Over the past two decades, pharma supply chains in Nairobi have become increasingly complex. Numerous parties are involved such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers resulting in integration & communication issues, inefficiencies, delays and quality concerns.

In the case of the pharmaceuticals & life sciences industry in Kenya, it is crucial to control costs while preserving distribution channel performance and product quality. In fact, distribution operations hold the utmost importance as it impacts the efficacy of the product and the health of the end consumer.

Pharma products require stringent quality control measures throughout the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to distribution to the end consumer. Any deviation from these measures could result in contamination, degradation, or other quality issues that could render the product ineffective or even harmful.

To address these burning challenges, all stakeholders in your business starting from Distribution Heads to Procurement Managers must work together to improve communication, increase transparency, and implement rigorous quality control measures at each stage of the supply chain.

SAP Business One not only enables such workflows, it empowers SMBs in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry with the arsenal to sustainably achieve industry benchmarks without breaking the bank.

Get total visibility and traceability of products and their movements throughout the supply chain, implement quality standards and certifications such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ensure product standardization with SAP Business One ERP Software Nairobi.

Here are some ways to transform your pharma supply chain operations to improve health of customers:

Implement SAP Business One for Resilient Supply Chains

Implement SAP Business One that gives you total control of every single process or you can automate parts of itsome of the functions. However you decide to go about it, the supply chain is bolstered.

Supply Chain Management Challenges Faced by Pharma Companies

Lack of Visibility in Cold Chain

Pharma businesses need to have real-time information about the condition, timing and location of their raw materials, products and subcomponents. Absence of this detailed data and real-time location can lead to ‘tunnel vision’.

Temperature Control Failures Across Supply Chains

The Pharma industry loses billions annually due to temperature-control failures across supply chains. Temperature control failures can easily jeopardize drug quality and stability, as well as compliance for global shipping. Temperature excursions have costly ramifications as products can go into complete loss.

Unable to collect real-time business data

Collecting real-time insights is one of the biggest challenges faced by pharma supply chains. Without real-time data, It gets really difficult to identify the cause of damage or delays. For example, Absence of real-time data also makes it impossible to ensure that global shipping is handled efficiently since you lack valuable tracking insights.

Not adhering to pharmaceutical compliance

In recent years, especially post-pandemic complexity of regulatory compliances have substantially increased. Non-compliance can put lives of patients, increased costs and goodwill in jeopardy.

Unable to forecast demand

One of the most burning business challenges for the pharma supply chain is accurate planning and forecasting of demand. Complete visibility helps you to ensure right inventory at right place at right time, to manage inventory levels and to fulfill omni channel order and perform demand forecasting.

Solution offered by VC ERP, SAP Business One Partner Nairobi

Manage your supply chain without hassles with SAP Business One. This affordable SAP ERP solution comes equipped with special integrated supply chain management (SCM) capabilities that easily connects stakeholders across your pharma business operations.

In-built supply chain capabilities like demand and supply planning, inventory optimization and so on helps you to meet the demands quickly and profitably and simplifies your supply chain process from beginning to end.

SAP Business One Partner Nairobi

Pharma & life science manufacturers and distributors implement SAP Business One for supply chain as it offers modules for all the business functions ranging from finance and accounting sales, Purchasing & Inventory, Production, Service Management and Overall operations management and administration.

Top 5 Ways SAP Business One Nairobi Solves Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences SMBs Supply Chain Challenges

Let us take a quick look at capabilities of SAP Business One for logistics and supply chain management

1. Achieve total visibility and control over your extended supply chain

Ensure smooth collaboration with your suppliers and identify potential issues and glitches and resolve them before they become bigger with SAP Business One. This SAP ERP solution supports inventory management across all locations and subsidiaries allowing pharma business leaders to optimize their supply chain and ensure that they have the right products in right places at the right time.

2. Embed Quality Control to ensure standardization

React to Quality Check issues as they occur and set alerts for proactive QC checks with SAP Business One. Set quality standards, then capture, alert and report on exceptions, both in real-time and with historical data.

Apply QA standards to everything and yield the strategic insight you need to prioritize quality standards which, in turn, lead to resilient supply chains.

3. Get real-time insights for critical decision-making

SAP Business One is designed to provide businesses with real-time visibility into their supply chains so they can make critical business decisions and respond quickly to changes. The solution includes robust business intelligence and analytics tools that allow you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate reports that provide insights into various aspects of your supply chain.

4. Establish Complete Compliance Control

SAP Business includes a range of features that are specifically designed to help companies in the pharmaceutical industry comply with regulatory standards. For example, the solution includes features such as batch management, which enables companies to track the production and distribution of individual batches of products and electronic signature capabilities to ensure that all manufacturing processes are properly documented and tracked.

5. Demand forecasting for modern supply chain

Plan your inventory, production and sales based on predicted customer demand with SAP Business One demand forecasting capabilities. It offers a range of forecasting methods, including time-series forecasting, seasonal forecasting, and regression analysis. Pharma business leaders can choose the method that best fits their business needs.

With the passage of time, only those pharma companies that have optimized their supply chains will continue to thrive. SAP Business One ERP Software Nairobi implemented by VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Nairobi helps you to manage a global supply chain network that is capable of weathering current and future disruptions.

Develop Resilient Supply Chains with SAP Business One Nairobi!

SAP Business One addresses the thorniest challenges faced by the pharma industry efficiently, quickly and effectively. This SAP ERP Solution ensures unified business processes, adherence to regulatory compliance and assures quality products.

VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Nairobi helps pharma business leaders to resolve their burning supply chain challenges and build profitable supply chain processes by implementing SAP Business One.

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