SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP IRPA) for SAP S/4HANA ERP Solution has emerged as one of the most exciting technologies. It has successfully captured the attention of the business world looking to optimize workforce productivity.

In fact, several manufacturing businesses have already begun to pivot towards implementing SAP IRPA to assemble everything from cars to tiny spare parts.

Now, SAP IRPA is augmenting operations across business processes like Accounting & Finance as well. SAP IRPA Software bots augment employee productivity by automating specific rules and action sequences.

You can automate Financial & Accounting business processes that typically require employees to perform repetitive & tedious tasks. Not only that, SAP IRPA has also proven to be useful in specific business processes which are repetitive in nature.

The most effective uses for SAP IRPA are related to the heart of the business – Financial & Accounting Business Processes showing a significant ROI in a relatively short span of time.

Using SAP IRPA in accounting & finance use cases, companies can now automatically audit financial statements and speed up the rate at which accounts receivable and payable tasks are completed.

In this article, SAP IRPA Experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India, talk about the growing importance of SAP IRPA in Financial & Accounting business processes with relevant use cases.

Automate Finance & Accounting with SAP IRPA

Traditionally, automation has taken over multiple workflows within organizations but accounting and finance has always been manual. Number game has always been in human hands either due to lack of appropriate solutions or out of organizational uneasiness about placing essential tasks in the hands of bots.

RPA does not replace your human workforce but it takes their speed and productivity to the next level – augmenting their existing capability using software bots – to further process high volume of transactions in a matter of minutes from days. SAP IRPA takes this to the next level.

Using SAP IRPA, employees have complete control over accounting and the right combination of rules and configurations ensure that there is always a human present to double-check potential exceptions.

Development of new tools and increasing commercial awareness has given rise to automation and new SAP IRPA use cases in finance & accounting are emerging over the recent years. These new use cases are leading to optimized business costs, boost in employee morale and increased employee productivity.

Let’s explore some of the most common uses for RPA in these areas that make SAP IRPA a worthwhile investment.

Top 5 SAP IRPA Use Cases for Accounting & Finance that make it a Worthwhile Investment

Handling Accounting & Finance of any organization often means there is a huge amount of tedious and repetitive work – work that can be done easily with the help of automation through RPA.

Let’s explore the Top 5 Use Cases of SAP IRPA for Accounting & Finance that augments employee productivity.

Automate Intercompany Accounts Reconciliation

SAP IRPA Software Bots

  • Extract open AP/AR items from SAP S/4HANA for Intercompany BPs to an excel file
  • Perform reconciliation by checking if amounts outstanding matches to the same AR/AP invoice
  • Determine whether AR invoices that cannot be matched are result of being cleared by AP or not yet taken by AP
  • Consolidate the invoices into separate files by company code with reconciliation status
  • Email each company code file to the respective Finance Business Units for action
  • Consolidate the outstanding amounts across intercompany into a matrix for reporting
  • Distribute the matrix and invoices for company codes to responsible reporting accountants

Profit & Loss Statement Reporting

SAP IRPA Software Bots

  • Collect data from varying reports across systems
  • Compile data into the P&L Report (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc..)
SAP S/4HANA Users automatically receive P&L report from the Bot and check for any exceptions

Account Payable Process Automation

  • SAP IRPA Bots check format of supplier invoices in inbox and loads them
  • Machine Learning classifies GR/IR posting mismatch and recommends next steps
  • System Alerts about changes of the processor and the GR/IR item details

SAP IRPA Software Bots

  • Create supplier down payment requests and post journal entry
  • Automatically replies to supplier invoice status requests
  • Check the completeness of supplier master data to avoid errors on payment proposal run

Cash Position Reporting

SAP IRPA Software Bots

  • Download bank statements from different bank websites every few hours
  • Consolidate data on cash positions and prepare a report
  • Send cash position reports to all stakeholders

Exchange Rate Look-up & System Updates

SAP IRPA Software Bots

  • Download latest currency exchange rate from approved websites e.g.
  • Upload exchange rates into systems based on defined rule
  • Send confirmation to stakeholders with exceptions if any
  • The Finance team verifies and handles exception if any; therefore, accuracy is verified and maintained throughout with necessary validations and checks in place.

    Now that we know about the wonders of SAP IRPA, let us have a look at the advantages of using SAP IRPA for Accounting & Finance.

    Benefits of Implementing SAP IRPA For Accounting & Finance

    Conglomerates find SAP IRPA as one of the most exciting technologies because it partially or wholly takes away tasks out of human hands for faster and better work. When you properly implement it, SAP IRPA offers benefits like –
    • “Work smarter, not harder” – SAP IRPA is designed to boost employee productivity and employee job satisfaction
    • Minimize human errors, reduce delays and optimize business costs
    • Accuracy is essential – SAP IRPA ensures accuracy in procedures at every step
    • Grow your automation footprint in the future by deploying SAP IRPA that provides a framework for technologies as they grow and mature
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