In recent years, SAP IRPA or SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is increasing momentum as a way to make sales employees more productive allowing them to focus on strengthening customer relationships.

Maintaining an accurate database of critical customer information is the prerequisite for cultivating, nurturing and retaining customer relationships in sales & its related activities.

In these volatile & ever-changing market conditions, you can easily remove complexities from sales processes and boost your employee productivity, making way for a profitable & resilient business with SAP IRPA Software Bots.

SAP iRPA software bots when deployed with SAP S/4HANA help you meet changing customer expectations which have grown beyond the purchase level decisions. Customers have become more risk-averse, more informed and invested in their choices than ever before.

In this article, SAP iRPA Experts at VC ERP Consulting guide business owners as to how SAP iRPA powered software bots when tailored to sales operations can prove to be a sure-shot win for your company, customers and sales reps. We will discuss –
  • Brief introduction of SAP iRPA in Sales
  • Scope of SAP iRPA Deployment in Sales Departments
  • 5 use cases of SAP iRPA in Sales Operations
  • Benefits of SAP iRPA

SAP iRPA For Automating Sales Processes

We will be using the term SAP iRPA very often throughout the article, let us start with its basic definition. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, or SAP iRPA, is a technology that imitates rules-based repetitive human actions within computer systems using software robots.

Essentially, SAP iRPA bots are algorithms that are “taught” to execute specific activities, mostly mundane, repetitive, rule-based tasks that usually consume too much time when performed manually.

Using SAP iRPA, you can strengthen long-term relationships with customers, for instance, –
  • Automate the input of customer data – quotes, notes, order/shipment tracking
  • Track document expiration dates with SAP iRPA Bots
  • Pull customer credit reports for customers and auto-populate them with existing ones
  • Automatically trigger notifications about latest updates to parties involved in the sales cycle

What is the Scope of SAP iRPA in Sales Operations?

Automating sales processes hold tremendous potential to optimize business costs and unlock additional revenue streams by automating outreach to customers in the sales funnel.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, about one-third of sales tasks can be automated. The minimum rate (13%) goes to lead qualification, where human involvement is crucial.

The highest rate of 50% belongs to order management processes when you can implement automated invoicing and sales orders processing.

Below are some of the key areas of highly automatable sales operations’ repetitive tasks:
  • Strategic Planning
Forecasting, workforce planning, resource allocation and channel strategies.
  • Lead Qualification
Create action plans for new and existing customers and manage sales pipeline
  • Quotations
Set quotes, solve technical errors, negotiate, and prepare contracts
  • Order Management
Credit checks, invoicing and sales orders processing.
  • Post-sales Management
Regular monitoring, follow-ups and management of post-sale requests.
  • Supportive Functions
Reporting, analysis, training, administration, and sales material preparation

5 Insightful SAP iRPA Use Cases to Transform Your Sales Operations

Now that you are aware about the importance of SAP iRPA in sales operations, let us take a look at 5 insightful SAP iRPA Use Cases that will add tremendous value to your business bottom line –

Use Case #1: Contact List Data Enrichment

SAP iRPA Software Bot –
  • Logs into LinkedIn account using an employee’s credentials
  • Enters Sales Navigator
  • Sets filters according to predefined criteria
  • Collects data from profiles found
  • Creates an Excel spreadsheet with this data
  • Emails stakeholders an Excel file with data collected

Use Case #2: Calculate Sales Bonuses

SAP iRPA Software Bot – 
  • Opens folders containing relevant spreadsheets and files
  • Extracts data from relevant fields in sales files and systems
  • Consolidates extracted data into sales bonus calculation system/file
  • Calculates bonus according to preset formulas and data in relevant fields
  • Emails team members notifications of their appointed bonuses

Use Case #3: Employee Performance Management

SAP iRPA Software Bot –
  • Collects and consolidates data on a team’s performance from various spreadsheets, dashboards, and messengers into one performance master file
  • Reconciles team member metrics and data with a master file containing preset parameters and target metrics
  • Applies relevant tags for HR managers
  • Sends alerts with information on best- and worst-performing team members
  • Triggers alerts to reliable managers

Use Case #4: Sales ROI Calculator

SAP iRPA Software Bot –
  • Collects data on sales expenditures from accounting, sales, and management systems
  • Collects data on the value of deals closed by sales teams
  • Consolidates profits and expenses into a separate spreadsheet
  • Calculates ROI based on consolidated data
  • Emails final report to stakeholders
  • Emails stakeholders consolidated reports

Use Case #5: Sales Order/Sales Inquiry Creation

SAP iRPA Software Bot –
  • Extracts sales order information coming in excel or PDF and prepares data
  • Logs into system and creates Sales Order/Sales Inquiry
  • Sends email confirmation with details
Let SAP iRPA Software bots take on the burden of handling tedious tasks and provide your team with the time to spend on the most valuable tasks: communication with customers and prospects.

Boost Employee Productivity by Deploying SAP iRPA Software Bots

Businesses are pivoting towards deploying SAP iRPA to provide faster and better services to customers, revamp sales operations and optimize business costs.

Below mentioned are the top benefits of deploying SAP iRPA for enhanced business performance and increased employee productivity –

Deploying SAP iRPA Software Bots allows you to –
  • Analyze the time spent by sales reps on different tasks
  • Identify inefficient sales processes that can be automated
  • Empower your sales teams to deliver the best service and optimize workloads
  • focus on higher-impact work and strengthening customer relationships
  • Build a robust data-driven sales strategy based on real productivity
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