Technology has brought convenience and evolved in unimaginable ways. From adjusting temperature, light, security and other systems at our homes to using Alexa to play our music, we are so used to this comfort and convenience that we are looking for additional ways we can reduce time and effort in everyday tasks.

Think how conglomerates, especially manufacturing, can benefit if it implements automation and cuts down on the number of mundane and repetitive back office tasks?

These mundane and routine tasks play a major role in delayed deliveries and are usually prone to human errors. You can save time and effort by automating these tasks with Software bots.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation or SAP iRPA Software bots when combined with Artificial Intelligence works as a key enabler for end-to-end process automation.

Businesses are pivoting towards deploying SAP iRPA software bots to streamline complex back-office operations such as vendor communication, payment processing, report generation and more.

In this article, SAP IRPA experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India talk about how IRPA software bots are uniquely suited to boost manufacturing speed and efficiency – we will explain its top 5 benefits and SAP IRPA use cases for manufacturing processes.

SAP IRPA Use Cases for Manufacturing

SAP IRPA Software Bots can be deployed to automate many processes in the manufacturing industry. A few of these use cases are listed below –

Bills of Materials

SAP IRPA Software Bots –
  • Make standard templates available for creating new BOMs
  • Identify and alert for missing documents
  • Pick alternative components from databases for use
  • Ensure that production is carried out smoothly

Invoice Processing

SAP IRPA Software Bots –
  • Extract Invoice data from SAP S/4HANA or any other ERP
  • Match invoices with purchase orders & delivery receipts
  • Identify duplicate invoices
  • Update records in the system

Purchase Order Creation

SAP IRPA Software Bots –
  • Extract relevant data
  • Get approvals from respective heads
  • Enable smooth processing of PO creation

Inventory Management

SAP IRPA Software Bots –
  • Monitor stock levels
  • Initiate alerts/reminders on replenishing stocks
  • Reordering items
  • Track pending deliveries
  • Send email responses
  • Generate inventory related reports

Top 5 Benefits of SAP IRPA in Manufacturing

SAP IRPA has a plethora of benefits for the manufacturing industry. You can easily automate repetitive processes like –
  • Quoting and invoicing suppliers
  • Account Receivables & Account Payables
  • General ledger operations & much more
You can easily customize billing and production goals and guide your employees through each stage of development. Here are some of the many benefits of SAP IRPA for manufacturing business processes –

Optimize Business Costs and Increase Cost Savings

Deploying RPA bots can lead to long-term cost savings for manufacturing companies. Business leaders can save a significant amount of money over time including the price of physical labour and their insurance, maintenance, administration, healthcare and upkeep.

In addition, RPA Bot users can operate their system without interruptions such as breaks or downtime.

Agile Manufacturing Processes

SAP IRPA Software Bots are easy to set up with low code technology and syncs well with your existing IT infrastructure.

Non-technical users can easily ramp up the system and bring automation into labour making manufacturing processes more agile and responsive as per the ever-changing market scenario.

Extend Manufacturing Functionalities

You can quickly complete dozens of jobs in a fraction of time and with zero errors with SAP IRPA software bots that are equipped with faster processors and in-built machine memory.

SAP IRPA Bots can be easily customized and scaled to include a wide range of manufacturing tasks.

Smooth Collaboration between Man and Bots

Revolutionize your manufacturing business process by merging the accuracy of machine memory and power of human intellect. Collect data from machine sensors, broadcast it to form real-time perspectives and provide decision-makers with digital intelligence.

Fine-tune your production assembly lines and produce less waste, improve inventory management and focus on maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Minimize Wastage and reduce Human Errors

In routine activities, all the employees encounter inventory wastage & errors. QA teams check the product quality in order to meet industry requirements. Manual labour is prone to human errors and discrepancies leading to increase in inventory wastage.

Eliminate these issues with SAP IRPA. This rule-based RPA technology ensures that errors are minimized and inventory wastage is reduced.

Change your Manufacturing Business Landscape with SAP IRPA Today!

‘Now’ is the right time for manufacturing businesses to deploy SAP IRPA Software bots and strive towards a profitable and resilient business. SAP IRPA is a key enabler for digital transformation initiatives within the manufacturing industry.

Accounts payable process automation, invoice processing automation and supply chain automation are a few of the areas where RPA can optimize the core operations for improved agility, speed and quality.

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