SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP IRPA) has proven to be one of the most exciting developments in Business Process Management (BPM) in recent history. However, this game-changing technology is not at all new and RPA has been around for quite a long time.

For instance, inbound call centers have been using Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) for years. These systems employ robots to guide customers, accept key tone or voice-based responses, and pass on instructions to the underlying application to complete a transaction.

The prime difference about the latest wave of SAP IRPA is – the maturity of both technology as well as the business processes it is applied to. Some of the key factors that are driving quick adoption towards SAP IRPA is its ability to improve process quality, speed, and productivity.

Automate specific use cases that are cumbersome, repetitive and highly error prone but critical with SAP IRPA. You can now take your business to the next level by implementing SAP IRPA with your existing ERP Solutions like SAP S/4HANA and improve your business performance.

In this article, SAP IRPA experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India highlight specific use cases for business processes that are making SAP IRPA implementation a cornerstone.

What is SAP IRPA?

SAP IRPA stands for SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. Intelligent RPA is Robotic Process Automation supported by Artificial Intelligence, which is the next-generation of RPA.

The market for RPA is advancing rapidly—and widespread adoption of robotic automation could radically reshape the Business Process Management (BPM) marketplace. This transformation will be driven by a pursuit of five outcomes:

Rapid advancements are evident in SAP IRPA leading to an evolving marketplace. This transformation is resulting into five outcomes:
  • Optimization of Business Costs
  • RPA Bots can operate 24X7 with increased efficiency
  • Increased accuracy while processing transactions
  • Improved audit and regulatory compliance enabling advanced business analytics and improved compliance.
  • Ease of change management by preserving application and data integrity
Let your workforce focus on strategic productive initiatives and leave time-consuming repetitive tasks to software bots with SAP IRPA.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with SAP IRPA Benefits

The heavy investment towards the growing RPA trends has become a priority for organizations. It’s almost 2023, and the IT industry has observed several mature use cases and scenarios post RPA implementation.

Whether it’s about automating data entry tasks or filing out customer forms, RPA use cases are found in every industry. Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics – RPA implementation is increasingly becoming a cornerstone to achieving efficiency in every sector.

Here are some of the many SAP IRPA Use Cases for various business processes –

Reshape Your Business Processes

Reshape business processes and reporting by implementing SAP IRPA with your SAP S/4HANA Solution
  • Reduce manual intervention in business processes by enhancing operational speed and efficiency
  • Redeploy your resources on analyzing critical information and insights rather than spending time on manually aggregating data

Upload of General Ledger Entries

SAP IRPA Software Bots
  • Monitor Microsoft Outlook inbox and picks up journal entry information upon arrival
  • Extract and validate the data as per predefined rules
  • Log into financial accounting system and initiates the transaction to complete the task of posting the Journal entries

Source to Pay Contract Management Processes

SAP IRPA Software Bots 
  • Check contract conditions in your SAP S/4HANA ERP Solution
  • Send template to procurement officer for review & he approves the template
  • Create tender online with contract template 

Payroll Processing

SAP IRPA Software Bots 
  • Extract information for preparing payroll. For example, leave balance, time & attendance etc
  • Adjust salary calculations based on extracted information and business rules; prepares report
  • Check for variations in the payroll and then start payroll processing
  • Complete the process of payroll into HR systems and raises exceptions if needed

Sales Order/Inquiry Creation (SO/SI)

Workflow or API or email triggers SAP IRPA software bot to prepare a SO/SI 

SAP IRPA Software Bots 
  • Extract sales order information coming in excel or PDF and prepares data
  • Log into system and creates Sales Order/Sales Inquiry
  • Send email confirmation with details

Manufacturing Order Processing

SAP IRPA Software Bots
  • Log into your systems to collect relevant data
  • Check orders with regards to capacity, tools, materials and other details
  • Check batch of documents prepared for order
  • Gather production data for corrective actions and analysis
  • Monitor variances from production plan
  • Close orders and hands them over to inventory control
  • Update data on order tracking
  • Validate and reconciles documents
  • Email stakeholders reports on order processing status
Implementing SAP IRPA for specific use-cases within your SAP S/4HANA ERP Solution helps  achieve operational excellence by augmenting employee productivity.

Automate Your Business Processes & Boost Employee Efficiency with SAP IRPA!

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