Indeed, it is an exciting time in the specialty chemicals industry in not just Kenya but across the world.

Rising demand for environmentally friendly products is driving innovation as well as the growth of new technologies is creating new opportunities for the chemical industry.

Specialty chemical business leaders are leveraging latest technologies to optimize time-to-market, unify business processes and manage supply chain challenges in the chemical industry with enhanced efficiency,

In order to stay relevant with changing regulations, industry norms and consistent supply chain disruptions amidst rising demand, Business Leaders in the Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals need strategic solutions to aid them.

In this article, not only do we explore significant challenges in the Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals industry but also suggest how to resolve them.

Difficulty in Managing High Volumes of Data

One of the burning business challenges in this industry is managing data in the time of abundant information. Top business leaders are trying to find new ways to derive critical insights out of huge data flow.

Analyzing business data still remains a burning challenge for a lot of specialty chemical manufacturers.

Obsolete legacy business systems are still a part of many chemical companies. Business leaders observe discrepancies in flow of critical information because all the business functions work in silos.

Complex Pricing Structures

Chemical companies often have complex pricing structures based on volume, geography, product specifications and other factors. This can make it challenging to accurately price orders and manage contracts.

Adhering to Strict Compliance

Chemical companies must comply with a wide range of environmental, health, and safety regulations, which can impact how they handle, transport, and store their products. This can add complexity to the order management process and require additional documentation and reporting

Overcoming Volatile Market Trends

Volatile economies and fluctuating markets are another cause of disruption in the chemical industry. Constantly changing commodity prices and impact of COVID-19 has put specialty chemical manufacturers in a sticky spot. Surge demand has been observed for sanitizers and hygiene products. Such fluctuations are hard to forecast and most leaders struggle to keep up with these changes.

Lack of Agile Business Operations

The world is evolving every day and business leaders are finding it difficult to catch up with the latest innovations. Businesses are on the path of transforming their business processes to ensure better delivery patterns, improve productivity and gain total control over business operations.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Chemical companies may experience supply chain disruptions due to factors such as transportation delays, equipment breakdowns, or raw material shortages. This can impact their ability to fulfill orders and lead to unhappy customers.

However, businesses are facing issues when going agile such as financial crunch, management of skilled resources and resistance in adaptation from employees.

While there are burning business challenges, there are ways to overcome these challenges. Let us take a look at how specialty chemical businesses can manage the disruption in this industry.

SAP Business One at the rescue for Specialty Chemicals Business

Specialty chemicals businesses are embracing digital technologies to boost operational efficiency, gain total control over business processes, achieve real-time data insights and become a resilient business.

An all-round complete business management solution for specialty chemicals business leaders is SAP Business One that resolves all your daunting business challenges. This affordable and comprehensive SAP ERP Solution is highly flexible and extensible that is specially tailored for your unique business needs.

It offers complete management of business functions like finance, customer relationship management, purchasing and inventory, sales, service, reporting and business intelligence. It includes features that help chemical manufacturers enhance production and resource planning efficiency and batch traceability.

Let us take a closer look at the unique features of SAP Business One for Specialty Chemicals business:

SAP Business One Features for Specialty Chemical Businesses

  • Get immediate access to critical business information like –
    • Current customer balance
    • Inventory reports
    • Sales histories
  • Make informed business decisions about product pricing, inventory management and overall business strategy
  • Calculate costs and real-time profit margins to identify areas of improvement
  • Automate and streamline business processes ranging from –
    • Sales
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Purchasing & Inventory
    • Production
    • Service Management
    • Overall operations management
    • Administration
  • Optimize business costs and boost sales of your specialty chemicals business
  • Create detailed Bills of Materials (BOMs) to improve speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness
  • Manage inventory levels and prioritize fast moving products efficiently by SAP Business One implementation for chemicals industry
  • Forecast business trends and manufacture the right product at the right time
  • Visualize your inventory journey from start to finish with total visibility into complex product relationships
  • Enable superior quality management by conducting tests at every stage from receipt at the warehouse, during production and pre-dispatch
Now let us extend functionality of SAP Business One by talking about Wonder Order Management Solution powered by experts at Entegrated Solution.

Wonder Order Management Solution taking Distributor Relationships to the Next Level

Streamline your dealer distribution channel with Wonder order management solution developed by Entegrated Solution. Easily track orders from inception to delivery, manage processes and data throughout the order lifecycle and get complete visibility into every order across channels.

Help companies to manage the end-to-end process of receiving, processing, and fulfilling customer orders.

Stay updated with up-to-the-minute order data and keep up with customer as well as dealer promises while reducing financial impacts of lost or non-productive inventory.

This add-on solution when integrated to your SAP Business One helps you deliver with a seamless customer experience, real-time reporting and the ability to optimize orders across every location in your supply chain.

Features of Wonder Order Management Solution:

Swift Order Entry

Capture and input customer orders into the system, often through multiple channels such as online, phone or email

Smooth Order Processing

Verify the order information, check inventory availability and calculate pricing, taxes and shipping costs

Timely Fulfillment of Orders

Determine the optimal shipping method, generate labels and update the customer on order status and delivery dates

Manage Returns and Refunds

Manage the returns process, including return authorization, shipping and refund processing

Offer Personalized Customer Experience

Execute orders flawlessly across all the channels and keep up with the customer

Streamline Inventory Levels

Avoid overpromising, repetitive orders, ghost sales, unexpected charges and meet peak period demand

Switch from Disparate Systems Unified Order Portal

Empower dealers, sales reps and customers to engage however and whenever they want, regardless of any channel

Harness real-time data insights

Utilize real-time reporting capabilities to scale business operations and maximize profitability

Accelerate digital transformation

Simplify the ordering process with quick implementation to fast-track digital transformation

Leverage the combined power of SAP Business One and Wonder Order Management Solution to transform your specialty chemicals business with VC ERP Consulting and Entegrated Solution.

Stay Competitive in a Regulated Marketplace with SAP Business One Today!

Challenges are excellent catalysts to improve business processes within a specialty chemicals company. Businesses are on the path of digital transformation by equipping themselves with the latest innovation trends.

Implementing SAP Business One for specialty chemicals business is the biggest opportunity to overcome the above mentioned burning business challenges. This comprehensive business management solution plays an imperative role in specialty chemicals by becoming the key enabler of exponential growth.

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