Medium Businesses in Mombasa have been reeling under the pressures of market volatility, changing demands, supply chain disruptions and much more that has become even tougher post pandemic. In order to break free, Business Leaders are looking towards technology, and rightly so.

In fact, technology solutions, like ERP software such as SAP Business One can affordably streamline SMB business operations with ease. SAP Business One ERP Solution is a holistic and affordable ERP software implemented by APJ India, SAP Gold Partner, VC ERP Consulting, the most trusted SAP Business One Partner in Mombasa.

End-to-End visibility across all operations with daily MIS reporting logs for all departments – SAP Business One is power-packed with this functionality and several other features. Designed keeping in mind the unique needs of SMBs, it is ideal for companies who have outgrown spreadsheets.

As an investment, SAP Business One is a scalable, flexible & extensible gift for your SMB that keeps giving!

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    SAP Business One Value Proposition for Your Small Medium Business

    SAP Business One Solution is the best ERP Software in Mombasa. We are confident when we say this since SAP Business One was developed by ERP pioneers at SAP specifically for the evolving business needs & challenges of SMBs on the path to becoming a thriving Large Enterprise.

    Monitor all your business operations even in realtime for complete visibility and control on a central database. All data entered into the system is further enhanced to churn out insightful reports, trend analysis, comparisons on variety of parameters.

    Furthermore, you can integrate this data with Power BI Dashboards to take your reporting to the next level.

    Big Solution at Small Price
    Big Solution
    at Small Price
    Enhanced Scalability
    Informed Decision Making
    Decision Making
    Industry Best Implementation
    Industry Best
    Greater Internal Control & Transparency
    Greater Internal
    Control & Transparency
    Complete Operational Transparency
    Complete Operational

    Database Options


    Server Hosting Options

    On Premise
    On Premise
    On Cloud
    On Cloud

    Want to see SAP Business One ERP Software Live-In-Action?

    Default Digital Core SAP Business One Modules for Efficient Operations

    SAP Business One ERP Software is equipped by default with a series of Modules that make up for managing each corresponding department in your business. You can manage Sales, Accounting and Finance, Purchasing & Inventory, Production, Service and much more using a single solution operating on a central database.

    What’s more! You can instantly access a 360° view of your business operations, MIS report logs, approvals and more leading to faster response to employees, vendors and customers. Now grow your business profitably with SAP Business One ERP Solution Mombasa. The best part is you can enjoy industry-specific user defined fields and customizations for each module.

    Powerful SAP Business One Digital Core

    SAP B1 Modules

    SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS & Android

    Monitor your business operations and reports from anytime & anywhere whether in Kenya or the World using SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android.

    In addition, you get to stay informed about it all – internal operations, reports, contacts and sales & service right from your smartphone on-the-go without relying on anyone else.

    How is SAP Business One Beneficial for your Business?

    ERP Solution for Small Medium Business like SAP Business One gives you end-to-end visibility into all your business operations using central database.

    Connect all departments on a single database for a clear connected view of how your business is performing at any point in time.

    Use the SAP Business One in-built automated Analytics and Business Intelligence capability for regular reports and insights on your data.


    Implement strong internal controls for easier internal audit


    Gain real-time business insights & increase business efficiency

    New Installation

    Increased organizational agility keeping your workforce engaged


    Drive continuous innovation with a unified business & technology platform

    New Installation

    Offer personal, trusted and connected customer experiences

    VC ERP’s Industry Specific SAP Business One Add-Ons

    At VC ERP Consulting, Mombasa as industry experts we have created specific add-ons that enhance the industry-specific capability of your SAP Business One ERP Software even further.

    These add-ons make for seamless integrations. In addition, they have been developed to increase your ease-of-business with additional customizations going hand-in-hand with the requirements of your growing business needs.

    Xtreme Manufacturing
    /Shop Floor Add-On

    Xtreme Quality
    Control Add-On

    Xtreme Auto-Batch
    Manage Add-On

    Xtreme C-BOM
    Add-On Solution

    Xtreme Job Work
    Add-On Solution

    Xtreme Plant
    Maintenance Add-On

    Xtreme Smart
    Alerts Add-On

    Xtreme EXIM

    Why Choose VC ERP Consulting as your SAP Business One
    ERP Implementation Partner?

    VC ERP Consulting is the leading SAP Business One Solution Provider in Mombasa. We understand your industry and unique challenges inside out. As a leading APJ India, SAP Business One Partner, we understand how crucial the ease of doing business is for your company. That’s why we are well-equipped to make this phase of your business journey as value-driven for you as possible.

    Year Founded


    Year Founded

    Projects Completed


    Projects Completed

    Happy Customers


    Happy Customers

    Global Partners


    Global Partners

    Detailed Consulting | Industry-Ready Customization | Process Clarity | Hands-on Training

    Achievements as the best ERP Software Solution Provider Company

    VC ERP Consulting is an ISO 9001:2008 certified multiple-award winning Global SAP Consultancy & Asia Pacific SAP Gold Partner.



    At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd., as a leading SAP Business One Partner in Mombasa, we have partnered with Technology Leaders, pioneers in their field to put our best foot forward at each step of the solution implementation process. We strive to provide effective, faster and unparalleled services to our Clients irrespective of their current scale of operations.

    Here are our Strategic Technology Partners.

    APJ India Gold Partner

    Industries We Serve as ERP Implementation Partner

    VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is the best ERP Solution provider company in Mombasa. Our expert team has worked on diverse industries, verticals and domains for 20+ years. We offer the perfect balance between industry standardization and business customization. We believe in helping our clients and their businesses grow locally, domestically as well as internationally.

    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    & Life Sciences

    Chemical Industry


    Food & Beverages

    Food &

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Wholesale &

    Retail & FMCG

    Retail &

    Textile & Garments

    Textile &

    Machine Manufacturing


    Wires & Cables

    Wires &





    Transport & Logistics

    Transport &



    Renewable Energy


    Professional Services




    SAP Business One Services

    Our foundation is built on the principles of integrity, customer service & the commitment to enable businesses like yours achieve superior industry benchmarks with state-of-the-art Enterprise Solutions.

    SAP Business One Consulting Services
    SAP Business One
    Consulting Services
    Business Process Re-engineering
    Business Process
    System Audit & Process Enhancement Roadmap
    System Audit & Process
    Enhancement Roadmap
    End-to-End Implementation
    Migration (SQL to HANA)
    SQL to HANA
    Annual Maintenance Support
    Annual Maintenance
    Country Roll-Outs
    Upgrades (Patch & Version Updates)
    (Patch & Version Updates)
    Business User Trainings
    Business User



    We deeply acknowledge the support & guidance of VC ERP team since the beginning. Their hard work and patient help with a positive attitude is key to our successful Implementation.

    Person Image

    Manufacturing Company


    We are glad that we chose VC ERP Consulting for SAP Business One project as they have brought in quality consulting skills, superb project execution capabilities & a high degree of predictability & reliability

    Person Image

    Managing Director
    Plastic Component Mfg. Company


    Team VC ERP has been very helpful in the entire exercise to achieve clear visibility across the organization, production & other processes.

    Person Image

    Executive Director
    Manufacturing Company


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