Chhattisgarh is the steel hub of India. Major steel manufacturing businesses located in Chhattisgarh are JSW Steel and Power, The Bhilai Steel Plant – SAIL and TATA Steel.

The steel sector has been observing tremendous growth in the state of Chhattisgarh. With the sustainable development and progressive policies of the Government, this sector has been able to withstand economic volatility while retaining and handling their employees and workers satisfactorily.

Steel industry is an industry that demands fast-paced processes but with extreme efficiency and accuracy at the same time. Most of the metal fabrication businesses are small to medium-sized, acting as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for large industries like Automotive, Heavy Machinery and Furniture.

Steel manufacturers produce several items through a series of processes. Hence, it gets difficult to manage & track production of all various items in the same facility without any scope of human error.

Moreover, there is a quick demand in design, last-minute orders and shorter lead time. Steel manufacturers face many challenges such as fierce competition, thin margins and strict quality compliance.

The state-of-the-art SAP Business One Software Chhattisgarh streamlines even the most complex process of the metal fabrication industry resulting in increased efficiency, reduced lead times and increased revenues.

In this article, SAP B1 experts at VC ERP Consulting state the features and benefits of implementing SAP Business One for your steel industry in Chhattisgarh equally relevant to steel businesses anywhere else.

SAP Business One for Steel Industry in Chhattisgarh

SAP Business One ERP Software is known to resolve all the major business challenges of all the departments of your business, increasing the overall visibility.

Get access to a wide range of potential benefits by implementing SAP Business One solution for your steel industry
  • Stay on-time & on-schedule by sticking to rapid delivery times
  • Reduce the overall pre-production time effectively
  • Enhance the inventory management processes
  • Optimize the overall labor and machine utilization rates
  • Effective planning of purchasing items, procurement of resources and production planning while managing the entire set of materials
  • Adapt quickly to volatile customer demands with distinct data sharing capability
  • Get accurate & detailed quotes for your respective suppliers and customers
SAP Business One is designed to facilitate the manufacturing units while improving the overall customer experience. Above all, it supports the steel manufacturers to make better business-oriented decisions.

Top 8 Features of SAP Business One for Steel Industry

Implement officially regulated business processes as well as to make production and supply chain management processes more efficient and flexible with SAP Business One for steel industry that includes industry-specific functions.

The Benefits of SAP Business One for the steel industry includes:

  1. Manage Quality Control & Standardization
  2. Planning and executing industry-specific quality tests during the manufacturing material flow –right from the stage of initial procurement to the entire steel manufacturing process.

  3. Production & Manufacturing Management
  4. Stay on top of the industry-specific projects with cross-functional, real-time reporting. Some of the essential aspects include logistics & manufacturing management, controlling, cost accounting and much more

  5. Manage Raw Materials Effectively
  6. Get access to a wide range of materials management specifications. Some of the many features of SAP Business One for managing materials are stock & order-related production, mixed & variant production and production controls.

  7. Accurate Estimation of Business Costs
  8. Make accurate estimates related to the manufacturing costs for standard quotations or products. Ensure custom orders related to manufacturing while easily calculating the overall profit margins.

  9. Streamline Sales & Supply Chain Processes
  10. Ensure effective management of purchase and supply sales orders. Automate transactions based on EDI-specific industry standards.

  11. Execute Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)
  12. View critical business information related to order times, transition periods, lead times, material bills, capacity allocations, availability of resources and batch groups and plan accordingly in advance.

  13. Manage Multiple Warehouses At the Same Time
  14. Enhance the processes of inventory & warehouse management with advanced bin location & warehouse tracking specifications.

  15. Maintain Multiple Products Configuration
  16. Manage multiple product variants for configuring, calculating and integrating the respective product.

Now that we are aware about the plethora of benefits SAP Business One offers, let us dive a little deeper to see how SAP B1 expert consultants at VC ERP Consulting have helped modernize numerous steel businesses in Chhattisgarh, Raipur or anywhere else in the world.

Expand Your Steel Business with SAP Business One Add-Ons

Industry experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Chhattisgarh, have created specific Add-Ons that easily integrate in your SAP Business One solution for a variety of business functions specific to your steel business.

Whether you are based in Chhattisgarh, Raipur or elsewhere in India, you can now increase the ease of doing business with additional customizations going hand-in-hand with the requirements of your steel industry.

VC ERP serves a variety of ready-to-integrate Add-Ons for SAP Business One, in addition to industry-specific SAP Business One implementations across India and Kenya.

SAP Business One Add Ons by VC ERP

  • Xtreme Manufacturing / Shop Floor SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Quality Control SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Auto Batch Manage SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme C-BOM SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Job Work SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Plant Maintenance SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Smart Alerts SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme EXIM SAP B1 Add-On
  • GST E-Invoicing SAP B1 Add-On
  • GST E-Way Bill SAP B1 Add-On
  • Digital Signature SAP B1 Add-On
  • Xtreme Payroll SAP B1 Add-On
Know More about Add-Ons

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