Business world is experiencing a major revolution in the way work is done and transitioning from the Agricultural age to the Industrial Age. In this volatile economy, as and how the competition for top talent is increasing, Human Resource is responsible to create a people-centric workplace but doing that job has become difficult.

HR departments are using different systems for payroll, benefits, learning & development, applicant recruitment and tracking and fragmented systems are creating unnecessary work for this department.

Implementing automation technologies like SAP intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP iRPA) open up new horizons for organizations and their workers. These software bots take over the mundane and repetitive work normally performed by people, freeing up humans to focus on more strategic, value-added activities.

In this time of rapid change, maximizing humans’ potential to focus on important matters is critical for organizational competitiveness and survival. Implementing SAP IRPA software bots shift HR from a people-centric to people-focused discipline.

This shift is proving to be a game changer for Talent Management and Human Resources (HR) functions. In this article, SAP iRPA experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India, talk about:
  • What SAP is iRPA and how it works for HR Processes
  • SAP iRPA Use Cases for HR Processes
  • How RPA helps support better, faster HR service delivery

What is SAP iRPA and How it works for HR Processes?

Digital transformation initiatives have created a plethora of new opportunities pivoting business leaders towards adopting cutting-edge technologies like SAP iRPA software bots.

Minimize repetitive and redundant tasks and focus on strategic tasks that boost employee productivity with this combination of RPA and AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled intelligent technologies.

Easily dedicate time to a wide range of value-added tasks like talent management, performance optimization, rewards, culture & workplace design and training. In digitally transformed companies, it’s these more strategic roles that create the competitive advantage.

In this context, the software Robot can:
  • Create a better employee experience to recruit and retain talent
  • Give HR professionals more time to train on cutting-edge tools
  • Increase job satisfaction by reducing repetitive tasks
  • Create more time to understand which further processes can be automated
  • Give HR professionals more time on HR tasks that enhance business performance
Drive strategic change within your organization by advocating an automation-first approach that enhances competitiveness taking you towards a technologically-engaged and strategic HR function.

Top 5 Use Cases of SAP iRPA in HR

SAP iRPA software bots transfer data from the human to the system and back, falling in the category of “third arm” for HR as it amplifies the capabilities of the department. The result of these deployments have shown a significant decrease in process time, a major reduction in errors and a high potential for scalability.

Below are the top SAP iRPA use cases for HR business processes –

Screen Resumes & Shortlist Candidates

Recruitment team receives resumes in shared inboxSAP iRPA software bots –
  • Download the resumes and saves it in input directory
  • Extract information, checks eligibility and authenticity as per rules
  • Processes, segregates resume based on LoB and shares the links with respective HR teams
HR executive shares resumes with respective hiring managers

Employee Data Management

SAP iRPA software bots –
  • Check for employee data record in multiple systems to be updated into the central system
  • Performs all checks, does data validation and prepares data to be updated into central system
  • Prepares a report for updated records and shares with HR team
HR team takes care of exceptions

Assign Shifts & Update Time Recording

SAP iRPA software bots –
  • Check for updated shifts plan and extracts information
  • Log into system and updates shifts plan data row by row
  • Read the data of time recording from offline or online application
  • Complete the process of putting data into HR systems and raises exceptions, if any
HR Teams Take care of exceptions and updates the system

Payroll Processing

SAP iRPA software bots –
  • Extract information for preparing payroll like leave balance, time & attendance etc.
  • Adjust salary calculations based on extracted information and business rules
  • Check for variations in the payroll and then start payroll processing
  • Complete the process of payroll into HR systems
HR team takes care of exceptions and updates the system

Onboarding, Data Validation & New Employee Creation

  • Applicant moved to ready to hire state in the workflow
  • Bot retrieves the Job Req ID, creates and sends onboarding forms to respective candidates
  • Applicant completes the form and submits
  • Bot validates data and raises exceptions for correcting information
  • For completed and processed onboarding forms, bot creates new employee in the system
  • Bot runs end of the day report and send to all for information
SAP iRPA is showcasing rapid and demonstrable time-to-value in a wide variety of industries. Business leaders across all industries and functions are beginning to realize the importance of software bots for creating a competitive advantage within the organization.

Increase Job Satisfaction with SAP iRPA for HR

In the HR business process, conglomerates have already started deploying SAP iRPA software bots to automate major tasks. Business leaders have already started automating tasks like payroll updates, sick leave certification and employee onboarding.

Additionally, an HR organization can use RPA to automate:
  • Sick, leave and vacation time requests
  • Expense and reimbursement processes
  • Onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Applicant sourcing
  • Responses to frequently asked questions from job candidates or employees with the help of chatbots
  • Many more processes where data entry and other repetitive processes are central
These software bots can help HR stay true to its mission by taking off repetitive and rule-based tasks the list keeping talent focused on strategic and value-based tasks.

Become a Strategic Change Agent with SAP iRPA Today!

Embrace automation and create a people-focused workplace by deploying SAP iRPA software bots. With well-documented use cases and RPA deployments in this domain, HR professionals can gain a rapid return on investment.

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