The demand for SAP Business One ERP Software in Delhi is on the rise. In fact, Delhi added more than 5,000 recognized startups and SME businesses between April 2019 and December 2021 compared to 4514 added to the total tally of the Silicon Valley of India, Maharashtra with 11,308 recognized startups tops the charts among other states. With the emergence of several startups and SME businesses, the question of an affordable business management software also arises.

“In fact, Delhi NCR has dethroned Bengaluru as the startup capital of India highlighting the rise of national capital in the startup ecosystem.” – the Economic Survey of 2021-22.

More and more SME businesses in Delhi are making their mark on the global economy with a deep talent pool and rapid adoption of technology. It is natural that SME businesses in Delhi are relying on technology to attract investors and plan a strategic growth trajectory.

Additionally, Entrepreneurs are becoming investor-friendly by finding affordable and comprehensive ERP Solution in Delhi. In fact, SAP Business One ERP Solution has been specially developed keeping in mind the growing needs of SMEs.

At VC ERP Consulting, as the most trusted SAP Business One Partner in Delhi, we have 21+ years of experience carrying out industry specific ERP implementations for SMEs and Large Enterprises.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting share 5 instant value additions that will lead your business towards growth, profitability and resilience but first let’s have a look at the basics of SAP Business One ERP for Small Business.

Why your business needs SAP Business One ERP Solution

Small and medium business leaders need real-time visibility into their daily operations even when they are travelling. Entrepreneurs want their business to become more efficient and effective, increasing productivity and profits.

SAP Business One ERP Solution is an end-to-end business management solution that provides real-time operational visibility and streamlines business processes. It comes packed with a digital core that offers you the modules you need to run your SME business. These include:
  • Management & Administration
  • Accounting & Financials
  • Purchasing & Operations
  • Inventory & Distribution
  • Production & MRP
  • Project & Resource Management
  • Sales & Service
Not only can SAP Business One cater to the needs of all industries, it can even be customized based on your specific domains and unique business needs. Essentially, each company has its own specific reasons to implement a Business Management Software but the major reasons to select SAP Business One ERP Software Partner in Delhi it are:
  • Streamline business processes across all the departments and automate manual tasks
  • Reveal and measure performance of all the departments by analyzing company data with real-time insights
  • Gain control over your up-and-running business with a single and connected business management solution
Now that we know the basics of SAP Business One let us dive deeper to understand the 5 instant value additions for your Business with SAP Business One ERP Software in Delhi.

Value Addition #1: Manage your SME business with a Single Solution

When your business is not running on SAP Business One, it is probably running on another different application to streamline various departments. Burning issues rise when businesses manage several functions separately. These include:
  • Recurring Data errors
  • Duplication of functions or records
  • Lack of visibility into the business as a whole
  • Lack of communication between different areas of the business
ERP for small business like SAP Business One integrates all the fragmented business functions into a single solution and streamlines business processes.

For example, when your sales team confirms an order, your SAP Business One will automatically generate a transaction for the finance department, produce a work order for the production floor, update your inventory and notify the purchasing department to replenish the appropriate stock.

Manage your core business areas like financials, human resources, manufacturing, inventory, purchase, quality management and sales with a single solution. Base the decisions and actions of your functional areas on the same set of data resulting in a single version of truth with SAP Business One ERP Solution for Delhi, Gurugram and Noida.

Value Addition #2: Gain a Competitive Edge with Scalable SAP Business One

Evolving technology trends have led business leaders to migrate from obsolete accounting software to a modern, integrated and comprehensive business solution. Once your SME business in Delhi, Gurugram, Haryana or anywhere else in India starts growing, regular accounting software fails to keep up, adversely affecting operational efficiency of the business.

Business leaders want to make real-time decisions and gain a competitive edge to outnumber their competitors and position themselves for growth.

In order to stay competitive and make your business a sure-shot success in this volatile market business leaders are turning towards adopting modern ERP software solutions that are designed to grow as per your evolving business needs.

SAP for SME Solutions like SAP Business One is designed to offer flexibility, adaptability and scalability for your growing business needs. Manage your customers, partners and suppliers with a modern cutting-edge ERP solution and meet the latest reporting requirements.

For example, in SAP Business One managers can focus the report on specific areas of the business and customize the output. They are also able to preview, print, email and extract reports as Excel or PDF files. The report can be found in more than one module which helps users to find the result.

Value Addition #3: Streamline Business Processes and Gain Complete Control over your Business

At the time of implementing ERP Solutions, businesses are forced to consider their business processes and workflows time and again. Validating your business functions is the best time to assess what makes sense, what works, what’s important and what can be improved.

SAP Business One follows industry best practices offering efficiency and accuracy in your daily business operations. Increase employee productivity and optimize business costs by automating your business functions with fully-integrated ERP for small businesses in Delhi.

Meet the demands of your business partners and external stakeholders and keep your employees happy and productive by freeing them from repetitive and mundane tasks with SAP Business One ERP Software.

Value Addition #4: Analyze Business Data with SAP Business One ERP Software Delhi’s Inbuilt Real-Time Insights for Critical Decisions

Your growing business has volumes of critical data related to your business functions. Getting insights from that data can be a challenging and time-consuming task. The results might turn out to be unreliable leaving you baffled about several disconnected siloed data sets from various operational areas of your business.

Analyzing your company’s data is extremely valuable as it gives you unique insights you won’t get anywhere else. For example, your busiest and slowest sales periods for the last 10 years to compare the data and gain valuable insights.

SAP Business One transforms the way data is analyzed across your business offering accurate insights of your critical business data. This solution offers real-time data on business processes, resources and work status. Users can stay rest assured that the data results that they see are up-to-date and relevant, helping you make critical business decisions in no time.

Value Addition #5: 360° View of Business with Centralized Communication

Evolving consumer tastes have led to higher expectations from their end whether they are individuals or organizations. They expect a seamless multichannel experience and consistent service.

Business leaders need to make sure that their various departments communicate with each other so that at any given time every department has complete visibility of what is happening in other departments setting a clear communication channel across business.

All the employees must have the relevant customer information at their fingertips and can interact efficiently with a customer through any channel.

Establish a centralized communication channel with SAP Business One for all the departments. Get a complete view of all customer communication from the first point of contract to the most recent.

For example, when a customer gets in touch to get a technical issue resolved or to purchase additional services, the employee serving that customer can quickly review the customer’s previous communication with the business to see the customer’s transaction history, preferences, service history, etc.

The end result is that employees can provide more efficient and personalized service to meet customers’ high expectations.

Add Instant Value to your Business Today with SAP Business One ERP Software in Delhi

Optimize the end-to-end operations cycle of your SME business right from procurement to customer delivery making your everyday tasks easy with SAP Business One ERP Solution Delhi. It gives you everything you need to reach the next stage of growth speedily.

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