Nakuru County has proven to be the birthplace of giant retailers observing the growth of retail market chains. Indeed, the tale of Kenya’s leading supermarket chains cannot be complete without the mention of Nakuru where they sprung up as small retail outlets before their transformation into retail giants.
The recent transformation of the retail market is the result of a rising middle class with disposable income and evolving consumer lifestyles. With changing customer buying behaviors and volatile market dynamics, investment initiatives have accelerated.

Online purchases, flexible supply chain models and volumes of consumer data is giving rise to new opportunities for next-gen retail businesses in many ways.

“Are Digital Transformation initiatives necessary for SMB retail chains?”
SMB retail enterprises that are looking to transform their business operations through digital transformation technology, such as ERPs, are prone to experiencing new growth potentials in the digital-first world. But for SMB retail businesses, digital transformation initiatives often come up as a complex financial and technical decision. But what is the opportunity cost?Think of an enterprise where you cannot –
  • Streamline your finance, sales, inventory, distribution and procurement processes
  • Make strategic business decisions with the help of real time data
  • Optimize your operational costs
  • Establish total control and visibility over your business operations
  • Boost sales and customer loyalty due to fragmented back-end processes

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Nakuru talk about the importance of SAP Business One for retail businesses.

Why do Retail Businesses need SAP Business One?

For retail businesses in Nakuru, implementing SAP Business One ERP Software Nakuru is the practical step towards digital transformation, enabling them with an SAP ERP Software for small business in Nakuru for retail and trading.

Respond more quickly and effectively towards shifting consumer trends and volatile market conditions – ultimately paving the path for improved sales, loyal customer base and agile business. Seamlessly operate all your stores, warehouses, shelves in various departments and databases with SAP Business One.

This affordable business management solution comes packed with customized modules and intelligent features that help your growing retail business to become a ‘smart business’ at Low Total Cost of Ownership and High ROI.

What does SAP Business One offer for a resilient retail business?

Running a retail business requires all your business functions to work in a tandem like a well-oiled machine. SAP Business One helps you to –
  • Streamline end-to-end business processes
  • Put customer at the center of your decisions
  • Meet changing customer preferences at scale
  • Enable fast changes with seamless customer experiences
In this section, let us talk about the SAP Business One Modules for retail business that helps you transform into a resilient business.
  • Accounting & Financial Management

    • Manage your general ledger, journal, budgets, Account Payables, Account Receivables
    • Manage retail-related banking tasks –
      • Process bank statements and payments
      • Internal and external account reconciliation
    • Generate financial reports like –
      • Profit and Loss
      • Cash Flow Statements
      • Balance Sheet
      • Profit Center Reports
  • Sales & Marketing

    • Get a complete 360-degree view of the entire customer lifecycle by taking control of customer acquisition, retention and profitability
    • Retrieve item availability information across warehouses and simplify sales order process
    • Construct purchase orders automatically from sales orders and drop-ship items to customer location
    • Easily create sales quotes by determining gross profit and analyzing sales price history
    • Generate packing documentation and check the shipping status within the delivery note
    • Process return orders and alter your inventory and AP balances
  • Customer Service

    • Offer customer service assistance for –
      • Service operations
      • Service contract management
      • Service planning
      • Customer interaction activity tracking
      • Customer support
      • Management of sales opportunities
    • Keep detailed records of customer equipment and service contracts assigned to specific items
    • Evaluate service calls that were started, resolved, or closed on a specific day or within a particular time frame
  • Inventory Management

    • Easily Manage –
      • Item master data
      • Serial numbers
      • Pricing lists and alternative goods
      • Inventory adjustments
      • Cycle counts
      • Lists for open sales orders
    • Reassess the costs of your items and inventory value without changing quantity levels
    • Revise warehouse data and enter opening balances for inventory items
    • Identify when each item in inventory is due to be counted to streamline inventory counting
  • Procurement

    • Handle and maintain supplier-related activities such as –
      • Purchase orders
      • Inventory updates
      • Determine landed cost value of imported commodities
      • Delivering goods
      • Handling returns and refunds
    • Create purchase orders for the materials or services you need and send them to the suppliers
    • Calculate the purchase price of items by allocating various landed-cost variables to the FOB cost of each item

Reshape Your Retail Business with SAP Business One Today!

Although SAP Business One ERP Software Nakuru has proven to be outstanding as it is, experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Nakuru, personalize the solution to meet your unique business requirements. Our team of SAP Business One experts make the solution so adaptable for you, that the users will feel like operating a solution designed specifically for your company. Our implementation approaches give our customers an excellent implementation experience.

Are you ready to pave the path towards a smart retail business? Get in touch with the best SAP Business One implementation partner in Nakuru, VC ERP Consulting.

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