Telangana has emerged as the auto hub with the shift from IC engines to electric mobility. Automotive factories in Telangana are adopting and implementing manufacturing excellence frameworks to transform their business processes and optimize business performance.

This industry is heavily relying on technology and innovation to increase production, efficiency and improve profitability. In addition, many outlier companies have already begun using a variety of automation solutions in their production lines such as SAP ERP Solutions, BI Solutions, Physical Robots, Automated Guided Vehicles, RPA, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance.

In fact, keeping up with the fierce competitive landscape, many automobile SME manufacturers in Telangana are on the lookout to onboard an end-to-end business solution that covers all their management and visibility needs.

SAP Business One ERP Solution Telangana is an excellent choice to transform business processes and gain total visibility across all departments using SAP Business One Modules which cover a variety of functions including shop floor operations.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at the best SAP Business One Partner Telangana, VC ERP Consulting shed light on streamlining shop floor capabilities of your automobile manufacturing business, in addition to several other end-to-end operations  by implementing SAP B1 for small medium businesses.

SAP Business One ERP Solution Telangana for your Automotive Company

SAP Business One is designed to reduce product lifecycle, optimize business costs and collaborate with dealers to improve product quality.

Features for your Automotive Industry covered in SAP Business One:
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
    • Multi level BOMs
    • Job Work/Contracting/Sub-contracting
    • Yield and Scrap Management
    • Product Costing and Quality Management
  • Sales and Purchase Cycle
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Partner Management
    • Dealers/Vendors/C&F Agents/Customers
  • Warehouse Management
    • Bin Location Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Accounting and Financing
  • Product Marketing and Campaigning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service Management
  • Import Export
Enormously improve the shop floor team productivity by capturing, sharing and analyzing broader business benefits with SAP Business One ERP for small business in Telangana.
Let us take a look at the shop floor functionalities of SAP Business One for your Automotive business.

Streamline Shop Floor Capabilities of Your Automotive Business With SAP Business One

Get central control of your manufacturing operations for better shop floor management with SAP Business One ERP Software Telangana. Record, track & document all the changes across the Bill of Materials (BOMs)  to ensure smooth business operations.

3 Ways SAP Business One improves your shop floor management capabilities for your Automotive business

Ensure Fast Turnaround of Finished Products

  • Integrate production workflows with your finance, inventory management and distribution functions for greater enterprise-wide efficiency
  • Eliminate shop floor errors and keep all the business departments on the same page
  • Communicate all the required details of each shop floor task to all the concerned employees
  • Include the specific sequence of events, methods or settings with SAP Business One Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • BOMs let you configure multiple routes with each route containing its own set of instructions
  • Create own library of routes and quickly tailor each BOM as per specific order
  • Share valuable shop floor insights to your team members in a structured manner
  • Store master data, record variances and make comparisons with SAP Business One ERP Software Telangana
  • Analyze the accuracy of a certain recipe, assembly or production process and make changes where needed

Track Progress of Shop Floor Workers

  • Help employees make better shop floor decisions and improve employee productivity
  • Remove ‘grey areas’ that can result in subjective decisions with detailed BOMs
  • Track the progress of processes by breaking up the BOM into multiple routes with a specific description for each route
  • Keep large orders on track with a holistic viewpoint
  • Maximize the application of people’s skills and work centres to produce quality end products

Standardize Shop Floor Operations

  • Timely purchase raw materials, plan resources and run the right machinery
  • Transmit instructional information with the right tools for guiding shop floor activity
  • Reduce possible errors and increase employee productivity on the shop floor
Now that we are well-versed with how SAP Business One ERP Solution improves your shop floor operations, let’s explore how the best SAP Business One Partner Telangana, VC ERP Consulting extends the functionality with customized add-ons for SAP Business One.

Extend Your Shop Floor Functionality with Xtreme Shop Floor Add-On For Your Automotive Business

Control process-wise production and manage machine-wise efficiency with Xtreme Manufacturing / Shop Floor SAP B1 Add-On developed by industry experts at VC ERP Consulting.

Features of Xtreme Shop Floor Add-On:

Manpower Planning: This add-on helps in planning for man-power on a daily basis on every machine making the work of the manager easier

In Process QC: In Process QC is measured in every process ruling out any possibility of quality issues

Machine Management: Manage downtime of all the machines ruling out any breakage resulting in better functioning

Real Time Insights: Provides real-time Insights between the planned production and actual production making the whole manufacturing process come alive

Machine Planning: Gives all the detailed Information about costs of every machine so it enables the labourers to keep the track of the data and act accordingly

Reporting Benefits of Xtreme Shop Floor Add-On

This add-on makes the reporting easier by generating reports like Machine efficiency report which helps you gain Insights on the efficiency and condition of each and every machine which makes the labourers prepared for any contingencies.

Streamline Shop Floor of your Automotive Business with VC ERP!

SAP Business One ERP Solution Telangana is a single and comprehensive business management solution that is designed to streamline shop floor capabilities of your Automotive business.

Meet the automotive industry standards, adhere to compliance and optimize your shop floor and production management with SAP B1 ERP for small business in Telangana implemented by the best SAP Gold Partner in Telangana, VC ERP Consulting.

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