India is the world’s biggest producer of jute, followed by Bangladesh. Jute is primarily grown in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Andhra Pradesh. The jute industry in India is 150 years old.

Jute is the second most abundant natural which has high tensile strength, acoustic and thermal insulation, breathability, low extensibility, ease of blending with both synthetic and natural fibers and antistatic properties.

Jute is widely used for insulation (replacing glass wool), geotextiles, activated carbon powder, wall coverings, flooring, garments, rugs, ropes, gunny bags, handicrafts, curtains, carpet backings, paper, sandals, carry bags and furniture.

A ‘Golden Fibre Revolution’ has long been called for by various committees, but the jute industry is in dire need of basic reforms such as adapting new technology trends.

SAP Business One ERP Solution Meghalaya has emerged as the top choice for all the jute industries based in Meghalaya. It is designed to be customized as per your unique business needs and make your jute business a sure-shot success!

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting drive your jute business towards resilience and profitability by showcasing Top 3 functionalities of SAP Business One for jute & process industries in Meghalaya or anywhere else in the world.

SAP Business One for Jute Industry in Meghalaya

Over the past few years, Jute Industry has now evolved to a ‘golden fibre revolution’ and building momentum that utilizes different innovations and filaments to plan and create materials.

Jute manufacturers are keeping up the load of colors, overseeing labor, support of machines and so forth.

SAP Business One ERP Software Meghalaya is a competent business management solution that manages your business functions – accounting & finance, inventory management, production & MRP, supply chain planning, multichannel distribution & much more.

Easily handle & manage jute manufacturing process, product designs, demand & supply management, inventory & distribution with SAP B1 for jute industry in Meghalaya.

Below are some of the many SAP Business One features for SAP Business One features for Jute Industry in Meghalaya, Shillong or anywhere else in the world –
  • Streamlining Manufacturing Processes
  • Managing Numerous Complex Formulas
  • Provide ease of New Product Development
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Increase Margins & Profitability by effective costing module
  • Empowering real-time information for pro-active decision making
These are the features of SAP Business One for the textile industry. Now let us take a look at the top 3 benefits of this affordable business management solution for textile business in Arunachal Pradesh.

Top 3 Points to keep in Mind while Choosing SAP Business One Meghalaya for Jute Industry

Strive your Jute Manufacturing business towards resiliency, sustainability & profitability with a responsive supply chain that helps to handle natural resources and material shortages. SAP Business One ERP Software Meghalaya is designed to meet evolving customer requirements and covers all the needs of the Jute Manufacturing Industry.

Following are the Top Three Pointers to Ponder in the Jute Manufacturing Industry among all others while considering SAP Business One as the Best suited ERP –

Establish Resilient Supply Chains

  • Supply chain regulatory compliance in Jute Manufacturing Industry is an essential and most challenging task due to multiple factors and combination like –
    • Time
    • Region
    • Supplier
    • Material Handling
    • Managing crops (in case of natural extracts)
    • Product life cycle
    • Product shelf life determination yield and much more
    • Get real-time information on critical business processes and take appropriate corrective actions
    • Understand the requirements & provocations in the supply chain
    • Put forth recommendations and solutions related to supply chain & yield management

    Streamline Inventory & Lot Traceability Levels

    • Establish efficient traceability management by Integrating complex workflow, documents, reports and records in one place
    • Demonstrate Bi-directional Lot Traceability and Lot Recall in an effective and efficient time-bound manner
    • Handle everything related to inventory right from item listing, prices, special elements in purchase and sales
    • Run regular inventory updates and check availability and manage quality standards with special pricing

    Simplify Production Processes with Product Formulation & Yield Management

    • Materials Management module help resources flow efficiently, labor and facilities management options reduce downtime in manufacturing facilities
    • Quality Assurance module help manufacturers maintain high standards of quality throughout the production lifecycle
    • Manage various types of BOMs and link your warehouses with your order processing and production operations
    • Plan material and resource requirements for multilevel production processes and maintain an optimum level of inventory
    Streamlined business processes and total visibility are crucial for any Jute Manufacturing business to deliver on-promise products.

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